Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 04 Sep 2016

1   Container that's dry inside trunk (6) BOTTLE {BO{TT}LE}
4   Pathetic pieces of work that aren't even engraved (8) WRETCHED {WoRk}{ETCHED}
9   Reform of laws, sane, ethical and immaculate (5,2,1,7) CLEAN AS A WHISTLE*
11 Length of time that is left for dog (7) SPANIEL {SPAN}{IE}{L}
12 Offensive and motivated, caused continuing annoyance (7) RANKLED {RANK}{LED}
13 Further from initial source (4) ALSO [T]
14 Adviser working with sovereign in court (10) CONSULTANT {ON}{SULTAN} in {CT}
18 Tiring, getting cross, engaged in treatment of huge stain (10) EXHAUSTING {X} in {HUGE+STAIN}*
19 Prima donna eager to return (4) DIVA <=
21 Wind spool finally after film by artist (7) MISTRAL {MIST}{RA}{s..oL}
23 Plain old vehicle occupied by six officers initially (7) OBVIOUS {O}{B{VI}{Of...s}US}
24 Meeting for journalists with bias covering extremes of serious fraud (5,10) PRESS CONFERENCE {PRE{Se...oS} {CON}FERENCE}
25 Influence is held by established writer (8) ESSAYIST {ES{SAY}{IS}T}
26 Go quiet during precious time (6) DEPART {DE{P}AR}{T}

1   Key defenders with speed (9) BACKSPACE {BACKS}{PACE}
2   Explosive musical beat, in short, endlessly excellent thing (3,4,8) THE CATS WHISKERS {T{HE} {CATS} {WHISK}ERSe}
3   Advanced tips for ideal pulse (6) LENTIL {LENT}{IdeaL}
5   One with oar in crew originally raised (5) ROWER [T<=]
6   Fight to keep Rhode Island in shape (8) TRIANGLE {RI} in {TANGLE}
7   Real faith in cool, fantastic song (5,10) HOTEL CALIFORNIA* This song gives me goose bumps each time I hear it

8   Fear start of difficult study (5) DREAD {Di...t}{READ}
10 Stripped of power, explain betrayal (4-3) SELL-OUT {SpELL OUT}
15 Farewell so full of purpose, very loud (4-3) SEND-OFF {S{END}-O}{FF}
16 Brief rest at inn, refreshed (9) TRANSIENT*
17 Man apprehending sneer changed sweater (8) GUERNSEY {SNEER}* in {GUY}
20 Hostile article on part of Bible (6) AVERSE {A}{VERSE}
21 Plan ends in special care for tree (5) MAPLE {MAP}{s...aL}{carE}
22 Appearance from rising sun receiving approval (5) LOOKS {OK} in {SOL<=}



  1. Special at 10:30 by Dr Satyen Nabar

    Next week onwards till completion of the online rounds of IXL-16, there will be no Sunday Specials

  2. Nice puzzle. Missed out on DIVA & THE CAT'S WHISKERS.

  3. For me it was 2D,4A & curiously 13A where I misread the clue as 'Farther' and put in Afar, further complicating 2D.
    How to get 'HE' from explosive in 2D?

  4. Thank you Col. I was thinking that it stands only for His Excellency.