Wednesday, 21 September 2016

No 11806, Wednesday 21 Sep 2016, The Phantom

8   Nothing new in scan about funny bone (6) SACRUM {SCAn}*{RUM}
9   Model of the mouth describes one's trap (8) ORIGINAL {1}{GIN} in {ORAL}
10 One present is lean wearing a casual shirt (8) ATTENDEE {A}{T{TEND}EE}
11 Worker cutting corners eager to succeed (6) MANAGE {MAN}{eAGEr}
12 Believe car doesn't have a reverse movement? (6) CREDIT {CaR}{TIDE<=}
13 Element from yellow container turned green without touching (8) NITROGEN {OR+TIN<=}{GreEN}
15 Engine is hot? Cool connecting rod (7) MACHINE {H}{IN} in {MACE}
17 Get expert to repair (7) PROCURE {PRO}{CURE}
20 Party's ally left out of strategy (8) CAMPAIGN {CAMP}{AlIGN}
22 Retiring media person to some extent compensated (6) REPAID [T<=]
23 Most healthy food I am backing is sausage (6) SALAMI {SALAd}{I'M<=}
25 Room's elevation altered by interchanging a line (8) LATITUDE (a<=>l)LATITUDE
26 Cleared grass around grasslands (8) RELEASED {RE{LEAS}ED}
27 Attractive woman bowled over gents at kerb (6) LOOKER {LOO}{KERbLOO for GENTS?

1   Generally bad breath etc. brought up microorganisms (8) BACTERIA {BAd}{AIR+ETC<=}
2   Finished public relations exercises for goodwill (10) FRIENDSHIP {FINISHED+PR}*
3   In the middle of a film, director butts in (6) AMIDST {A}{MI{D}ST}
4   Narcotic is off limits being regulated by law (7) CODEINE {bEINg} in {CODE}
5   Rake flirts with a married heroine (4,4) FILM STAR {FLIRTS+A+M}*
6   Oven left in care of relatives (4) KILN {KI{L}N}
7   Junction/intersection creating jam (6) TANGLE {T}{ANGLE}
14 Take over job (10) OCCUPATION [DD]
16 Blowing nose, is it loud in the extreme? (8) NOISIEST*
18 ... restriction lifted stalks animal (8) REINDEER {REIN}{REED<=}
19 Add one new cryptic down clue (7) INCLUDE {1}{N}{D+CLUE}*
21 Perhaps maiden in a daze is bewildered (6) AMAZED {A+M+DAZE*}
22 Judge conducting trial extremely upset (6) RATTLE {TriaL} in {RATE}
24 Energy potentially required in an unknown quantity to reach Everest? (4) APEX {A}{PE}{X}



  1. +1 for 27AC.
    Loo, in general, is loo for gents or females.
    Probably, the intention is GENTS'

    1. Attractive woman had John at kerb bowled over (6)

    2. Seems better Col..more plausible surface

    3. I did consider the clue the way Col put, but had a couple of issues:1) John was a giveaway and 2) "had" was extraneous. Attempt always is to use minimum of unwanted connectors.
      I don't see anything less plausible in the published clue.

      2. Bathroom

      'Can' is slang for toilet and matches other terms that mean the same - loo, gents, John, lav, to name a few popular ones.

    4. Does that mean we can use Ladies, Men, Women, She, He, Hers, His, Rani, Raja and so on also for LOO?

    5. Gents and ladies are certainly ised to represent loo. You will find this meaning in Chambers and other dictionaries.

    6. Thanks Suresh, I stand corrected then, I never knew that it was there in Chambers. Apologies to The Phantom

  2. Lovely puzzle from Mr. Walker
    Superb wp..imaginative cluing...thoroughly loved it
    Loved 25 A the most

  3. Generally while filling in the solution one parses the clue in the mind & moves on..but today after getting the solutions I wrote the annos down as there I had lots of doubts on the annos...this helped cleared the doubtful ones like Machine..campaign..nitrogen

    1. Yes, Vasant
      Many a time, this happened to me. I get the solution and then look around for justifying anno.

    2. Whichever way it is, one solves , one settles score with the setter . He thinks forward, you think backward. The battle is won. he feels vanquished , you feel victorious. Parsing is to tsme the bucking horse !

  4. 14DN Occupation is takeover and take over? In 21Dn, perhaps should be near 'daze', right? Why does generally remove last letter in 1D?

    1. 14D - Take over is correct
      21D - Not necessarily in this case
      1D - Generally = For the most part

    2. I think with that IN, perhaps should be after daze

    3. Thank you. I think take over is occupy and not occupation....

    4. I do think Esha has a point and that taking over is correct.

      21 Perhaps maiden in a daze is bewildered (6) AMAZED {A+M+DAZE*}
      Perhaps, M in A DAZE = perhaps (anagrind) A (M)DAZE = AMAZED*

    5. Take over can also be a noun to mean occupation.

      I have recently completed the take over of my completed apartment in Bangalore.

  5. I do remember that it took me rather a while to finish this one.. some clues remained elusive.. usually Phantom's xwords i could parse.. but this one hmmm.. looker, sacrum (new word) .. friendship was rather deceptive :)