Sunday, 13 January 2013

No 2721, Sunday 13 Jan 13

Toughie today.

1   Fish, after short time, seen in coarse seaweed (6) TANGLE {T}{ANGLE}
4   A bad-tempered moment reportedly caused by puzzle (8) ACROSTIC {A}{CROS(~cross)}{TIC}
9   Coup d'état commits church (6) PUTSCH {PUTS}{CH}
10 Jam in pupil's first book! (8) PRESERVE {P}{RESERVE}
12 Right answer grasped by terribly flash Dutch painter (5,4) FRANS HALS {F{R}{ANS} HALS*}
13 Odds nevertheless shortened (5) EVENS EVEN So
14 But in Scotland, case is good for a group of political advisers (7,7) KITCHEN CABINET {KITCHEN} {CABINET}
18 After a long period of time, head for a London landmark (10,4) MILLENNIUM DOME {MILLENNIUM} {DOME}
20 Write a critique on broadcasted variety show (5) REVUE (~review)
22 Form of religious observance in state capital, curtailed (9) SACRAMENT SACREMENTo
24 King boarding vessel results in a bold headline (8) STREAMER {ST{R}EAMER}
25 Coming out of restaurant, writer crosses street (6) BISTRO {BI{ST}RO} Definition in the middle and why coming out?
26 One acted surreptitiously to get story (8) ANECDOTE*
27 Medical Officer got up and down (6) MOROSE {MO}{ROSE}

1   What an informant may do is endless? (3,3) TIP OFF [DD]
2   A ninth ale ordered for boy! (9) NATHANIEL*
3   Spot tailless insect (5) LOCUS LOCUSt
5   Check on topless joint overlooking place of worship in a New Zealand city (12) CHRISTCHURCH {CH}{wRIST}{CHURCH}
6   Lowly position for the rest of the natives? (6,3) OYSTER BED [CD]
7   Crisply brief, language used after beginning to taxi (5) TERSE {T}{ERSE}
8   A wood preservative Rose applied in shelter (8) CREOSOTE {C{ROSE*}OTE}
11 The Channel Tunnel consortium had to to stay solvent (4,4,4) MAKE ENDS MEET [CD]
15 US president in uniform, also, after summit in Cairo (9) CLEVELAND {C}{LEVEL}{AND}
16 Deputy, without feeling, wrote off (6,3) NUMBER TWO {NUMB}{ER TWO*}
17 First-class fare? (8) AMBROSIA [CD]
19 Feed with heavy food (but there's duck for daughter!) (6) STOOGE STO(-d+o)OGE
21 Poetry from overseas (5) VERSE [T]
23 Friend, a fighter by ring (5) AMIGO {A}{MIG}{O}


  1. MILLENNIUM DOME .... Double 'N' please

  2. 25 Coming out of restaurant, writer crosses street (6) BISTRO {BI{ST}RO} Definition in the middle and why coming out?

    Usually the construction of a clue is
    def, wordplay
    wordplay, def
    (with or without a link)
    Here the link is at the beginning.
    The clue writer means to say 'here is the def' Coming out of it, or emerging from it is the word play
    Thus, out of BISTRO comes the wordplay BIRO crossing ST

    1. Wouldn't that only make sense if it is " Coming out of 'wordplay' is 'defn' ". Here it is "Coming out of 'defn' is 'word play' " which seems a bit odd

    2. Something like a reverse anagram

  3. Tougher than the usual Sunday fare. How does Stooge mean feed?

    1. From Col's link
      1. The partner in a comedy team who feeds lines to the other comedian; a straight man.

      So could be "Feed"

  4. Stooge has also the sense of 'parasite' which prob. gives 'feed'.