Monday, 19 September 2016

No 11804, Monday 19 Sep 2016, Afterdark

1   Husband's shirt returned; disagreement on saving (6) THRIFT {H}{T}<={RIFT}
4   Without exception, atom disintegrates on the surface of article (2,1,3) TO A MAN {ATOM}*{AN}
8   A learner needs company and support to get a branch of Maths (7) ALGEBRA {A}{L}{GE}{BRA}
9   Argue stubbornly against society's interest (7) STICKLE {S}{TICKLE}
11 Standbys deputed around emergency room are witnesses (10) BYSTANDERS {STANDBYS}* around {ER}
12 Bishop's conflict with temples (4) BROW {B}{ROW}
13 Take no notice of garment (5) SHRUG [DD]
14 Skirted class; laid in couch (8) BORDERED {B{ORDER}ED}
16 Veteran prevents death; army gets revenge (8) VENDETTA {V{END}ET}{TA}
18 Trainee acted abnormally (5) CADET*
20 Displayed technique; made momos in part (4) DEMO [T]
21 Technocrat designed a garment (6,4) TRENCH COAT*
23 Incentives to get on in vehicles (7) BONUSES {B{ON}USES}
24 Divine rule set after press release (7) PREDICT {PR}{EDICT}
25 Rates negotiated at last for fake (6) ERSATZ {RATES*}{Z}
26 Digressions in a party's second assurance (6) ASIDES {A}{SIDE}{aSs...e}

1   Infrequent stay, take everyone into account (5) TALLY {ALL} in {sTaY}
2   Drug smuggled by tenant? Come again! (2-5) RE-ENTER {RE-{E}NTER}
3   Torn apart in battle in 14 days (9) FORTNIGHT {F{TORN*}IGHT}
5   Promises to have cereal at high school (5) OATHS {OAT}{HS}
6   It’s hideous to mount horse on taxi (7) MACABRE {MA{CAB}RE}
7   Mathematical term for line redrawn around vessel, new term primarily (9) NILPOTENT {NIL{POT}E*}{New}{Term} Kishore would be delighted to see this
10 New members receive article on films (9) MEMBRANES {AN} in {MEMBERS}*
13 Shop visited by woman and daughter of dockworker (9) STEVEDORE {ST{EVE}{D}ORE}
15 Cadres are endlessly troubled to accommodate many schedules (9) RACECARDS {C} in {CADRES+ARe}*
17 First day, miscreants took devices from boat (7) DROGUES {Day}{ROGUES}
19 Understood performance is restricted by 'cash on delivery' (7) DECODED {DE{COD}ED}
21 Robbery reported in paper article earlier (5) THEFT {THE}<=>{FT}
22 It is atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (5) A?C?S (Addendum - ASCUS [E] See comments)



  1. 22AC seems to be acrostic and leads to ASCUS. Not known to me

    1. How do we ignore 'of' in the Acrostic

    2. Yes, I also wondered about it.

    3. Sorry sir for the typo.
      I am also aware of the presence of "OF".

    4. Probably AD could come forward and explain his thoughts on 22DN

    5. My thought was that the term by itself is an Acrostic. So wanted to leave it as it is, instead of giving an indicator. In a way it was an explanation unto itself

  2. I also filled in 'Ascus'. On verifying the dic. it talsk about some membranous structure.
    I was also happy to read about the mathematical term, but sad I could not get it.
    I have a doubt about 12A- Brow=temples? Does the brow relate to the temple on our forehead? Also singular/ plural mismatch?
    Otherwise smooth with a few enjoyable clues.

    1. I too had the same doubt. But when checked Chambers, it meant in plural form only

  3. Ascus: the membranous oval or tubular spore case of an ascomycete

  4. Sorry, when I removed the duplicate, Paddy's Comment that the def in the clue for the word is "not clear" got deleted.

  5. With the doubt on ascus still there another doubt which was also raised in Fifteen Squared for Guardian recently is of the last=Z in 25 A..

  6. 7D:Remembered from my twelth maths..was it in set theory or matrices..dont really recall that but was delighted to get it in first go..wp was quite clear

    1. Remembered my cousin's grandfather..T.K.R as he was fondly called...he was an avid crossword solver(used to solve the cw appearing in TOI now appearing in ET) & a mathematician as well..he had solved meticuluosly..chapterwise..exercise wise from Basu's Algebra & Loney's Trignometry..he lived to a ripe age of 96..on his last day he had solved the of the clues on that day was..They conquered six hundred hills(7)

    2. My God! Doing Maths & CW at the ripe old age of 96! May his soul rest in peace.

  7. Replies
    1. He he..but your word skill potency is 100%!!

  8. Thanks. I evaluate my word potency @ modest 50%

  9. Don't make me fall below 50% and fail.


  11. From the above website-

    ASCUS stands for Atypical Cells of Undetermined Significance. ASCUS is a Pap smear result classification that reports abnormal cervical cells and the cause is unknown.

    So, it is a std. medical acronym. So, no def.

    1. Though it is not exact reproduction of the acronym, I found on google the same as that given by AD.

  12. I missed out on ASCUS,in spite of being a medical man,though not a gynaecologist.

  13. How come everyone is silent over the IXL participation? Except myself.Vasant and KKR? Very lukewarm? How many participated from this blog and how many completed and how did they find it?

  14. Rather technical one from AD :)Ascus, nilpotent, algebra.. hmm but he also threw in trench coat ! and bonuses :) ha ha ha