Thursday, 10 January 2013

No 10667, Thursday 10 Jan 13, Sankalak

 This rounds off another excellent round from Sankalak.

1   Breaking ice, calm cop reveals the collaborator (10) ACCOMPLICE*
7   Support born royal, a conservative at heart (4) BACK {B}{A}{C}{K}
9   Precipitated calcium utilised (6) CAUSED {CA}{USED}
10 Baby’s dummy, source of comfort (8) PACIFIER [CD]
11 Portable mattresses are funny, carried by engineers (8) BEDROLLS {BE{DROLL}S}
12 End of affair after devious guile is more unpleasant (6) UGLIER {GUILE*}{R}
13 Time spent in the can (7) STRETCH [CD]
16 Amusing chap, one with a suggestion of constriction of the heart (7) CARDIAC {CARD}{I}{A}{C}
17 Make advance arrangements for large, new paper perhaps (3-4) PRE-PLAN {L+N+PAPER}*
19 They assist fighters for a short time (7) SECONDS [DD]
22 Acquire, say, motor, black it gives the baker a rise (6) BICARB (~buy){BI}{CAR}{B}
23 Mathematical statement on a quiet work out (8) EQUATION {A+QUIET+ON}*
26 A home for the priest to mature (8) VICARAGE {VICAR}{AGE}
27 Pull out an expert beginning to overreach in Delhi, say (6) UPROOT {U{PRO}{O}T}
28 Shaping tool for some mad zealots (4) ADZE [T]
29 Exercise for the char, close to exhaustion? Short nap is included (5,5) DAILY DOZEN {DAILY} {DOZE}{N}

2   A bird to lift heavy weights (5) CRANE [DD]
3   Watch the alumnus wait at table (7) OBSERVE {OB}{SERVE}
4   Operated by foot, it covers daughter with a ringing sound (5) PEDAL {PE{D}AL}
5   A tax on one thousand letters (6) IMPOST {I}{M}{POST}
6   Hearten leaders of eastern nations with boldness (9) ENCOURAGE {E}{N}{COURAGE}
7   Bewildered bachelor ran away with key (7) BAFFLED {BA}{F}{FLED}
8   The city to split, you say? Come down to earth! (9) CLEVELAND (~cleave){CLEVE}{LAND}
14 Scared to death, tried fire treatment (9) TERRIFIED*
15 Applaud the directors for providing material to cover walls (9) CLAPBOARD {CLAP}{BOARD}
18 Pacify with a meal containing bits of carrots and artichoke (7) PLACATE {PLA{C}{A}TE}
20 Oration misinterpreted in Canada (7) ONTARIO*
21 The old people beginning to interact with one from Sanaa, perhaps (6) YEMENI {YE}{MEN}{I}
24 A deadly sin, for all to see, in American railway (5) USURY {US}{U}{RY}
25 Gas much in the news, one enveloping animal complex, reduced (5) OZONE {O{ZOo}NE}


  1. Great one!
    7 Support born royal, a conservative at heart (4) BACK {B}{A}{C}{K}

    Not the kind of 'support' we are used to !

  2. I did not connect 'royal' with K and hence very late in filling it. Kishore is probably right- it is a question of being used to.
    An enjoyable CW as usual.

  3. Enjoyed the crossword, again! Thank you Sankalak.
    Very smooth.
    Good morning all.

  4. 27A Delhi UT or state? - PKP Swami,Cbe

  5. Kishore8:32 AM GMT+05:30
    Not the kind of 'support' (we are used) to !