Tuesday, 27 September 2016

No 11811, Tuesday 27 Sep 2016, Gridman

1   Refuse to lower the volume (4,4) TURN DOWN [DD]
5   That woman's science room backs a sort of remedy (6) HERBAL {HER}{LAB<=}
9   Course military unit doesn't finish (7) REGIMEN REGIMENt
10 Almost secular company endlessly pleasant and to the point (7) LACONIC {LAy}{CO}{NICe}
11 Greeting to right girl may still be unpredictable (3,2,4) HIT OR MISS {HI}{T O}{R} {MISS}
12 Reportedly aching to take off (4) SOAR (~sore)
14 One to advance heartily is the notorious ruler (4) IVAN (+1)IVA(-1)N (Addendum - {1}{adVANce} - See comments)
15 Land expert makes a good run on moist ground (10) AGRONOMIST {A}{G}{R}{ON}{MOIST*}
17 Ruthless firm attacked a number (4-6) HARD-BITTEN {HARD}-{BIT}{TEN}
19 Reportedly consider Miss Muffet's fare (4) WHEY (~weigh)
22 Observe wearing away on either side of the ear (4) OTIC nOTICe
23 Severe attack using talons. Ugh! (9) ONSLAUGHT*
25 Released group for nothing (3,4) SET FREE {SET} {FREE}
26 Fashionable member old and forgotten (2,5) IN LIMBO {IN} {LIMB}{O}
27 Live on part of a square (6) RESIDE {RE}{SIDE}
28 Repetition of one beginning to express in hypnotic state (8) ITERANCE {1}{T{Ex...s}RANCE}

1   Illuminating device set on fire twice (10) TORCHLIGHT {TORCH}{LIGHT}
2   A target set for boating event (7) REGATTA*
3   Objection to player being coy (6) DEMURE {DEMUR}{E}
4   Crossing of 't', e.g., that brought success? (7,6) WINNING STROKE [CD]
6   Intelligence agency involved in former prisoner's removal (8) EXCISION {EX}{C{ISI}ON}
7   Indian sister and girl meet one Asian (7) BENGALI {BEN}{GAL}{1}
8   Hold security device (4) LOCK [DD]
10 Miss a piece of clothing when taken to the cleaners (4,4,5) LOSE ONES SHIRT {LOSE} {ONES} {SHIRT}
13 Residential bar by one who doesn't like to go out (4-2-4) STAY-AT-HOME [CD]
16 Hidden old boy's made well (8) OBSCURED {OB'S}{CURED}
18 Goes round with list set in a different order (7) ROTATES {ROTA}{SET*}
20 Loaded dice for robbers losing direction (7) HIGHMEN HIGHwayMEN
21 Visitor's change of top is more fanciful (6) TALLER (-c+t)TALLER
24 Tom leaves second manipulator (4) USER moUSER



  1. 14 One to advance heartily is the notorious ruler (4)
    I read it as I (one) + (ad)VAN(ce) (advance heartily) with "to" as a connector.

    1. That was my intention, but "to" is not considered a good connector between wp and def. Is that right?

    2. WP (leading) to DEF. What's wrong?

    3. I don't find anything odd here.
      I have heard about good conductors and bad conductors. Frankly, I still don't know which are bad connectors. Vasi Sir, can you name a few of them for me?

    4. I think CV sir's question was about "to" as a connector between wp and def. But in this clue "to" is actually a connector between elements of the charade - I and VAN - correct? Am I missing something?

    5. This is what I felt in regard to this clue.
      But, we come across TO in many clues (like 3DN here).
      Another example from Sunday TH recent grid:
      Particle in amoeba to monitor (4)

      When should it not be used?

    6. IMO 'to' can be used in any way as a connector between WP & DEF and also in between WP components.

      Here 'to' forms part of the fodder in an embedded clue so where is the problem?

    7. Thanks for your views.
      I presume you are writing reg Sunday clue. Yes, it is part of fodder. So, it should be ok.

    8. The only reservation probably is when it is used to indicate a noun but in WP is is a verb.

    9. For more on connectors visit: http://alberichcrosswords.com/pages/linkwds.html

  2. Enjoyed the fast fill CW.
    Soar & excision were the last ones to fall.
    Highmen was new, but the cluing did not leave any doubts.
    Nothing in this to 'Lose one's shirt'! (Ganguly?!)

    1. Ha ha, but Ganguly didn't lose his shirt. He removed voluntarily.

    2. You have a point there. But shall we say that he Lost it momentarily?!

    3. Probably, we can coin a new phrase - Throw one's shirt to mean top of the world!

  3. Liked this 13 letter grid puzzle a lot..the two long ones...turn down...stay at home & even the oft used user was imaginitavely clued..
    Re 3D: was clued the same way in yesterday's guardian puzzle by Chifonie:(DEMUR)(E)..the clue being Take exception to Egyptian leader retiring (6)

  4. Iterance was a new form of the word - unknown to me .. just saw a movie where a neighbour got bumped off just coz he refused to lower the volume on radio :) ha ha ,, talk about over reaction ! but it was humorous since it was quite underplayed .. ok i am not very clear on the CD for winning stroke.. i get the stroke on the "t" bit .. whats the etc for? am i missing something here?

    1. Military strategy, I think, which could be a winner.

    2. You are right, Suresh. Just googled it-

    3. oh ok :) Gridman must have spent some time with Arden ? Going all naval strategy.. :)