Tuesday, 19 June 2018

No 12347, Tuesday 19 Jun 2018, Gridman

The law has caught up with some...

1   Journalist, back in show, gives proof (8) EVIDENCE {EVI{ED<=}NCE}
5   Killing instrument returned to earl, oddly (6) MURDER {DRUM<=}{EaRl}
9   Nearly block card approaching stealthily (8) STALKING {STALl}{KING}
10 Prodding no brother seeking alms (6) EGGING bEGGING
12 Got caught by big wave, reportedly (4) TIED (~tide)
13 Disclosures from a dead project beginning to stun (10) ADMISSIONS {A}{D}{MISSION}{Stun}
15 Helping marauder's activity without resistance (6) AIDING rAIDING
17 Sir, for example, gets bird, evenly blue (5) TITLE {TIT}{bLuE}
20 Dodgy dealer's crime: loft’s contents removed (5) FENCE ofFENCE
21 In favour of German lawbreaker (6) FORGER {FOR}{GER}
24 One temple's dedicated to romantic runaways (10) ELOPEMENTS*
27 Jack to suffer in prison (4) JAIL {J}{AIL}
29 Give a soaking to daughter and pull without a bit of worry (6) DRENCH {D}{wRENCH}
30 Mischievous boy with cowhand is indecorous (8) IMPROPER {IMP}{ROPER}
31 Engineer and ace archer go over again (6) RETELL {RE}{TELL}
32 Credit to mail in unravelling one with a record (8) CRIMINAL {CR}{MAIL+IN}*

1   Fake article from bakers at Zanzibar... (6) ERSATZ [T]
2   ...more absurd article kept in secret (6) INANER {IN{A}NER}
3   Horned game likes to leave one dazed (4) ELKS LiKES*
4   Get beaten in twisted dance (5) CANED*
6   Pushes son out of strong swells (5) URGES sURGES
7   Disc jockey's fight among team in a country (8) DJIBOUTI {DJ}{1{BOUT}1}
8   Log on substance held by the queen (8) REGISTER {RE}{GIST}{ER}
11 More classy about girl — a keyboard striker (6) FINGER {FIN{G}ER}
14 Term to move file (4) LIFE*
16 Not so certain Superintendent of Police left smarter (6) IFFIER spIFFIER
17 Be brimming with proper uprising (4) TEEM<=
18 Wrongdoer’s proposal about result (8) OFFENDER {OFF{END}ER}
19 Simple kind, limited, with new and old money (8) INNOCENT {kINd}{N}{O}{CENT}
22 American uncle to track boat (6) SAMPAN {SAM}{PAN}
23 Fellow learner takes lesson late in a kind of arrangement (6) FLORAL {F}{L}{ORAL} What's the role of 'late'? (Addendum - {F}{L}{mORAL} - See comments)
25 Fish, around ninety, outdo! (5) EXCEL {E{XC}EL}
26 Tear furiously around master circus employee (5) TAMER {TA{M}ER*}
28 Doctor takes a minute for wee drink (4) DRAM {DR}{A}{M}

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 66

Next day the guy Jack who was wounded went to the Police Station to REGISTER his complaint.  He named Geronimo as the OFFENDER and had even brought a witness as EVIDENCE.

"He must be immediately put in JAIL and tried for CRIMINAL charges with a motive to MURDER".

The officer, who was from DJIBOUTI, summoned Geronimo and Kayal to the station.

Kayal came dressed in a FLORAL mini-skirt and an ERSATZ SAMPANGI flower on her head to match. Can anyone EXCEL her in beauty? What a DRAW!!

The station was soon TEEMING with eager onlookers. The officer URGES his deputies not to allow anyone inside the FENCE.

Kayal points her FINGER towards the complainant and says "Officer! He was STALKING me and behaving IMPROPERLY! Geronimo is INNOCENT. He saved my LIFE and I am thankful to him for AIDING me."

She was not BEGGING. ( Her beauty cannot go abegging!).

The officer is tongue TIED. Madam, please come in the evening to RETELL what you described now and give your ADMISSIONS in​ ​writing. After everyone leaving he sits on his desk dreaming about ELOPEMENTS. About him being a TAMER. 

The least he could have done is have Geronimo CANED and warned. He wants to change the complaint letter, make it IFFIER and have a FORGER sign on it.

The officer had decided his report:

Jack fell down and broke his crown.

And the TITLE of  Station-in-charge for this guy.  He could not have been more INANER and is unaware that soon he is to be transferred as Manager of ELKS Lodge...

What happened next?


1. Sampangi or Shenbaga poo is Magnolia champaka.  Shenbagam is also a name given to females. You may like to enjoy or once again enjoy the beautiful song: Shenbagame Shenbagame from the Movie Enga Ooru Pattukaran sung by Asha Bhosle. Music: Ilaiyaraja.


  1. Easy flowing, thanks GM

    23DN is it LATER?

    16DN Nothing IFFIER in the clue!

    1. 23d I think, its moral -m (late : arriving after time (m)).

    2. My view
      Lesson = MORAL
      late I presume means the latter portion so (-m)ORAL

  2. CGB,
    To supplement on the trivia, Shenbaga is known as champaka in telugu. Both have original roots to SAMPEGA in Sanskrit.

    1. A trivia that I never knew!

    2. This section(Trivia) is absolutely awesome where the writer shares his multifarious knowledge in a variety of fields. Great work CGB Sir!

    3. Many among you would have come across the children's magazine CHAMPAK....

    4. Of course, CGB Sir. Favourite was Cheeku in it.

  3. A smooth flowing enjoyable CW. Thank you GM.
    Nice one today witha lot of action. All words used?

    1. He used most but not totally DRENCHed!

    2. Hey RAM! Binaa DRAM yeh DRAMA mey yeh MARD teek sey dekha nahin!!

    3. So, Dram & Drench are the only ones left out.
      Yes CGB. My children were regular readers of Champak and as it happens I used to read them on occasions- like one reads comics. It is Tinkle these days.

    4. Champak, Tinkle, Amar Chitra Katha & Chandamama for me still, Paddy.

  4. This was as classy as any Gridman puzzle. Perfect wp..some definitions that required you to scratch your head(keyboard striker/kind of arrangement, etc.) & with a theme to boot. Thanks Gridman.

  5. 23D Here FL=Fellow Learner
    So, the word late is reduntant, is it not?

  6. 7D. There is a typo in the parsing. BJ to be corrected as DJ.

  7. Can Stalking also be added to the theme ?

    1. Considering the incidents that increasingly happen in our cities including Chennai, yes, you're right, 'stalking' too is a thematic word.