Thursday, 21 June 2018

No 12349, Thursday 21 Jun 2018, Gridman

1   Attractive medical department gets final touch (8) ENTICING {ENT}{ICING}
6   Con's feeling of guilt is endless (4) SHAM SHAMe
9   Almost amusing, silly spirit (6) ANIMUS AMUSINg*
10 Suffer, without a bit of relief, transport nightmare (7) INCUBUS {INCUr}{BUS}
13 On poetry lady is hollow and in an opposite direction (9) REVERSELY {RE}{VERSE}{LadY}
14 Cruel disbursal of riches (5) LUCRE*
15 Area of London is very nearly sexy (4) SOHO {SO HOt}
16 Relatives make rough playtimes around female (10) STEPFAMILY {PLAYTIMES}* aroind {F}
19 Fusspots are not idle with corpses (10) BUSYBODIES {BUSY}{BODIES}
21 Rounds of smoked ham (limited) (4) AMMO gAMMOn
24 Peculiar urge to carry old cosmetic (5) ROUGE {R{O}UGE*}
25 One who objects to poor turnout without official's cap by examiner (9) PROTESTER {POoR*}{TESTER}
26 Funny edict: each to have summer quencher (4,3) ICED TEA {EDICT}*{EA}
27 Queen jumps around one like horse (6) EQUINE {EQU{1}NE*}
28 Learning method reportedly put down (4) ROTE (~wrote)
29 Food for team performing at formal dance (8) MEATBALL {TEAM*}{BALL}

2   In heaven, putting out a recollection of old city (7) NINEVEH {IN+HEaVEN}*
3   Shut up man after man with upstart in anger (6) IMMURE {I{M}{M}{Up}RE}
4   One new court vacated in haste is examined officially (9) INSPECTED {1}{N}{SPE{CourT}ED}
5   Char leaves head of dabha for good with merriment (5) GAILY (-d+g)GAILY
7   Greetings about footloose composer leaving barbecue (7) HIBACHI {HI}{BACH}{HI} Why footloose? Was it because he had 20 children? (Addendum - {HI}{BACh}{HI} - See comments)
8   These secret journeys may result in routs (7,5) MYSTERY TOURS {ROUTS}* [RA]
11 Arrest a band? (6) COLLAR [DD]
12 Middle-of-the-road safety device (5,7) CRASH BARRIER [CD]
17 Phone name involved in remarkable events (9) PHENOMENA*
18 A boy told to go away (6) ABSENT {A}{B}{SENT}
20 He is in a class but not by himself alone (7) STUDENT [CD]
22 M and Latina are descriptive of the morning (7) MATINAL {M+LATINA}*
23 Dull man, stupid bum (6) BENUMB {BEN}{BUM*}
25 Son overwhelmed by trophy for sacred poem (5) PSALM {P{S}ALM}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 68

As much as Masefield told us what Quinquireme of NINEVAH brought from distant Ophir, I shall tell you what Clement brought from distant SOHO.  Gifts for Rita!  AMMO! Rita the bombshell!! The two were often in compromising positions which none found out. Linda had an inkling of what was going on but for the time being seemed to be content learning PSALMS by ROTE.

A Punjabi friend of hers had consoled her. "Zara Sambhalna. Haan Bade Dokhe Hein..." Take care. Yes, they are betrayers.."

In order to attract the crowds gravitating towards Gemini, Clement had taken some steps. He had recruited another dancer who  had danced at the Moulin ROUGE. She soon became a PHENOMENA. He instructed the two to dance GAILY. The steps and gestures ought to be ENTICING. And he arranged for MATINAL shows when the dancers in Gemini were busy teaching the STUDENTS!!

Controlling the crowds became an INCUBUS and he outsourced the task to a professional team.

As the bouncer he could at best prevent one PROTESTOR by holding the COLLAR. But not many! And as a Millionaire owner he did not want to do the job of a lowly bouncer.

What happened next?


1. Babuji Dheere Chalna is a song sung by Geeta Dutt. (Film: AAR PAAR ) Music: O.P. Nayyar
The tune is lifted from "Quizas, Quizas, Quizas" sung by Gaby Moreno.
2. You may like to hear the sax cover: "Quizas, quizas" Fer Moreno Corte Sax.


  1. 7dn: in between two HIs, the composer has to drop H, being footloose

    1. Thanks KKR, I overlooked one H

    2. Leaving becomes redundant?
      Footloose being deletion indicator for last letter of Bach.

    3. By appearance, it is so. We just look at it for surface reading

    4. Thanks Sir. That makes sense.

  2. 18DN to go=SENT? Something missing about HP.
    SENT has HPs as cent;scent.
    How do we take TOLD in the clue?

  3. CGB, it is amazing to see the trivia...Shocking to note that the popular old tunes were shamelessly copied from international songs.
    It proves piracy is long-living!

    1. "Inspiration" is the oft used word for these instances; though I think O.P.Nayyar was an original composer.
      Some "inspirations" are though not so obvious. e.g. the song "Sagar kinare..dil ye pukare" from the film " Sagar", a 1980s movie, music composed by R.D. Burman sounds very similar to the song "Rehe na rehe hum..mehja karenge.." from the film Mamta of 1960s, music composed by Roshan.
      Perhaps these are genuine inspirations and not merely lifts.

    2. The other day Richard whats apped me three songs based on the raag Malkauns..melodious and soulful..these are all time classics with little similarity other than the raag on which they were based...o sajnaa, barkha bahar aayi...Naino mein badra chaiye...Isharo Isharo mein...(Music composers respectively being Salil Chaudhary, Madan Mohan and O

    3. Fav type anthyakshari in 1986-90 period for our +2 gang was such songs. Too many for comfort. Adding local Telugu/Tamil songs made the round last at least an hour.

    4. Some are inspired (true composers) and others are blatant copy-cats say like Anu Malik (music arrangers?). On the subject of inspiration here is one research video a music-buff should listen to: Youtube and type: Rare Balasaraswati song (Malligaipoo).wmv

    5. Although true about Anu Malik, he also composed some original music(Sohni Mahiwal for one)

  4. KKR,

    Belated Wishes for a Happy Birthday & many Happy Returns of the day. Saw it late last night.

  5. CGB,
    He should have put a Crash barrier to control the crowds!

    1. Ha ha!

      I would like to know how many accidents were caused by the crash barriers!

    2. Crash barriers were not used since it would prevent the dancer/s during the Blues number occasionally walking down and stroking a gent or two!!

  6. Hmm, today's was quite straightforward, but I didn't like 19a. Fusspots aren't busybodies.

    1. Amita,
      Please see the below link:

      It gives fussbudget [which is also fusspot]

    2. That debate again (sufficient but not necessary). Fusspot is sub-set of busybody (a nit-pickerfusspot is a meddler irrespective of that meddling is a result of being perfectionist, idealist, and with locus standi.) The reverse usage (using busybody to indicate fusspot) is not done, IMHO.

    3. is certainly not the standard of reference.

  7. But a busybody may be a fusspot.
    But Chambers (that I have) does not give it as a synonym (either way)

  8. Did the puzzle late in the morning. Enjoyable and smooth flowing with just the right amount of difficulty..e.g. Hibachi, Nineveh. The RA at 8D was nicely executed and the CD of 12D very much gettable.
    Thanks Gridman.

  9. Re:Trivia. Never knew this about this song..great bit of trivia!

  10. 21A,7D,23D not clear at all for average solvers like me. Today, Gridman is not his usual self!

    1. 21A - Smoked Ham is GAMMON. Limited means remove the ends so we get AMMO which is rounds (Ammunition)
      7D - The annotation given in the mai post is quite clear. What exactly is your doubt?
      23D - Man = BEN stupid (Anagram indicator) bum = {UMB*} Dull = {BEN}{BUM*}

  11. Thank you Mr.Deepak Gopinath for the explanation.
    In 7D taking two HI's around Bach and choosing to cut the letter h rather than b would have been too much for me. Anyway, nice lessons to learn from experts!