Monday, 5 September 2016

No 11795, Monday 05 Sep 2016, Incognito


7   Wild animal's retreat found in Uttarlai, Rajasthan (4) LAIR [T]
8   Unused weapon had one extra advantage, for starters, in island (3,6) NEW GUINEA {NEW} {GU{1}N}{Ex..a}{Ad...e}
10 Primarily, some tobacco (organic) that is wrapped around the middle of cigar? (6) STOGIE {Some}{To...o}{Or...c}{ciGar}{IE} &lit
11 Excitedly save gals in American Sin City (3,5) LAS VEGAS*
12 Golly! Pot is broken for many tongued person perhaps ... (8) POLYGLOT*
14 Alumnus with ring is model musician (6) OBOIST {OB}{O}{IS}{T}
16 Throw (discard) papers (2,5) ID CARDS*
18 Captain's son smoked fish (7) SKIPPER {S}{KIPPER}
21 Object of meeting a General and a lawyer (6) AGENDA {A}{GEN}{DA}
23 Nun and me circled around spacecraft, for example, without astronauts (8) UNMANNED*
25 Bread that looks like roti — badly made by learners in Territorial Army (8) TORTILLA {ROTI}*{LL} in {TA}
27 Reverse car obtusely at first on animal (6) RACOON {CAR<=}{Ob...y}{ON}
29 English bird's friend forever (9) ETERNALLY {E}{TERN}{ALLY}
30 Rear halibut, tuna, etc. to some extent (4) BUTT [T]

1   Do a toff's translation and get a burger, for instance (4,4) FAST FOOD*
2   Doctor, for example, a small quantity (4) DREG {DR}{EG}
3   Display, for all to see, line drawn around first vertex (6) UNVEIL {U}{N{Vo...x}EIL*}
4   Leaders of wayside looters join in theft organised one day before the 13th (7) TWELFTH {Wa...e + Lo...s + THEFT}*
5   Girl madly stuck on Butt (8) GUNSTOCK {G}{STUCK+ON}*
6   Author does not commence making stake (4) ANTE dANTE
9   A Yankee has confused nursemaids (5) AYAHS {A}{Y}{HAS*}
13 Long, long time taken by knight (5) YEARN {YEAR}{N}
15 Wayward tennis pro drops tangled nets on plant (5) ORPIN {tenNIs+PRO}*
17 Time limit for an epitaph? (8) DEADLINE [DD]
19 See dental equipment of canine (3,5) EYE TOOTH {EYE} {TOOTH}
20 Long lasting blade is manufactured around old city (7) DURABLE {BLADE}* around {UR}
22 Bird goes about carrying an egg (5) GOOSE {O} in {GOES}*
24 Right in the middle of army in shambles you could find a fallen man (6) MARTYR {RT} in {ARMY}*
26 Tethers heads of The International Ecotourism Society (4) TIES Acrostic
28 These birds like pens! (4) COBS [CD]



  1. Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi to all.
    Today Incognito has served us fast food!
    28D- Pens?

    1. Definitely not writing implements or restrictive boundaries...

    2. Just found out about the female swan.

    3. So says the enamoured swain :)

  2. No paper tomorrow announcement in the Chennai edition. Any special? Or we will have an on line edition of THC?

  3. On the occassion of Teacher's day, I sincerely thank all the teachers here..teachers who have taught me the A, B , C of cryptic crosswords..Colonel, CV Sir all the bloggers..thanks a lot

  4. Is there a theme? Could find TWELFTH,FIFTH,SEVENTY...any other?

    1. Paddy, Vasant is on the right track while you're chasing wild pens, cobs and geese .... :)

    2. ...alas, without finding any blue corbuncle.

    3. Elementary, my dear CV... They are yet to visit the costermongers ...

      Hint may be found in the left panel ....

    4. Gridman must be nearing the 1000 mark any time soon, I think ...

    5. With that hint and with another above that, I got it!

    6. It looks to be a number game of which I also do not have a clue. No more wild goose chasing! Except that K has changed his header.

    7. One just has to read between the lines ...

    8. Too many lines and too little in between.

  5. Amendment to my deleted message. I will post a special at 7 AM tomorrow if there is no CW. Setter yet to be decided

  6. If there is no edition in ANY centre, there will be NO cwd in any edition. If the HO (Chennai) is closed, there won't be ANY edition. There won't be a cwd online alone.

  7. May Lord Ganesh's blessings be with all! Happy Vinayak Chaturthi.

  8. Special at 7AM tomorrow by Balderdash. It will be a barred grid with no Across Lite version

  9. Can anyone tell me how does a C/C clue work?. Thanks

    1. By C/c we mean container/content.
      Such a clue can be a word (solution) formed by one word GOING AROUND another word or one word inserted in another to form the solution word.
      Walker goes over fool left behind (6) PASSED
      Here PED (walker) goes around (goes over) ASS (fool) to get the sol word PASSED (left behind).
      Now consider
      Home has stock of an essence used in cooking (7)
      Here VILLA (home) contains within that word (has stock of) AN (an) to get VANILLA (essence used in cooking).
      The operative instruction for insertion is sometimes referred to as inserticator.

    2. Thank you sir for such a good explanation. appreciate it.

  10. Thanks to all my teachers . Happy teacher's day !

  11. @Incognito Congratulations ! This is your 75 th CW :)

    1. One more number clue. Vasant's 'Fifth and 'Seventy' combined. we are getting nearer.

    2. Thanks, LV! 75th CW thanks to CV!

    3. Nina in the grid SEVENTY FIFTH :)
      Anything else Incognito? :)

    4. Oh,Oh! A Nina? Read between the lines- can't say it more clearly.
      Nice one Incognito. Double it soon.

  12. sharon akshay
    See my Comment above in answer to your query.

  13. Congrats Incognito on the 75th xword..May you set more & more..your puzzles are easy but there is always that something (like a theme..nina) which make them very interesting.

  14. Congrats Kishore on your 75th crossword compiled. How do you manage to put in your signature style? Simple yet elegant. You will be a boon to beginners of cryptic crosswords as you lead themby their little finger ! God bless.

    Happy Ganesh Chathurthi day to all fellow bloggers . Don't eat too much Modhak and get dhak - dhak ! May your sweetness be as cloying as the stuff inside the outer vapid shell ! May Lord Ganesh bless ye-all !!

  15. Thanks all for your comments and a very good night...