Thursday, 29 September 2016

No 11813, Thursday 29 Sep 2016, Neyartha

1   Anchor report on the amphibian spotted around the bags in retreat (8) NEWSCAST {SACS<=} in {NEWT}
5   Part of the sermon I espoused to get funds (6) MONIES [T]
9   Protozoa found in crushed ice's besieging the westbound detective (8) CILIATES {TAIL<=} in {ICES}*
10 Arrangements for the son to replace good outfits (6) SETUPS (-g+s)SETUPS
11 Swelling of the body part of a domestic help? (10,4) HOUSEMAIDS KNEE &lit
14 Briefly jeopardize the public showings (5) EXPOS EXPOSe
16 Cooked enchiladas left outside in the Spanish ranches (9) HACIENDAS ENCHIlADAS*
17 Book jacket with promotional info for a protective covering for equipment (4,5) DUST COVER [DD]
19 Bird with the Roman deity entertaining the conservative (5) JUNCO {JUN{C}O}
20 A complaint on the capital baked dish (4,10) BEEF WELLINGTON {BEEF} {WELLINGTON}
23 Our cleverness in audition fetches a vessel for hot gravy (6) ARGYLE (~our guile)
24 Fence for the posh luxury car gets intelligent coverage (8) SURROUND {RR} in {SOUND} (Correction - {U}{RR} in {SOUND} - See comments}
25 Certificates with the second son bartered for a model's book (6) SCRIPT SCRIP(-s+t)T
26 Fast musical passage trimmed on the ship after the Spanish revolutionary becomes fidgety (8) RESTLESS {pRESTo}{EL<=}{SS}

1   Taking risks might involve sticking this out (4) NECK [CD]
2   Warrant officer employs a mirrored command line interface to generate a reply on the radio (5) WILCO {CLI<=} in {WO}
3   Masochists in disguise chase Tom away to find a skeleton (7) CHASSIS mASoCHIStS*
4   Type of excavator bringing up the last two quarters in the squad's shacks (5,6) STEAM SHOVEL {(+s)STEAM(-s)} {(+s)SHOVEL(-s)}
6   Supervise the letters from Bob being put to verse effortlessly (7) OVERSEE [T] Too many superfluous words
7   Elected to confiscate fertilizer with note on an extinct herbivore (9) IGUANODON  {GUANO} in {I DO} with {N} (Addendum - {IN} over {GUANO}{DO} - See comments)
8   Removal of a mechanical system for absorbing shock (10) SUSPENSION [DD]
12 Somehow retied tunic with doubt (11) INCERTITUDE*
13 Whirlpool, after a short time, reportedly reveals plush toys (5,5) TEDDY BEARS {Time}{EDDY} {BEARS}(~bares)
15 Green spas arranged for someone on a voyage? (9) PASSENGER*
18 Bullies student and a northbound Greek character with a spring flower (7) COWSLIP {COWS}{L}{PI<=}
19 Jack gets on top of the grotto at sea with moderate pace (3,4) JOG TROT {J}{OG TROT}*
21 Om vigorously undertakes long experiments initially to find a reproductive cell (5) OVULE Acrostic
22 One might lay these to make an unfavourable bet (4) ODDS [CD]



  1. Thanks for the colourful blog Col., which means you were able to finish well in time. Though a less complicated puzzle, I was found wanting for a few annos.
    I had known about tennis elbow, but not housemaids's knee.
    Beef wellington was a nice compact & cryptic clue.

  2. Nice puzzle...a bit more challenging than yesterday's

  3. A couple of new words. Lovely puzzle. Thanks Athreyan

    1. The new words also include Athreyan! Initially, I got confused about the name of the Setter. Well anagrammed.

  4. Housemaid'so knee is the only ailment which the Jerome K Jerome character did not have. And he goes to the doctor to find out why he doesn't have it

    1. He has to become a housemaid to get it, obviously!

  5. neyartha adds in a few twists to make a simple dish interesting :)

  6. 7D Anno
    Elected = IN, which confiscates GUANO and DO (for note)

  7. At last, I am back here. Two days the ActCorp didn't work. Cablewire was cut. Missed all the fun.

  8. Welcome back. We also missed your comments.

  9. Good one form Neyartha. have heard about Duke Wellington but no beef ! One always learns ! Hope THE SICKULAR folks do no go after Neyartha , but he's not FEEBle one to be cowed down !