Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 11 Sep 2016

1   Minutes consumed by change to the rear part of engine (8) CAMSHAFT {CA{M}SH}{AFT}
5   Father with problems making additions (6) FRILLS {FR}{ILLS}
9   Melancholy? Fantastic news lifts us (11) WISTFULNESS*
11 Number in catch returned (3) TEN <=
12 Note by doctor about fat (4) LARD {LA}{DR<=}
13 One in trouble is ordered to get garment for work (6,4) BOILER SUIT {1} in {TROUBLE+IS}*
15 Standard form filled with nonsense automatically (6-7) PARROT-FASHION {PAR}{ROT}-{FASHION}
18 Distinguish fat-free diet in broadcast (13) DIFFERENTIATE*
20 Poor clerk is bad one returning to sinful ways (10) BACKSLIDER*
21 Revolution bites back (4) SPIN <=
24 Bird in line following duck west (3) OWL {O}{W}{L}
25 An explanation about a vote concerning Germanic people (5-6) ANGLO-SAXONS {AN}{GLO-S{A}{X}{ON}S}
26 Device wrongly tagged (6) GADGET*
27 Wounded from time with resistance in revolt (8) STRICKEN {S{T}{R}ICKEN}

1   Bully declines flowers (8) COWSLIPS {COW}{SLIPS}
2   Some caviare simply upset skinflint (5) MISER [T<=]
3   Temper hot before strike, not cold (4) HUFF {H}{cUFF}
4   Cutting down, accepting small payment, getting sympathy (6,7) FELLOW FEELING {FEL{LOW} {FEE}LING}
6   Bonds with tutor during periods of relaxation (10) RESTRAINTS {TRAIN} in {RESTS}
7   Heartless person, one disrupting settled area in country (9) LITHUANIA {LIT}{HUmA{I}N}{A}
8   Fool imprisoned by state for reason (6) SANITY {NIT} in {SAY}
10 Place in Cheshire magazine's story occupied by me (9,4) ELLESMERE PORT {ELLE'S}{ME}{RE PORT}
14 Seize facts I once distorted (10) CONFISCATE*
16 Upset about inspector and copper being mocked (9) RIDICULED {DI}{CU} in {RILED}
17 Poet in New York amid anxiety missing one (8) TENNYSON {NY} in {TENSiON} Remember trying to mug-up his 'Charge of the Light Brigade' in school.
19 Old online journal assuming new shape (6) OBLONG {O}{BLO{N}G}
22 Put down cheap wine (5) PLONK [DD]
23 Part of Indonesia vital to global industry (4) BALI [T]



  1. Sorry about the late publication. By mistake I scheduled the post for 10:30. Thanks to Ramesh for bringing it to my notice

  2. All the best to everyone for the IXL.
    Remember there will be no specials till the end of the online rounds

    1. Here we go! All the best to all participants. May the winner be from THCC family.

    2. Why? I don't agree. May the best solver win - from wherever he or she is.

    3. All best to the participants.

    4. Pardon my partiality to THCC. I just wanted the best solver to be amongst us.

  3. 25A- concerning is for 'on' and not part of the def.

  4. Half a league, half a league,
    Half a league onward,
    All in the valley of death
    Rode the six hundred.
    Cannon to right of them,
    Cannon to left of them,
    Cannon in front of them
    Volley'd and thunder'd.
    Theirs not to make reply,
    Theirs not to reason why,
    Theirs but to do and die
    ---These are the only lines I still remember. This was one of the poems read out by Father to me and my siblings in Begumpet in the late Fifties.

  5. Has the puzzle been put up?I cannot access

    1. This being the first weekly puzzle, it will be available at 12.30

  6. Not able to log in. What is the time for it to be up today?

  7. It was 12:30. Another 10 minutes or so it will get launched

  8. I am still not able to get it with the user name and password sent to me by e mail. Has anyone been able to get it yet?

    1. Sorry to know about your difficulty. I think all of us have completed this formality on the day of announcement itself. So, I was able to log in and solve and post it.
      I hope you will be able to do it soonest. Best of luck!

    2. Yes, I think around 1 PM.

      Spent a long tome on clue 1 ac thinking it was wrong as the fodder letters did not add up to 15, not realizing it is a 13 X 13 grid.

    3. I registered today and the password was texted to me. Didn't receive e mail confmn

    4. Oh, I didn't notice this grid variance.

    5. It is always 13x13 grid in IXL

    6. I am so engrossed in solving it. Never had time to appreciate the niceties. Ha ha!!

    7. At last I got it. Just put IXL and not the crossword part, trying to enter the right password at the wrong place! Needless delay.
      Never thought about 15 letter grid- probably last year's CW in mind.

    8. We can start afresh next Sunday, Paddy!