Friday, 23 September 2016

No 11808, Friday 23 Sep 2016, Gridman

1   Give order to coach (8) INSTRUCT [DD]
5   The new in-charge's primarily strict codes of conduct (6) ETHICS {THE*}{IC}{St...t}
9   Stopped the heartless priest indeed (8) DETERRED {DE{ThE}{RR}ED}
10 One – thus we stand proverbially (6) UNITED [CD]
12 Almost draw back vehicle (4) CART TRACe <=
13 Unusual about hundred touches in English shield (10) ESCUTCHEON {C+TOUCHES}* in {EN}
15 Girl and friend get spicy sausage (6) SALAMI {SAL}{AMI}
17 Big arrrangement of sails in vessels (5) BRIGS {B}{RIGS] B for Big?
20 One periodical endlessly recalled epic (5) ILIAD {1}{DAILy <=}
21 Reason to turn around the object the other way (6) MOTIVE {MO{IT<=}VE}
24 Timely lifts installed outside new hospital department (6-4) HEAVEN-SENT {HEAVE{N}-S}{ENT}
27 Home for endless data (4) INFO {IN}{FOr}
29 Politician in aisle drops the French legal defences (6) ALIBIS {LIB} in {AISle}
30 He's a dive going awfully wrong. That's sticky (8) ADHESIVE*
31 Indicate odd edge to letter (6) DENOTE {eDgE}{NOTE}
32 Unusual coy certain to trap player – it gets all the attention (8) CYNOSURE {CY{N}O*}{SURE}

1   Charge put in writing, say (6) INDICT {IN}{DICT} (Addendum - (~indite) - See comments)
2   It's done while closing up in theatre (6) SUTURE [CD]
3   Artist and engineer in a combination that's uncommon (4) RARE {RA}{RE}
4   Old statesman stripped messy water plant (5) CRESS {CR}{mESSy}
6   Order I left for Tamil leader's healthful drink (5) TONIC (-i+t)TONIC
7   Daring, some wanted to appoint repI demurred (8) INTREPID [T]
8   Dean sues wily African (8) SUDANESE*
11 One held by British fashion designer is attractively old-fashioned (6) QUAINT {1} in {QUANT} Thanks to Google
14 Put down face up (4) LAID <=
16 Fool accepts mad, mad marketing technique (6) ADMASS {A{MAD*}SS}
17 Turkish officer entertains five of a group (4) BEVY {BE{V}Y}
18 Didn't quite catch the crumbling of his dream (8) MISHEARD*
19 Obsession to give face-lift to headless country (8) FIXATION {FIX}{nATION}
22 Working country leaves initial direction undisturbed (2,4) IN SITU Anno pending Clue defective. See comments
23 Hold fast the company at this place (6) COHERE {CO}{HERE}
25 Order cited in a different manner (5) EDICT*
26 Children's favourite character in an odd yarn (5) NODDY [T]
28 Note setter's second (4) MEMO {ME}{MO}



  1. 22D. I parsed it as: country Tunisia, delete 'a' and rearrange.

  2. At 22d there was a different, perfect clue. At the last minute, I changed it completely for some personal reason. The idea came after just a few moments of thought at a busy place. Mr Prasad, sorry it troubled you. However, the anno, once you hit upon it, is much simpler!

  3. May be farfetched, but I took 'leaves initial' as indicating deletion of the first letter of the alphabet.

  4. Well, well, well. Mr Prasad your anno seems to work, if we take 'working' to be anag ind and then deleting a (initial letter) from the fodder Tunisia. I hand it to you!

    1. Thanks again. The crossings helped me. Although I am not an engineer, my knowledge of construction terminology helped me, thanks to L&T construction where I worked as a secretary.

    2. Then, direction will be misleading. I looked at Tunis and deletion of N as direction to arrive at situ

    3. In that case what is the role of 'direction' in the clue?

    4. ... and would GM resort to indirect anag?

    5. I think it is-

      Working - In situation

      Country leaves initial direction - nation - n = ation.

      Giving In situ.

      But I still feel it needs one more deletion indicator.

  5. I still don't get the 'direction' part.

    1. The idea was not carried out properly. The clue is defective. I didn't realise it until SS wrote above. Sorry.

  6. 31D: "odd" to have picked even letters!

    1. Odd can mean every other, not necessarily 1,3,5...

  7. 17AC - B for Big seems to have no support from dictionaries.

  8. No Aspartame, No Exa this run?
    Pleasant surprise to see Gridman's 10 letter grid this morning. Nice puzzle as usual.
    In Situ anno awaited from the horse's mouth despite Prasadji's valiant attempt to reverse engineer the solution

    1. Noticed the change in order after Exc last puzzle

    2. Yes. And it doesn't seem to be just the order. Some have gone missing too.

  9. Escutcheon !! Lol.. if once i werent once a historical romance buff :) Iliad...Mary Quant..CR is it :) Gridmanji is revealing his grey hairs with these.. but its still fun.. though I have reservations on some clues as above debated :)

  10. I thought the anno for 1D was - ~INDITE (hp of indite which means to write or compose i.e. put in writing)

  11. A 24A cc. enjoyed solving the puzzle!