Wednesday, 30 January 2013

No 10683, Wednesday 30 Jan 13, Textrous

8   Spot a toast stuffed with vegetable (6) POTATO [T]
9   Small speed limit is key (5,3) SPACE BAR {S}{PACE} {BAR}
10 Engineer pleased about tower’s primary foundation (8) PEDESTAL {PEDES{T}AL*}
11 Violent riots preceded England’s assault (6) SORTIE {RIOTS*}{E}
12 Catches a fellow returning tie (6) FASTEN {F}{A}{STEN} <=
13 Certain to conceal tangled case’s end (8) SURCEASE {SUR{CASE*}E}
14 Resin said to be in accordance with specifications (7) PERSPEX {PER}{SPEX}(~specs)
16 A perfume’s chief constituent (7) ESSENCE [DD]
20 Hear me play record at first, these things don’t last long (8) EPHEMERA {EP}{HEAR+ME}*
23 Seal a hiding place on time (6) CACHET {CACHE}{T}
25 Want to be fashionable in reputation (6) FAMINE {FAM{IN}E}
26 Emotional to see India’s top bishop in pain (8) STIRRING {ST{I}{RR}ING}
27 Signal live reel broadcast (8) REVEILLE*
28 Smart introduction to complex mechanical device (6) CLEVER {C}{LEVER}

1   Put up with fantastic lore in a museum (8) TOLERATE {T{LORE*}ATE}
2   Warning about an animal specialist concealing blood group (6) CAVEAT {C}{A}{VE{A}T}
3   Resume study, excellent chapter’s coming up (8) CONTINUE {CON}TINUE (Addendum - {CON}({TINU}{E}<=) - See comments)
4   Futile to reduce consumption (7) USELESS {USE}{LESS}
5   Saw criminal captured by that woman’s rope (6) HAWSER {H{SAW*}ER}
6   Pardon rip-off admitted by an administrative officer (8) REPRIEVE {RE{RIP*}EVE}
7   Is concerned about one’s dental condition (6) CARIES {CAR{1}ES}
15 Small study about mutant mice type (8) SPECIMEN {S}{P{MICE*}EN}
17 Short cuts devised to capture top general (8) SUCCINCT {SUC{C-IN-C}T*}
18 One wanting to be purified is inclined to enter church, right? (8) CLEANSER {C{LEANS}E}{R} Is the definition correct?
19 Catch Amsterdam’s hidden creature (7) HAMSTER [T]
21 Reached the top sickly and pale (6) PEAKED [DD]
22 Girl left in American city with regularity (6) EVENLY {EVE}{N{L}Y}
24 Full speed pursuit (6) CAREER [DD]


  1. Learnt a lot of new words today. Liked some tricky definitions.

  2. 3 Resume study, excellent chapter’s coming up (8) CONTINUE {CON}TINUE


  3. 4A Futile to reduce consumption (7) USELESS {USE}{LESS}

    A few decades ago, I had spotted a small sign near the wash-basin in a Mysore hotel, driving home a message on water conservation. However, a missing space made a lot of difference.

    The sign read USELESS WATER.

    1. That sign would ensure that people never used that water!!!

    2. I, for one, was an exception...

    3. It is better than "All the water used in this restaurant has been personally passed by the manager"

    4. Imagine things coming to such a pass...

  4. A nice one today. Many new angles & def.

    Col. a couple of typos.

    9A- The first letter should be S, but it is A.
    12A- The def. is 'tie' and not catches(nets)

    1. Thanks Padmanabhan, I have corrected the main post

  5. Agree with your remark on 18D. Answer seems to be one who cleans and not one who wants to be purified.

  6. 18 d. Def may be difficult for one wanting to be purified, maybe, sinner? Feel there is something contrary in the def and ans.

    1. Maybe if you read it as that which is wanting if it is to be purified.
      Chalega? Or like CV would say. Eppadi irukku.

    2. Just as crispy as murukku...

  7. Nice one today. Quite smooth. 18D also had me wondering whether to put in or not till crossings were established.

  8. The ambience seems to be dull today. Just to spice it up a bit -

    An English professor wrote the words A woman without her man is nothing and asked his students to punctuate them correctly.

    All the MALES in the class wrote: A woman, without her man, is nothing.

    All the FEMALES in the class wrote: A woman: without her, man is nothing.

    Moral of the story: Punctuation is very powerful. Take care of it.

    1. It is not what you look at, but how you look at it is what matters! Five blind men and the elephant....