Saturday, 17 September 2016

No 11803, Saturday 17 Sep 2016, xChequer

Easier than the usual xChequer, but enjoyable nevertheless 


7. Alien caught in severe deviation (6) DETOUR {D{ET}OUR}
8. Jack returns, reportedly to fetch bread (8) BAGUETTE {AB<=}{~GET}

9. Expression of gratitude from excited youth securing an introduction to king (5,3) THANK YOU {YOUTH}* around {AN}{King}
10. Cheap rum in short (6) SHODDY {SH{ODD}Y
11. Leading newspaper probed by American tax administration (5) FIRST {F{IRS}T}
12. Burn Master in Chancery (6) STREAM {MASTER*}
14. Not disheartened, further toilet trained smallest child in family (4,2,3,6) RUNT OF THE LITTER {NoT+FURTHER+TIOLET}*
17. Importance of mother before turning ten (6) MOMENT {MOM}{TEN*}
18. Bring together world body providing base in Germany (5) UNIFY {UN}{IF}{germanY}
22. Happened to remain on floor (6) BEFELL {BE}{FELL}
23. Fortunately delivered by nurse, very proficiently self-possessed (8) ENVIABLY {EN}{V}{I}{ABLY}
24. Usual cap of senior commanders (8) GENERALS {GENERAL}{Seniors}
25. New at pole dancing, lose hold (6) NELSON {N}{LOSE*}{N} First N is from Pole, Second from New


1. Method to manage last of fire and quench it (9) TECHNIQUE {firE+QUENCH+IT}*
2. Establishes hospital for female dogs (6) HOUNDS {(-f+H)OUNDS}
3. Conflicts from a short expression in speech (5) FRAYS {~PHRASE}
4. Incites underworld characterizing fragile China (8) EGGSHELL {EGGS}{HELL}
5. Reach no conclusion in mandate, refer back for further consideration (8)  RECOMMIT {RE{COMe}MIT}
6. School's duty around examination (5) STUDY {S}{DUTY*}
8. They turn criminal in recovering bonus (6,7) BOUNTY HUNTERS {THEY+TURN}* in {BONUS*} &lit

13. Foundation collapsed, wise bird ditching rookie partner (9) BEDFELLOW {BED}{FELL}{OWl}
15. Withdrawing agent in control, daughter interfered (8) TAMPERED {TAM{PER<=}E}{D}
16. Well-known Mafia circles comprising the Italian resistance (8) FAMILIAR {MAFIA}* around {IL} followed by R
19. More or less normal, ahead of schedule (6) NEARLY {N}{EARLY}
20. Shining example in tale we joke about (5) JEWEL (T<=)
21. Energy release in incident (5) EVENT {E}{VENT}

Alien=ET, Jack=AB, Nurse=EN, Very=V, Self=I, New=N, Pole=N
Hospital=H, Female=F, School=S, Rookie=L (Learner), Agent=Rep, Daughter=D, The Italian=Il, Resistance=R, Normal=N, Energy=E

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  1. Good job Ramesh. Yes, it is an unsual one from Xchequer

  2. Nice puzzle..gentle for an xc puzzle
    Hope this continues

  3. Yeah yeah Xchequer in a much gentle mood.. is it me or are u too hearing the kachings :)

  4. I have just learnt a new word, Srividya. Thanks.

  5. EN for enrolled nurse. check the reference list

  6. Thank you KKR. I thought it was Registered Nurse.

    1. Nurse could be RN,EN,SEN,SRN. Where S=State, R=Registered, E=Enrolled, N=Nurse

    2. What's in a name, as long as she is nursing our wounds!

    3. Ha ha..lots of options for is for jack..J..AB..Tar..Salt

    4. Also, more difficult to choose the apt one.

  7. Thank you all. I will have to be more attentive in future.

  8. Have been struggling with a fluttering icon , with the Adobe flash player at its worst. So frustrating to keep waiting for the letters to be keyed in !! Any remedy from anyone?

    Afew words are really well formulated. Yet to complete the grid.