Wednesday, 13 June 2018

No 12342, Wednesday 13 Jun 2018, Sunnet

1   Provides for some expensive jokes (6) EQUIPS {Ex...e}{QUIPS}
4   Murders girl, for a shoe, with a blade (3,5) ICE SKATE {ICES}{KATE}
10 Rick helps altering a legal position (9) CLERKSHIP*
11 Cut open network near church (5) LANCE {LAN}{CE}
12 Summer snake? (5) ADDER [DD]
13 Tailors quartermaster's ensemble (9) SEAMSTERS {SE}{MASTERS*}
14 Typical labour classes brought to the forefront (7) GENERAL {L}<=>{GENERA}
16 Possibly akin to a chief (4) NAIK*
19 Moves quickly to get fasteners (4) ZIPS [DD]
21 Pass over elevation of officer (7) COLONEL {COL}{ON}{EL}
24 Easily managed piece of land by expert (9) TRACTABLE {TRACT}{ABLE}
25 Heavy beer (5) STOUT [DD]
26 Vital for eighteen year old in India (5) MAJOR [DD]
27 Escape from hell's surface (9) DISAPPEAR {DIS}{APPEAR}
28 Horsemen after good man with quick steppers (8) STRIDERS {ST}{RIDERS}
29 Point to awfully nervy dragon (6) WYVERN {W}{NERVY*}

1   Trade old coins (8) EXCHANGE {EX}{CHANGE}
2   Round-the-clock firm lacks breadth (8) UNENDING UNbENDING
3   Push rook in game (5) POKER {POKE}{R}
5   Culminate with Brown capturing one chief (7) CAPTAIN {CAP}{TA{1}N}
6   Shop assistant: Miss Liner's drinking beer in the front (9) SALESGIRL {S{ALE}S}{GIRL}
7   Breathing problem of former tipplers ingesting open cocktail (6) APNOEA {A{OPEN*}A}
8   Lady's house has a duck? Very much (4,2) EVER SO {EVE}{RS}{O}
Con Greek character on short trade (6) CHISEL {CHI}{SELl}
15 Celebrated editor supports Italy getting into list (9) ROISTERED {RO{I}STER}{ED}
17 A charity's charter — smuggling out a Bantu tribal (8) ANGOLESE {A}{NGO}{LEaSE}
18 This can decrease apartment's steel input (8) FLATIRON {FLAT}{IRON}
20 Buds are squashed by JCO (7) SUBEDAR*
21 Line of credit to slow down (6) CREASE {CR}{EASE}
22 Confuses ends (6) STUMPS [DD]
23 Preserve container using hot water and rock (6) JAMJAR {JAM}{JAR}
25 Poesy composed by soldier (5) SEPOY*

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 61

The SALESGIRL in the counter sat attending to the UNENDING queue of people wanting to buy chips to play POKER. (Another money spinner).

Having received instructions LIEUTENANT GENERAL Samuel sat (not actually) watching Lily dance.

He did notice three men disappear behind one of the doors. He was aware that besides SS one was CAPTAIN Robert (Earl) and the other to be  COLONEL Ahmed (Emir) recruited for secret work by the ANGOLESE underworld.

In the car park outside LANCE NAIK (Retd.) Kamalakannan sat in readiness in a jeep to ZIP Soon.

He had worked in several countries and earned the sobriquet ULAGA NAIKAN!!

What happened next?


  1. Replies
    1. There is no such thing as soldiers day to the best of my knowledge. We do have Flag Day which is on 07 Dec and Army day on 15 Jan

  2. Picture relates to 18DN instead of 17DN, right?

  3. Lovely, themed, pangramatic puzzle.

  4. One can depend on Sunnet. Had an enjoyable morning.Thank you.

  5. An enjoyable grid. Won't say it was an easy walk in the park! Thanks Sunnet. :)

  6. I enjoyed this too! Only one query: In 27a, I got the word DISAPPEAR ("escape") but couldn't find the connection between DIS and "hell's". I see that "surface" is APPEAR. Please explain! Thank you.

  7. Chambers gives 'Dis' as a synonym for hell.

    1. dante's divine comedy, city of dis is hell from sixth to ninth levels.

  8. If you look up dis in a good dictionary, it will say
    1. Also called: Orcus, Pluto
    the Roman god of the underworld
    the abode of the dead; underworld

  9. Sunnet is a setter after my heart ! Nice , clean , no frills attached ( I mean +s and _s )

    Heard of Angolan and never as Angolese ! I liked the jugalbhandhi word JAMJAR- preserve =Jam= hot water+ Jar= container = rock. the dancing beauty of cryptic clues ! very imaginatively clued . thanks , Sunnet.

    1. my mind also goes into toss with such definitions: ANGOLESE. bantu people are spread across central africa. there are many tribes in angola and they dont speak bantu. its an "bantu and angola" intersection and more specifically country based. the clue is language based.