Saturday, 2 June 2018

No 12333, Saturday 02 June 2018, xChequer

Thanks to Col. for anno of 4D,5D & 21D


7. Democrat becoming Republican, becoming contemporary (6) RECENT {(-d+R)ECENT}
8. The Listener's end? Published last in '91 back then (5,3) OUTER EAR {OUT}{ninetyonE}{R EAR}
9. Apartment getting very loud brought over street cop (8) FLATFOOT {FLAT}{{TOO}{F}<=}
10. Year old mongrel sick of hunting cry (6) YOICKS }Y}{O}{SICK*}
11. Recognize braying, banded one? (5) ZEBRA (T) Banded on double duty?
12. Rice dish in revolting sauce, fling latter half away (6) PILAFF {LIP<=}{AFFair}
14. Love-all, else a new set? Doesn't get mixed up at all (6,4,5) LEAVES WELL ALONE {LOVE ALL ELSE A NEW*}
17. Past your vices and the others getting irritable? (6) TETCHY {T{ETC}HY}
18. Nothing said about hugging, a kiss in order, maybe (5)  TAXON {~NOUGHT<=} about {A}{X}
22. Scanty extra-small clothes? Quite the opposite (6) SPARSE {SPAR{S}E}
23. Midday working breaks not a redundant concept (8) NOONTIDE {NO{ON}T}{IDEa}
24. Conservative to the core, but rule bent to save energy (4-4) TRUE-BLUE {BUT RULE*} around {E}
25. Booms in conclusion (6) UPSHOT (DD) {{UPS}{HOT} See comments


1. See a belly dance and look agog (2,3,4)  BE ALL EYES {SEE A BELLY*}
2. Judge always jails good man, making a fool of the court (6) JESTER {J}{E'{ST}ER}
3. Ante's raised over nothing but a hunch (5) STOOP {POT'S<=} around {O}
4. Canvas from yard sale picked up to hang around in the van (8) STAYSAIL {STAY}{~SALE}
5. Bounteous Buddha's hand for one, primarily one forsaking evil (8) FRUITFUL {FRUIT}{FoUL}
6. Stretched in frame, blank your minds (5) LANKY (T)
8. Hard to succeed in a poor prospect like this? (7,6) OUTSIDE CHANCE (CD) {H TO SUCCEED IN A *} &lit See comments
13. Woo lady without guts, hand shaking in confusion (3,3,3) ANY OLD HOW {WOO LadY HAND *}
15. Very uplifting to sign for fans (8) VOTARIES {V}{TO<=}{ARIES}
16. The Reverend's satisfied, symbolically approves typically Indian thalis (3,5) SET MEALS {(-m+S)ET  (-s+M)EALS}
19. State conclusion to court during a trial (6) ATTEST {A{T{courT}EST}
20. Upcoming artist in studio, potentially isolated (5) APART {AP{RA<=}T}
21. Question piggy banks having lid (5) TOQUE {TO{QU}E} Piggy is child's word for Toe

Reference List
Democrat=D, Republican=R, Very=Too, Loud=F, Year=Y, Old=O, Kiss=X, Small=S, Working=On, Energy=E
Judge=J, Good man=St, Nothing=O, Hard=H, Very=V, Artist=RA, Question=Qu

Colour/Font Scheme

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Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 52

Thus by a strange turn of events Uncle Sam LEAVES WELL ALONE the school. Even an OUTSIDE CHANCE of the school getting into trouble was now absent.

Those who were allowed in would BE ALL EYES as the programs progressed. 

The crowd was always SPARSE. A LANKY TRUE BLUE JESTER with a strange name of Long John Silver was taken in to provide some additional entertainment. But his main duty was to STOOP and collect the money. And there would be no TAX ON that collection!!

Soon the VOTARIES grew and so did the money - some in the current account and quite a lot in the coffers!!

What happened next?


  1. 11AC I took banded as STRIPED, the feature of zebra

    1. Even then Banded is on double duty

    2. &lit? "Braying and banded one" defining the animal (ass).

    3. Semi &lit. But still banded will be on double duty

  2. 20DN APT is apartment=studio apartment
    Is this the interpretation?

  3. 8. Hard to succeed in a poor prospect like this? (7,6)
    I think it is a semi &lit (H+TOSUCCEEDINA)*, with poor as anagrind

  4. 6d lanky is one whose whole frame is stretched awkwardly, right? Not in the usual meaning of extended limb. I think the def is "stretched in frame"

    1. I considered in frame is telescopic indicator

    2. Nice. That explains the presence of minds as well

  5. Nice Drawing CGB Sir. Long John👌👌

  6. Thanks for the explanations. This is the first time I've looked online for the answer to a clue. xChequer is a frustrating setter: his/her clues are often clumsy... Amita B

    1. Frustrating, agreed, but not clumsy. What exactly do you mean by clumsy?

    2. Too wordy, needlessly convoluted.

    3. I think you've got it all wrong. There is not a single extra word in any of the clues. Convolution has to be there to a certain extent or else how does one make things cryptic? One needs to exercise ones grey matter to unravel cryptic clues. Mind you I am not saying this is easy as I find xChequer's CW's the toughest to solve and I find him to be at par with with most British setters

    4. Mr Gopinath, I disagree. I've been solving cryptic crosswords for 30-plus years, Indian and British, and there's an elegance and, at their finest, even wit to the best puzzles. This setter is clumsy. "Toughness" achieved by tortuous contortions is the easy option in crossword-setting. But never mind, getting annoyed with the setter is a part of the pleasure of daily crosswords! Thanks again.

  7. 2D always=EVER
    The deletion of 'V'is not indicated in the clue;is it not?

    1. "Always" to be interpreted as "E'ER" (the poetic form of EVER) in this clue