Wednesday, 23 January 2013

No 10677, Wednesday 23 Jan 13, Buzzer

Another 24k offering from Buzzer, 24As anno being  the last to fall.

8   Medicine man seen in a theatre? Au contraire (6) CINEMA [T]
9   Archer has a contracted right to make up a story (4,1,3) TELL A LIE {TELL} {A} {LIEn}
10 Oxygen in area is cleaned finally and converted to fresh air (8) OZONISED {O+ZONE+IS+D}}
11 It is hopeless without alternative fuel (6) WOEFUL {WO}{FUEL*}
12 Software describing surgical procedures? (9,6) OPERATING SYSTEM [DD]
14 Retiring setter might delegate authority (7) EMPOWER {EM<=}{POWER}
16 Purposeful police force in action (7) DECIDED {DE{CID}ED}
19 Deftly catch a llama with this thingy (15) WHATCHAMACALLIT*
22 Relatively affected from regular airstrikes on resistance (6) ARTIER {AiRsTrIkEs}{R}
24 Something precious or merely diamonds for Juliet? (4,4) GOLD DUST {GOLD} {(-j+d)DUST}
25 Mercenary in Edinburgh lacking heart for execution (5,3) HIRED GUN EDINbURGH*
26 Unexpected deflection in tennis shot gaining a point (6) SWERVE {S{W}ERVE}

1   Zap a dim ache in the end administering a tranquilliser (8) DIAZEPAM {ZAP+A+DIM+thE}*
2   One mourning a death is more devoted? (6) KEENER [DD]
3   Implants that feel weird when outside the mouths of some eaters? (5,5) FALSE TEETH {THAT+FEEL+Some+Eaters}
4   Performance is outstanding from French pupil (7) STUDENT {STU{DE}NT}
5   Killed a good deal (4) SLEW [DD]
6   Wears kit fit to ride the waves (5,3) WATER SKI*
7   Understand body image (6) FIGURE [DD]
13 Look at adopting quiet child without mum (10) SPEECHLESS {S{P}EE}{CH}{LESS}
15 Frequently ring newspapers (8) OFTTIMES {O}{FT}{TIMES}
17 Sending out electronic message (8) EMISSIVE {E}{MISSIVE}
18 Picture puzzle with ultimate twist I put up (7) IMAGINE {ENIG(-m)A(+m)M}{I}<=
20 Solitary success after overcoming hesitation (6) HERMIT {H{ER}{M}IT} 'M' from? (Addendum - {H{ERM}IT} - See comments)
21 Large snake and its game partner (6) LADDER {L}{ADDER}
23 Land of brigands (4) RIGA [T]


  1. 20 Solitary success after overcoming hesitation (6) HERMIT {H{ER}{M}IT} 'M' from?

    Erm is the hesitation word...

    Nice one from B

    1. Thanks I didn't know that, I thought it was just 'er'. Just checked my BRB and found that both are there.

  2. 21 Large snake and its game partner (6) LADDER {L}{ADDER}

    Reminded me of a version of this board game I saw. To eliminate horror of snakes that kids might feel, slides have been used instead

    1. The worst snake I remember was the one at 99!!

    2. One of the nineties snakes usually brought us down to the basement

    3. The adders leading to deductions...

    4. Today's ET5137 in Bang Ed has 11d: Game to perform after left turn (4)

      Probably the next most popular game in the pre computer times, followed by checkers (American or Chinese) and chess

    5. There used to be a 'Hindu' version of snakes and ladders where the ultimate goal was reaching 'VaikunTa' !

    6. It is called 'Paramapadam' and is normally said to be played on Vaikunta Ekadasi nights 9To keep oneself awake)The snakes & ladders are supposed to represent Good (Punniyam) & Bad (pavam)exhorting people to do only good and take only the ladders (figuratively)

    7. Strange coincidence. Have 'large snake' and 'Ladder' in one of my puzzles in stock, now I have to do some more work! Thankfully not sent off already

  3. 3 Implants that feel weird when outside the mouths of some eaters? (5,5) FALSE TEETH {THAT+FEEL+Some+Eaters}

    My COD. Mouths come first !

  4. Cleverly worded clue:
    18 Medicine man seen in a theatre? Au contraire (6) CINEMA [T]

  5. Several excellent clues- a few of them a bit beyond me though. Appreciated the usefulness of the blog and the comments therein.

  6. Repeating my msg of 18 Jan

    I am going to create a database of all the visitors to my blog which will enable me to have details of the sloggers/bloggers, in various cities, for use in case of future events at any of those cities.

    Towards that end please forward your Address, Contact nos and e-mail ID's to my e-mail ID shown in my contact details in the link at the top of this page. Please do not worry your details will be kept confidential.

    Please ignore if already sent

    1. Deepak:

      Is this going to be something more detailed than whta appears in the Hindu Family Members? I take it that those who are featured there already need only heed to your last sentence. Stop me if you have heard this one before?

    2. This is not for the THCC Members page. I only want e-mail ID, Contact numbers and address for a database I am maintaining for myself. Details will not be displayed anywhere on the blog. Since I already have your details you need not send it to me unless you have a landline number which I do not have, I only have your mobile numbers.

    3. My land line Number is 044-2649645.

      Thanks for clarifications.

  7. Very entertaining. Had to use an anagram engine to get 19A. So many nice clues difficult to choose one as the best, but my vote would be between 13D and 24A.

  8. OR is clued in as 'gold'. Bhavan has reversed it in 24Ac. Well set.

  9. 24A could be an Aussie special, but 13D left me 'speechless'!!