Thursday, 8 September 2016

No 11797, Thursday 08 Sep 2016, Lightning

It's cricket again!

1   Scheme by English institute – new and essentially met with hesitation (8) ENGINEER {ENG}{I}{N}{mEt}{ER}
5   Spell recipe to cut meat (6) STREAK {ST{R}EAK}
9   A group of witches go into a state of exile (8) COVENTRY {COVEN}{TRY}
10 Cries outside emergency room, calms down (6) SOBERS {SOB{ER}S}
12 Swamp damages harbour (5) MARSH {MARS}{H}
13 One approximately powerless optical device showing different arrangement of atoms (9) ISOMERISM {1}{SOME}{pRISM}
14 Had to carry daughter right to the edge (6) BORDER {BOR{D}E}{R}
16 Sillier period preceding row (7) DOTTIER {DOT}{TIER}
19 As arcsine may be represented? (7) ARSENIC*
21 Caretaker of plants chopped trunk to collect and store (6) GARNER GARdeNER
23 US State nominates eccentric (9) MINNESOTA*
25 Scientist part of safer mission (5) FERMI [T]
26 Fellow to scowl at the cream (6) FLOWER {F}{LOWER}
27 A mantra broadcast by head of Hindu pilgrimage destination (8) AMARNATH {A}{MANTRA*}{Hi..u}
28 Scattered boxes with energy (6) SPARSE {SPARS}{E}
29 Open last letter and essentially glean Indian state is in a period of cold weather (6-2) FREEZE-UP {FREE}{Z}{glEan}-{UP}

1   Enclose a politician in tent (6) ENCAMP {ENC}{A}{MP}
2   Administrators lead society with zero resistance (9) GOVERNORS {GOVERN}{O}{R}{S}
3   Note with suggestion to move hour to one past eighth (5) NINTH {N}{(-h)INT(+h)H}
4   Former nobleman ironically eschewing royalty for starters (7) EARLIER {EARL}{Ir...y}{Es...g}{Ro...y}
6   Car for couples? (3-6) TWO-SEATER [CD]
7   Regularly sell neem oil yielding resin (5) ELEMI {sElL}{nEeM}{oIl}
8   North Indian male shikari in disguise (8) KASHMIRI {M+SHIKARI}*
11 Contract agent in fiction (4) BOND [DD]
15 Doctor senses end to stupidity (9) DENSENESS*
17 Drunkard swirled a beer in it (9) INEBRIATE*
18 Fail to pierce organs – they keep you warm (8) EARMUFFS {EAR{MUFF}S}
20 Prepare Kelvin to succeed head of operations (4) COOK {COO}{K}
21 Rules normally accepted by Indian village thrust back (7) GRAMMAR {GRAM}{RAM<=}
22 Chess piece at first bought by international store (6) BISHOP {Bo...t}{I}{SHOP}
24 Tango mainly featuring African drum (5) NGOMA [T]
25 Charge framing hundred is a joke (5) FARCE {FAR{C}E}



  1. Here Lightning strikes not just once...but again and again :)

  2. Down memory lane..Farooq Engineer..Amarnath(Lala..Mohinder..Surinder)..Joel Big Bird Garner..Flower brothers..Geoff Marsh & his two sons Shaun & Mitch..Ian al..lovely puzzle too..thanks Lightning

  3. Not just cricket, but nostalgic about cricketers, as vasant aptly pointed out.
    This Lightning strike is a welcome one and enjoyable too! Thank you.

  4. My first fill in NW corner 2dn was DIRECTORS (DIRECT)(O)(R)(S)...Lead = Direct. This caused much delay in getting other answers! All said and done I liked this Cricket themed puzzle. Thank you Lightning.

  5. Since I got Engineers first as I ac., I settled on Governors easily. Yes for the cricket lovers' puzzle.

  6. Enjoyed the puzzle studded with cricket legends. Dot used for period something coming out of the box & I got it just on dot. Thank you sir(lightning)

  7. Yes, I too enjoyed the dot. Period.

  8. Thanks for the blog and comments.
    Coventry was not part of my original list (fitted with the crossings). The remaining XI were designed to fit in a batting/bowling card. Could not fit a spinner though !

    1. Allan Border used to bowl left arm orthodox spin..especially in ODIs

  9. Let Coventry be the 12th man. You have part time spinners in Border & one of the flowers!