Friday, 2 September 2016

No 11793, Friday 02 Sep 2016, Arden

9   Hardly a straight line (7) HALYARD*
10 Married off to one who likes you (7) ADMIRER*
11 Gears cut over and over top spot (7) PINIONS {PIN{1ON}S} <=
12 Financial support almost complete, still sad (7) DOLEFUL {DOLE}{FULl}
13 “The fool will fault the shower”, said Spooner (9) LAMEBRAIN from {(-b)LAME}{(+b)BRAIN}
15 Nothing airy about the language (5) ORIYA {O}{AIRY}*
16 Waiting to start a game (7) SERVICE [DD]
19 Sin a sin involving a Rabbi (7) AVARICE {A}{V{A}{R}ICE}
20 Group for food — changing dimension at the top (5) BUNCH (-l+b)BUNCH
21 To cut a long story short, heart murmurs start here (9) EPICENTRE {EPIc}{CENTRE}
25 Not even three, and a boy's showing signs of disloyalty (7) TREASON {ThReE}{A}{SON}
26 Show struggle for breath, over time (7) PAGEANT {P{AGE}ANT}
28 When our man enters, get a foodie (7) GOURMET {OUR}{M} in {GET}
29 The girl is somewhat supple (7) LISSOME [T] Somewhat on double duty

1   Order copy left in a place of worship (6) CHAPEL {CH}{APE}{L}
2   Meeting in multiple numbers (6) PLENUM [T]
3   Writing in Chinese philosophy taking root (4) TARO {TA{R}O}
4   So sad, upset to go around English port (6) ODESSA {SO+SAD}* around {E}
5   Force me — bias is essentially for a flower (8) GARDENIA  {G}{ARDEN}{bIAs}
6   Aviatrix cut short talk to find a remedy (10) AMELIORATE {AMELIa}{ORATE}
7   Lift some of it if fragmented — it's on the wall (8) GRAFFITI [T<=]
8   Framework to interrogate on time (8) GRILLAGE {GRILL}{AGE}
14 Boy's very fit, bit carefree (10) BLITHESOME {B}{LITHE}{SOME}
16 Holy man accepts friar, no bishop will disrupt (8) SABOTAGE {S{ABbOT}AGE}
17 Second growing plant (6-2) RUNNER-UP {RUNNER}-{UP}
18 Picture from here to...perhaps endless (8) ETERNITY [DD]
22 Starts in most places, in the manner of a sprinter (6) IMPALA {In}{Most}{Pl...s}{ALA}
23 Piece of furniture made — pay to acquire log base (6) TEAPOY {E} in {PAY+TO}*
24 Value a point, think about time (6) ESTEEM {E}{S{T}EEM}
27 Essential to cover direction of wind (4) GUST {GU{S}T}



  1. Print edition was late. So had to do it on line, completing with a few red letters.
    How does 17D work? Runner is plant & growing is up.But how do they change places? In the clue growing comes first.

  2. Halyard has a nice surface :) Usage of log base in the furniture context for e is kinda clevva too :)thanks for parsing pinions.. had got it only partly.. runnerup is also rather nice ..:) Thanks arden..

  3. I had 11A Gears cut over and over top spot (7) PINIONS {PIN{1ON}S} <= as
    Gears=Def, Cut= SNIP, over=Rev ind, and over=C/C ind, top spot= No 1

    1. My view is also the same. I think Col also has intended the same by choosing a single <= indicator.

    2. Ramesh going by your logic this will become {PIN{NO1}S<=} as you have taken 'and over' as a C/C Ind where is the reversal indicator for NO1

    3. In our view, first over is snip and second over is top spot

    4. Then which is the containment indicator?

    5. Could it be this?
      {NIP<=}{NO1<=}S (CUT OVER = NIP<=, OVER TOP = NO1<=, SPOT = S)

  4. Nice puzzle. 13A spoonerism is correct?

    1. I see your point. In spoonerism, one may spell one letter instead of the other, that's what I feel. So, this could be rameblain and bamelrain (this is funny!)

    2. "In spoonerism, one may spell one letter instead of the other, that's what I feel". Could you elaborate please.
      By your contention, how would you explain the following Spoonerisms:
      You've tasted two worms You've wasted two terms
      A half-warmed fish a half-formed wish
      is the bean dizzy? is the Dean busy?

    3. Thanks Ranger for your point. I have given examples above of what I have felt like a spoonerism ie., error in speech, which we all humans experience when you speak in a hurry or when one is advancing in age.
      What the setters do actually is a deliberate wordplay.
      In my view, such erratic action happens with just one word which should be nearby.

    4. All said and done, everything depends on how one's tongue twists, defying my feelings!

  5. I am generally allergic to spoonerism clues, but I can say this- spoonerism is not just exchange of one or two letters but an exchange of syllables. The common examples given are:

    "Is it kisstomary to cuss the bride?" (as opposed to "customary to kiss")
    "The Lord is a shoving leopard." (instead of "a loving shepherd")

    I hope I have made my point clear.