Saturday, 30 June 2018

No 12357, Saturday 30 Jun 2018, Anon


1. Tool to fasten last cylinder in frogman (11) SCREWDRIVER {SCREW}{D{cylindeR}IVER|
9. At home, British author loses Intellectual Property, has suspicion (7) INKLING {IN}{KipLING}
10. Regular trio’s torso is strong (6) ROBUST {tRiO}{BUST}
11. Stick to faculty (5) STAFF (DD)
12. A pillow collection at great hall of Persian palace (7) APADANA {A}{PAD}{ANA}

15. Reckless driver finally remains (4) RASH {driveR}{ASH}
16. Anger at second bridesmaid replacing first groomsman at betrothal (10) ENRAGEMENT {EN(-g+R)AGAMENT
18. Southpaw to lend father in trouble (4-6) LEFT-HANDER {LEND+FATHER*}
20. Flipper new for European (4) FINN {FIN}{N}
23. Reduce blunt pain (7) CURTAIL {CURT}{AIL}
24. Late art confuses bit player (5) EXTRA {EX}{ART*}
26. Skilful at capturing robot? Not quite! (6) ADROIT {A{DROId}T}
27. Worshipped communist outwardly, incessantly (7) REVERED {R{EVER}ED}
28. New celebrities admit to beginning with a clean slate (5,6) FRESH STARTS {FRESH}{STAR{To}S} Defn leads to Fresh start not Fresh starts?


2. Cook houses one of the rulers (6) CHIEFS {CH{I}EFS}
3. Therefore, unit of energy is nothing (4) ERGO {ERG}{O}
4. He goes from 20 to 1 or around the world? (4,6) DART PLAYER (CD?)
5. One man retired, planted (8) IMBEDDED {I}{M}{BEDDED}
6. Soul of German city at edges of campsite (7) ESSENCE {ESSEN}{CampsitE}
7. Folk singers, can be slim, stern (9) MINSTRELS {SLIM+STERN*}
8. Injure snakes with Scottish daggers (6) SKEANS {SNAKES*}

13. State's weird careerist lets go of Right Reverend, admits sister (10) ENUNCIATES {CArEErIST*} around {NUN}
14. Dad’s rants about principles (9) STANDARDS {DADS+RANTS*}
17. Acquire external second shoe for walks in living areas (8) GHETTOES {G{sHoe}ET}{TOES}
19. Originator to go to the bottom (7) FOUNDER (DD)
21. Buries at jail, almost, saves leader (6) INTERS {INTERn}{Saves}
22. South African monkey replaced right with left fabric (6) VELVET {VE(-r+L)VET}
25. Starts antagonising rowdy elements around neighbourhood (4) AREA  (Acrostic)

Reference List
At home=In, Intellectual property=IP, New=N, Late=Ex, Communist=Red
One=I, Unit of energy=Erg, Nothing=O, Man=M, Right Reverend=RR, Sister=Nun, Right=R, Left=L

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Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 76*

After the renovation Shangri-la's dance hall had the look of a mini APADANA.

FOUNDER Clement was indeed pleased. His highest STANDARDS had been met! 

He did not CURTAIL any expense. Even the curtailed dresses were the most expensive.

The ADROIT pole dancer was VICTORIA. And where she got that VELVET lingerie was a secret. It was "Victoria's secret".  And so were the other dresses the dancers barely wore.

EXTRA STAFF was taken in. A FINN who went by the name of Julius was the new bouncer. True to his name he was ceaselessly behind trouble makers, And Victoria.  He wished to sieze her too.

All this earned the ENRAGEMENT of the politician who got an INKLING of what was happening. He was itching to grab the assets of Shangri-la after getting his commission on the FDI deals.

But the poor fellow was not aware  that he would be taken for a ride by New Delhi!

What happened next?

* Please note that story for crossword # 12355 is Part 74 and for crossword #12356 it is Part 75.


  1. 2D: Wordplay leads to CHIEF and not CHIEFS? (same issue as 28A)

    1. Not happy with 13DN too. The apostrophe is required?

    2. +1 for 2D & 13D. For 13D apostrophe is intrusive..but without it the tense would require change.

    3. The apostrophe confused me too.

  2. 20 to 1 and Around the World are variants in the game of Darts, so CD is correct

    1. Thanks Col - didn't know this

    2. Something new for me also.

    3. Yes, Col. But what is the other part referring to-"or around the world?"

    4. See the link below

    5. Thanks Col. So many variants including cricket? I am bowled!

  3. Dear Anon
    I don't know how to thank you
    I got all correct within 90 minutes of striving.

  4. I don't see any problem in 28A.
    Celebrities= stars, admitting T.

    1. The problem is with the def. Paddy.

    2. Got it. Thank you KKR. I was so keen on wp that I missed the def.!
      I tried to justify like Prasad, but failed.

  5. Enjoyable CW and fairly straight, except for Apadana.
    Where do we get 'ana' from?

  6. APADANA : Didye-all heave a sigh sayoing, Apada ! Na? after getting this ? Truly worldwide style , introducing words from other places ! One can never find such clues in the English papers crosswords !

    17 down: GHETTOES-- if one pussyfooted to look for slippers used in the living rooms, one will certainly trip and fall ! Wonder full word play. ANON's deltion and addition clues are not annoying as they involve only a single letter replacement.

    DART PLAYER : Very unusual game found in bars. I remembered that in one of Mombasa's Club where inebriated players used to hit the bull's eye ! How could they, having got cock-eyed after several whiskies ! I always wondered . Using one eye, that too, the other being aquinted to aim !

  7. +1 Appadeena you say they darted to the board aftet their draughts? Darn good!


    In the story what one is curious to know is about the mystery enveloping the cover or covering the envelope.

    Where did it begin?

    Yes, we know that in Nairobi Maj. Gen. Jackson, Col. Sam and Lt. Gombu prepared a list (in duplicate) and distributed it to two. We are not aware of the contents of that list. Nor we know who the two are. Who is the other?(12320)

    Gombu takes out a sealed envelope from an Iron locker and hands it over to SS for safe keeping. Question: Is Gombu one of the two above? (12302) (But once it is in his hands he is being followed by various different persons from whom he escapes.)

    Gombu had made out a list (written in short hand and kept it in a sealed cover.) Question: Is it a copy of the original list which he has made out? (12305)

    SS receives a message from US Government to handover the envelope to a person in DCC. (Sunday special 13.5.18)

    Cover opened in DCC is cryptic. (not in shorthand), Is this the envelope prepared in Nairobi?? (12321)

    A team of seven is formed to be given secret missions. Uncle Sam is one of the seven. Question: Is Kayal another member in
    this team of seven? It seems so. (12330)

    Uncle Sam does not wish to be seen along with Kayal. Why? (12331)

    An Earl and an Emir arrive in Shangri-la to get the cover from SS (12340) He gives it to them with a promise of being paid for the same. (12341)

    Uncle Sam (Lt. Gen. Samuel) is instructed to watch them. (12342) Question: Is Lt. Gen. Samuel aka Sam the same Col. Sam seen years back in Nairobi? (12342)

    The cover taken by the two. Question: Is it one of the original two? SS had already handed over one cover in DCC. Question: From where did the present envelope surface?? (12343)

    There is a mention in Kremlin about one Smith. Question: Is it SS? (12312)

    Thus we have many nagging questions in our minds. We not only have a lot more to see but lot more to learn about too.
    Let us wait with bated breath!!

    Have a nice weekend.

    1. +2. Great work. You are a mystery writer worthy of a name. Maybe we should give you a pen name!

  9. Quarterly summing up- qr. ending 39th June.