Tuesday, 20 September 2016

No 11805, Tuesday 20 Sep 2016, Afterdark

9   Suspend letters from bad journalists (7) ADJOURN [T]
10 Son escapes from management of monotonies in anger (7) EMOTION MonOTONIEs*
11 Working in order to create a storm (7) CYCLONE {CYCL{ON}E}
12 Liberal in fast in between, that is new (7) LENIENT {IE}{N} in {LENT}
13 Built some diners bypassing rule in the capital of Iowa (3,6) DES MOINES {SOME+DINErS}*
15 Cut lady off, take man on drive (5) SMASH S(-l+m)MASH
16 Detains one radical, others get top security (7) ARRESTS {A}{R}{REST}{Se...y}
19 Prepared seeds to be distributed by physician (7) DRESSED {DR}{SEEDS}*
20 Say, Pondicherry is in mountain – Teacher (5) TUTOR {UT} in {TOR}
21 Neighbour can be a pain, needs supplies without surety initially (9) PAKISTANI PAKISTANI {A+PAIN}* around {KI{Su...y}T}
25 Coach is writing on racial disturbance (7) RAILCAR {R}{RACIAL}*
26 Feared intensely that doctor is sickly, dead without drug (7) DREADED {DR}{EAD{E}D*}
28 Heads to Israel at the end, parting Red Sea (7) LEADERS {i...eL}{RED+SEA}*
29 Pressure or easy, it’s always flexible (7) ELASTIC {p or e}ELASTIC

1   Indian Queen had some citron, found dead and rotten (6) RANCID {RAN{Ci...n}I}{D}
2   Discharges electrical streams with the infusion of carbon (6) EJECTS {E}{JE{C}TS}
3   Wrestler's result's zero (4) SUMO {SUM}{O}
4   In between, took new trainee... (6) INTERN {INTER}{N}
5   ...learnt about mistaken ideals (8) REALISED {RE}{IDEALS}*
6   By end of May, surgeons operated to fix bone in teenagers (10) YOUNGSTERS {maY}{OUNGS{T}ERS*}
7   Bloodstone, talc, silica could be taken from storehouse, right at last stop initially (8) MINERALS {MINE}{Ri..t}{At}{Last}{Stop} Thanks to Ramesh
8   Stole handset, somehow got caught (8) SNATCHED {C} in {HANDSET}*
14 High court collects bad debts; thwarted (10) OBSTRUCTED {COURTS+DEBTS}* As per wording of clue DEBTS* goes into COURT* which is not so
16 In honour of everyone, nevertheless (5,3) AFTER ALL {AFTER} {ALL}
17 Rest gathered in a second for wines (8) RETSINAS {REST}*{IN}{A}{S}
18 Crush given drink by force (8) SUPPRESS {SUP}{PRESS}
22 Child, sitting by a corner, has yen for organ (6) KIDNEY {KID}{NE}{Y}
23 Stadium lacks foundation, brought down on inspections (6) AUDITS STADIUm*
24 Install one new pipe (6) INDUCT {1}{N}{DUCT}
27 Reliance organized to discount rice in style (4) ELAN rELiANce


  1. +1 FOR 14D
    Overall, very easy one. The only one which took few more seconds was 7DN

  2. Quite easy...7D was the LOI & quite difficult to parse

  3. There was an interesting point raised by Raju Umamaheswar on Sunday blog reg the competitive exam (IXL) we all faced!

    1. I think all wouldnt come up & say forthrightly how they would have fared
      Given the nature of the puzzle..I think everyone would have fared well..it is only the timings that seperate men from boys or women from girls!

    2. Even if my net had been good, I wouldnt have been in top 10, I think.
      The top 10 would have time below 15 minutes, I think.

    3. I too am lucky and proud to be a boy/baby! Or probably adolescent.
      Vasant, you are right. Yes, one who cracks in 15-20 minutes will make it to the top ten.
      So, that being the standard, those who are above ten will be with us!

    4. I am still in the womb! Yet to see the light of day!! ;-)

    5. doesnt age slow one down?? :)

  4. Easy and fast. Filled in minerals since bloodstone etc. were a dead give away- did not attempt to parse it.

  5. As for the IXL outcome on the laderboard, who knows, there could be a child prodigy ! Child is the father of man !