Friday, 9 September 2016

No 11798, Friday 09 Sep 2016, Anon

Train from Kharagpur reached Kolkatta 45 mins late, this was followed by chaotic traffic from Howrah to the Airport (and we curse Bangalore!!!). Net result, we missed the Bangalore flight and were stuck at Kolkatta airport till 6 this morning @#$%%$#@&

1    Long distance runnersmothers also initially ran in a jumble  (11) MARATHONERS {MOTHERS+Also+RAN}*
9    Confused charlatans can leave during strikes  (7) HARTALS  cHaRLATAnS*
10  Creature returns to the plate (6) LAMINA <=
11  Budget not quite in proportion (5) RATIO RATIOn
12  Share drink without reason initially (7) PORTION {POTION} over {Re...n}
15  Sources choicest ham everyday from cook (4) CHEF Acrostic
16  Audience rebuilt a tent to shake a leg (10) ATTENDANCE {A+TENT}*{DANCE}
18  Former path of  worker was unwarranted  (10) EXORBITANT {EX}{ORBIT}{ANT}
20  Root found in sealed dock (4) EDDO [T]
23  Permit a cool head to emerge from 7 (7) CHARTER CHARacTER
24  Frolics at weird proms (5)  ROMPS*
26  Rob, run away from odd chef (6) FLEECE {FLEE}{ChEf}
27  Boys, at first, destitute, taken in by women  (7) LADDIES {De...e} in {LADIES}
28  Fabric pattern on canine’s canine (11) HOUNDSTOOTH {HOUNDS}{TOOTH}

2    A mother returns snout broken in half  by American parrot (6) AMAZON {A}{MA}{NOZzle <=}  
3    Start off descent from domed recess (4) APSE lAPSE
4    Bless leaderless adolescents on All  Saints’ eves  (10) HALLOWEENS {HALLOW}{tEENS}
5    Worm has name confused with toad, we  hear (8) NEMATODE {NAME}*{TODE}(~ toad)
6    Campaigned  with  hoodlum  in Myanmar  city  (7) RANGOON {RAN}{GOON}
7    To burn film star, we hear, is an  oddity (9) CHARACTER {CHAR}{ACTER}(~ actor)
8    Worm  hole  in  pen? (6) WRITHE {H} in {WRITE}
13  Hesitatorstrust reset extraordinarily (10) STUTTERERS*
14  Take  back  note  from  party  at Santos’s  limits (9) REPOSSESS {RE}{POSSE}{Sa..oS}
17  Confused  bear  to  crave return  to  Scottish  city  (8) ABERDEEN {BEAR}*}{NEED<=}
19  Shakespearean  character returns  to  nightmare’s origins  initially  (7) OTHELLO {TO<=}{HELL}{Or...s}
21  Act  on  primary  concern  (6) DOMAIN {DO}{MAIN}
22  Put that is put into bank account is  an  asset (6) CREDIT [DD]
25  Collection  of  objects partly lies  within Ohio boundaries (4) OLIO {LIes} in {OhiO}



  1. Quite an entertaining one. Thanks Anon!

    1. Welcome back KKR..hope you had a pleasant trip to Chennai

    2. Deepak, I appreciate and thank you for your untiring efforts in posting on time!

  2. Despite travelling early morning, we have the blog dot on time & that too with pictures..very colourful
    Thanks a lot sir

  3. Oh no Colonel! Despite a sleepless night, you managed to post the solutions. Hats off to you!

  4. Thanks Vasant. Yes, I had a great Suprabhatam darshan at Tirumala and good time with old friends in Chennai.

  5. I always wonder how Col. unfailingly comes out with the blog as the clock strikes 8.30 am. Amazing indeed!

  6. Hats off to Col.
    Military punctuality!

  7. I did not connect domain with concern in 21D. Also, I had taro in place of eddo for 20 A which did not help either.
    Thank you Anon for a nice start for the day.

  8. Thank you everyone. To top it all a Bangalore Bandh on touching down here. Had to ask an army colleague of mine to send a vehicle to pick us up from the airport

  9. Until I saw Col.'s link for Rangoon, I was under the impression that it is still the capital city.

  10. 20a Eddo is a corm (bulbous stem) and not root ...

  11. Yes, but it is always underground ( so can be called a root) and I have seen tiny shoots of roots sticking out from it. It is a fairly common vegetable used in TN. Colacasia is its botanical name (as given in the link)

    1. I grow it at home. Such roots are called adventitious roots and form on the corm.

  12. Here is a link to Colocasia where it is also described as a root.

    1. Here's the link to Eddo in the very same wiki! , where it is called a stem. We can probably give it the benefit of doubt, like the following terms deemed equivalent in crosswords, but not the same in the domains they are used : company=firm, ratio=proportion....

    2. Yes. Col. has also given the link. You are right, it is probably more generalised than correct Botany. I would also like to add cable and wire to the list.

  13. Enjoyed the puzzle.Quite enthusing & entertaining.7d& 23a nicely interwoven.18a Lovely; knotty clues.28a -bringing out two faces of canine.Thank you Anon sir.

  14. A little deviation. Came across a facebook post on the Cauvery dispute, a video in Tamil. It tellingly pointed that the Nile is being shared by three countries, Israel and Palestine are sharing one, and India itself shares waters with Pakistan and Bangladesh - all without much of a problem - while two Indian states have been fighting over the river for 114 years! Highly saddening.

  15. Deepak,
    Your passion and dedication comes through very clearly... Have not seen you miss this blog anytime in the last few years i've been following! Thank You.
    On today's puzzle, the surface read on most of the clues are so smooth... it's a talent that one can be so creative in defining such clues. On a similar note, is anyone aware of a forum where one can share and improve on setting cryptic clues? I'd certainly be interested. thanks.

    1. One across & cryptic crossword society in facebook

  16. Missed commenting on this.. all said above.. am rather unwell with an absolutely heinous tummy bug past couple of days .. and still in bad shape :(