Saturday, 10 September 2016

No 11799, Saturday 10 Sep 2016, Sunnet

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

1   Undergrad dusted beds outside to remove insects (6) DEBUGS {UG} in {BEDS}*
4   Injected article in food (8) BREATHED {BREA{THE}D}
10 Bend to cultivate dead tree (9) SNAKEWOOD {SNAKE}{WOO}{D}
11 Struggle without Greek fruit (5) APPLE grAPPLE
12 Stranger fiction is found in article (5) ALIEN {LIE} in {AN}
13 Choice of French insurer's credit notes (9) DELICIOUS {DE}{LIC}{IOUS}
14 Nearly sin by taking boy's ruby (7) CRIMSON {CRIMe}{SON}
16 Delay over a festival (4) GALA {LAG<=}{A}
19 Peak of Kung-Fu, Jiu-Jitsu (4) FUJI [T]
21 Hiding a murder by sonic vibrator (7) EARDRUM*
24 Serve as soldiers' gratuity (9) REPRESENT {RE}{PRESENT}
25 Eye on air flight component (5) STAIR (~ stare)
26 Encourage naked girl to go inside (5) NUDGE {NUD{G}E}
27 Income streams from girl's United India bonds (9) ANNUITIES {ANN}{UI}{TIES}
28 Perhaps means to dispose junk are sadly in ruins (4,4) YARD SALE*
29 Washer near the French capital (6) SHIMLA {SHIM}{LA}

1   Kill underworld's ruler with a small piece (8) DISPATCH {DIS}{PATCH}
2   Heavenly course provided I take coffee at first (8) BEATIFIC {BEAT}{IF}{I}{Co...e}
3   Jealous conservationist (5) GREEN [DD]
5   Warning signal from female held by violent criminal (3,4) RED FLAG {RED} {F}{LAG}
6   Look into deformed aural sac without blood vessels (9) AVASCULAR {V} in {AURAL+SAC}*
7   Syphon out supernatural being (6) HYPNOS*
8   Smart to bandage centre of the eye (6) DRESSY {DRESS}{eYe}
9   Successful in sending back record to hideout (6) GOLDEN {LOG<=}{DEN}
15 Maybe I left queer sizes of kitchen tools (9) SQUEEZERS {QUEER+SiZES}*
17 System's voice is masculine (8) ORGANISM {ORGAN}{IS}{M}
18 One to end up with brother's dessert (8) AMBROSIA {A}{M{BROS}IA<=|
20 Bad outside unsettled face of avalanche (7) ICEFALL {FACE}* in {ILL}
21 Stretch to take care of former wife initially (6) EXTEND {EX}{TEND}
22 Old woman's unclear direction for one (6) GRANNY GRA(-i+n)NNY
23 Wanderer's pride takes a fall (6) SPIDER {S}{PRIDE}*
25 Metal worker is quiet outside Cambridge University (5) SMITH {SH} outside {MIT}



  1. Didn't find crossword in the Hindu today! Can someone provide me the link?

    1. If you require I can send you the image over mail or whatsap

    2. Thanks Vasant, please send it to

    3. Vasant : Can you send me also a copy? DEven I have not seen the online publication. In a city like Bombay, the so- called largely circulated publication of THE HINDU, one cannot get a copy of today's issue !

    4. I feel I missed my diabetic daily dose!

    5. KKR:posted
      Raju:kindly give your email ID

    6. Sent two image as received from wa..the second clues posted in excel file..u can solve in excel itself as I do

  2. Now in my old Bombay but not any more as I knew it ! Mumbai is a dying city what with the choas, filth and squalor ! Some one called it a Maximum city' yeah right ! Maximum number of people to create more filth to be dubbed as SLUMBAI ! On my way to New York by Monday, for the next six months.. Managed to solve the last three days by Lightning and Anon. Enjoyed both immensely for their creative wordplay.

    Yet tpo see today, Saturday's puzzle.

    Deepak, Happy landing in Bangalore ! I marvel at your tenacity for city- hopping ! Hasn't the train service improved a tad? I find the tations at least well- maintained. Solved many ET crossies, dspite the jerks and jolts of the train's trundle ! Intend cooling here in Bombay till I board my flight as the AC in the train has kicked up an allergy with bouts of sneeze and sniffles .

    Looking forward to participate in the oncoming ICL. Never a dull moments for crossword fads.

  3. 25D- Is university at Cambridge the same as Cambridge University? Never connected MIT with this despite knowing.

    1. I did Col. I know that MIT is in Cambridge, a suburb of Boston. But my question was that it is not the same as 'Cambridge University' ( one thinks of Great Britain only when Cambridge is mentioned) What is meant is university at Cambridge. Call it setter's privilege.

    2. Cambridge university is like saying Hyderabad company, to mean a company based in Hyderabad

  4. No CW today.SOSed my sister in the image through wa..lovely themed pangramatic offering from Sunnet..

  5. Colourful crossie today, courtesy Vasant!
    10AC took time to crack, even though enough crossings were available.
    Thanks Sunnet

  6. Vasant: My email ID is:

    Thanks in advance, yaar !

  7. I did not know there were so many varieties of apples. Maybe because I am doctor!

  8. Reminds me to grab an apple :) Will be good i hope for this tummy..!

  9. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Dr Jaggu, different apples keep different doctors away - all those specialists.

  10. A crabapple would keep the crabby doctor away!