Tuesday, 13 September 2016

No 11801, Tuesday 13 Sep 2016, Skulldugger


1   Addled nut wanders into a territorial division (6) COUNTY {NUT}* in {COY} Are ADDLED and COY synonymous? See comments
4   Decrees to write information without sources (6) ENACTS {pEN}{fACTS}
9   Head cop to return for a bit (4) SPOT {SP}{TO<=}
10 At this great clue's heart such a mark (10) APOSTROPHE Def by example
11 Involuntarily fast luminary with extreme victory dance (6) STARVE {STAR}{Vi...y}{d..cE}
12 I'd left discreetly, oddly discreetly (8) SECRETLY diSCRETELY*
13 Agonisedly explodes after youth massacred by the right, say (9) ALONGSIDE AGONISEDLy*
15 Currency returned to den (4) LAIR <=
16 Meets the cost of a kind of bowler, say (4) PACE (~pays)
17 Alternative term given to books initially: shelf embellishments (9) ORNAMENTS {OR}{NAME}{NT}{Shelf}
21 Coppers turn at junction to look for gold, for instance (8) PROSPECT {COPPERS}*{T}
22 Doctor plagued heartlessly in the preceding period (4-2) LEAD-UP PLAgUED*
24 Do they take things up a notch? (10) ESCALATORS [CD]
25 Keen bird of prey has no alternative (4) RAPT RAPTor
26 Murder short lecturer with saw (6) SAYING SlAYING
27 A powerful faction's feature (6) ASPECT {A}{S{P}ECT}

1   Excellent principal (7) CAPITAL [DD]
2   Complete goofball with no name (5) UTTER nUTTER
3   King beleaguered by dreadful valets on tour (7) TRAVELS {R} in {VALET}*
5   See, it's not going to happen with time for date (6) NOTICE {NO (-d+t)TICE}
6   Band together for group price, obtaining rebate ultimately (9) COOPERATE {COOP}{r...tE}{RATE}
7   She learns of the star child in hiding (7) SCHOLAR {S{CH}OLAR}
8   Indicators one faltered for a reason (13) CONSIDERATION*
14 Difficult scene that's creepy, cold, forsaken, but unavoidable (9) NECESSARY {SCENE*}{ScARY}
16 Frolicsome seraphs' expressions (7) PHRASES*
18 Arty loans Elsa odd reference books (7) ATLASES {ArTy}{LoAnS}{ElSa}
19 Blowhard's favourite instrument! (7) TRUMPET TRUM{PET} Anno pending (Addendum - [CD] - See comments)
20 Marine at sea to stay put (6) REMAIN*
23 Zorba, Greek, has to say "Yes" (5) AGREE [T]


  1. 19 Blowhard's favourite instrument! (7) TRUMPET

    I took it to be a CD - blow your own trumpet

  2. Reg 1AC, addled is anagrind here. COY is intended perhaps in territorial, I am not sure.

  3. Enjoyed Skull's offering. In 16a, I think 'say' is misplaced. So it seems to lead to 'pays' and not 'pace'

  4. Lovely one from SD..
    The obvious COD, as the clue itself trumpets is apostrophe..

  5. Col. got the apostrophe right this time! I did not, since I had filled in aggregate for 6D.

  6. Skulldugger thanks for not making this a boring job :) - simple clues, decent finishes.. but I did have a few reservations .. coy=addled, is it right to say escalators take u up a notch?? level/floor perhaps.. on the whole a nice one

  7. Apologies for 16ac. I initially had "Meets the cost of say, a kind of bowler" in my notes, but must have been careless when copying it out. For 1ac, I had : "Addled nut wanders into reserved province" in my submitted version, so I have no idea what happened there. Many a slip...

    1. Oh, ok for 1AC.
      I was breaking my head and trying to justify Territorial = Localised = Reserved, ha ha!

  8. Thank you for clearing up both the points.