Friday, 18 January 2013

No.10673, Friday 18 Jan 13, Gridman

Once again a very satisfying solve.

1 Very quickly cut twice (4-4) CHOP-CHOP (CHOP X 2)
5 Hair piece // on the beach? (6) STRAND (DD)
10 Industrialist and sailor returned beat (3-1-3) RAT-A-TAT (TATA + TAR)<=
11 Puckish drama production almost crowded (7) PLAYFUL (PLAY + FULl)
12 Lamenting sound may go back to the French water body (6) YAMMER (MAY<= + MER)
13 “The cold and frosty season of __” (Chaucer) (8) DECEMBER (GK)
15 Just frayed nylon _ no end! (4) ONLY (NYLOn)*
16 Challenging query at someone’s action (3,4,3) HOW, DARE, YOU (CD)
18 Are they proud to be in the possession of ladies? (6,4) VANITY, BAGS (CD)
20 Touched the table linen? (4) FELT (DD)
23 Cheat captures part of church in plot (8) CONSPIRE (CON + SPIRE)
24 Rock // bed? (6) CRADLE (DD)
26 Naive young lady sincere in moving ahead (7) INGENUE (+IN GENUinE)
27 Part ZEE telecast is a circus act (7) TRAPEZE (PART ZEE)*
28 In plural form, this figure makes a cricket batsman nervous (6) NINETY (CD)
29 Exalts university with encomiums (8) UPRAISES (UP + RAISES) I thought "at university = up"

1 If a judge’s words don’t __ __, the accused goes free (5,10) CARRY, CONVICTION (CoD)
2 Ma and pilot together modified to the maximum (7) OPTIMAL (MA PILOT)*
3 It trims // sailing ship (6) CUTTER (DD)
4 Unwilling to reject source of swearword (4) OATH (lOATH)
6 Betrayer’s thrown wintergreen fruit (8) TEABERRY (BETRAYER)*
7 A fellow-pest circling around sailor in a cordial manner (7) AFFABLY (A + F + FLY outside AB)
8 Milder item nurse administered carelessly caused the shakes (8,7) DELIRIUM TREMENS (MILDER ITEM NURSE)*
9 Saw about quiet writer’s extension (9) APPENDAGE (ADAGE outside P + PEN)
14 Attacked; attacked even after poet is removed (9) BOMBARDED (BARD inside BOMBED)? Seems to be an overlap of B
17 Press the accelerator pedal, as you might tell a taxi driver (4,2,2) STEP, ON, IT (CD)
19 Trouble in mid-day for a shape (7) NONAGON (NAG inside NOON)
21 I abandoned idleness and worked, never wrapping up (7) ENDLESS (iDLENESS)*
22 Secrets of Canara Bank? (6) ARCANA (CANARA)* Banks as AI is unusual
25 A revolutionary up there! (4) ATOP (A + TOP)


Photographs of CV's 70th B'day bash available at the THCC Families blog


  1. Photographs of CV's 70th B'day bash have been uploaded at the THCC Families blog.

  2. My wife and I are smothered by the affection and kindness shown by Kishore, Padmanabhan, Bhala, Col. Deepak Gopinath, Mrs PP, Dr Gayathri, VP, Ajeesh, the clue-writers, other friends and so many others who made yesterday's party memorable.

    What a wonderful bunch of people!

    We thank everyone from the top of our individual hearts to the bottom of united heart! May God bless all of you.

    C G R

    1. I was already carried away by the kind of celebration in the blog. Now the party details have multipled the envy! Sigh.. sigh..

    2. Rangswamy, you too are included. I was quite conscious that I may leave out some name. Hence the all-embracing "other friends and so many others".

  3. A rare oversight from Gridman in 14D.

    22 Secrets of Canara Bank? (6) ARCANA (CANARA)* Banks as AI is unusual
    Bank is a synonym of Heap, so that should be okay as an AI

    1. The bank which is getting free publicity here, with its name being bandied about, may be elated.

  4. I was involved in numerous personal matters yesterday and forgot to do pre-publication day check in the afternoon.
    Bhavan, you're correct. 'up' requires "at university or at college".
    Yes, 'bank' is an unusual AInd but I was too tempted to use the collocation 'Canara Bank'. Bank as a verb means 'tilt' or 'the tilt of an aircraft'. So chaltha hai, I think.

  5. With 'At Univ: UP' the anno does not work out. Think University has to be replaced by another word which would give U?

  6. Got stuck with 3D because i guessed 12A was (YAM)<-(UN)(A). I assumed 'the' French was 'un' as well, but remained doubtful as 'un' is an indefinite article. Oh, and lamenting sound was 'A'(~'aah') :D

  7. I am going to create a database of all the visitors to my blog which will enable me to have details of the sloggers/bloggers, in various cities, for use in case of future events at any of those cities.

    Towards that end please forward your Address, Contact nos and e-mail ID's to my e-mail ID shown in my contact details in the link at the top of this page. Please do not worry your details will be kept confidential.

  8. what a lovely meet?loved every minute. kishore and bhala,thx for the samosas.(though i dont deserve it for today.could solve only 50%).felt gr8 to have met the colonel. chaturvasi ji all the best for adventurous fruitful years ahead. thx vp,padmanabhan,ajeesh n rangaswami(i am sure u ll have second thoughts to sit in passengers seat with me as driver...haha).awaiting the next meeting.have a good day

    1. so you took a carry bag for this morning as well? (just kidding)

    2. hahaha.why didn't i think of that?may be the next time , i ll remember to get my carrybag.

    3. It was indeed nightmarish experience last evening when I was sitting in passenger seat with Dr Gayathri in the driving seat. The way she was driving through the one way traffic road from the wrong side in the busy GN Chetty street made me nervous and I was sure we will be hauled up by a traffic constable at any moment. Luckily nothing of that sort happened and she dropped me safely at my residence. Really I admire her guts. Her driving is excellent but her violating the rule is unforgettable and unforgivable!

  9. Exalts university with encomiums (8) UPRAISES (UP + RAISES) I thought "at university = up"

    I did not see a problkem here. University is U + PRAISES for encomiums

    1. I came to write that there was no problem with the clue as it breaks up as U PRAISES. Earlier I didn't see I was right. How wrong of me!

  10. Bhavan: and those who attended, have the double benefit of having their cake and eating it too !?

    Thanks, Colonel, for letting us virtually participate in the besh, besh, bash of Rishi, by posting the pics. How do you manage your time by travelling at such short notice and being a Rip Van Winkle too?

    Alas, being in a Type II City !

    Congrats to the Organizers for knitting the Family together.

    Thrilled to see the Nanogon graphics !!

  11. Bhavan: Could you please send me a printable blank copy of yesterday's CV special and oblige ? I have already solved it . Thanks

    1. Bhavan, me too pls... You have my ID. Thanks

  12. @ Dr Gayathri,
    There is a reference to your biography 'My name is Rajinikanth' in Sadanand Menon's book review of Naman Ramachandran's 'Rajinikanth: the Definitive Biography' (India Today, 28 Jan, 2013: p.60)