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No 12350, Friday 22 Jun 2018, Arden

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6   Department cut out for a minister (5) PADRE {PA{D}RE}
7   Maybe coincident, not in the west (8) OCCIDENT COinCIDENT*
10 They get hit, and get treatment (7) THERAPY {THE{RAP}Y}
11 One is at sixes and sevens here in Europe (7) ESTONIA*
12 It's cool as they say, for girl to be with her family (7) GHERKIN {G}{HER}{KIN}
13 Many in police department retired, it's ongoing (7) DYNAMIC {CI{MANY}D}<=
14 Spot check, a feature of smart phones (5,6) TOUCH SCREEN {TOUCH} {SCREEN}
19 Scientists are off checking dumps (7) BOFFINS {B{OFF}INS}
21 Genuine fish, could be poisonous (7) REALGAR {REAL}{GAR}
23 Taxing one rupee on open shelter (7) ONEROUS {ONE}{R}{hOUSe}
25 Argue with Turkish leader and you will be jailed for it (7) TREASON {Tu...h}{REASON}
26 Wretched old bird (8) FLAMINGO {FLAMING}{O}
27 Doctor assumes another name in the capital (5) DAKAR {D{AKA}R}

1   She lands in a pit, he follows (8) ADHERENT {A}{D{HER}ENT}
2   Unused boat in American city (6) NEWARK {NEW}{ARK}
3   Play on characters, so is 'primrose' (10) POLYANTHUS {PLAY+ON}*{THUS}
4   Top came off (4) ACME*
5   Immediately setter's come up with a fictitious name... (6) ANONYM {ANON}{MY<=}
6   ...and writer's name is in soup (6) POTAGE {PO{TAG}E}
8   It's pitched in a river, helps to remove bad blood (7) DETENTE {DE{TENT}E}
9   Missile caught in the way (5) LANCE {LAN{C}E}
13 Choose half of them and talk of colours (10) DECORATION {DECide}{ORATION}
15 Caftan essentially will constitute a dress (7) UNIFORM {tUNIc}{FORM}
16 City transport? Ask again (8) NAGASAKI*
17 Monk and a bishop reach half way down there (5) ABBOT {A}{B}{BOTtom}
18 Money exchanged, nosy parker pays out (6) KRONER {NOsy+paRKER}*
20 Said to be weekly payment made by admitted student (6) FEEBLY {FEE}{B{L}Y}
22 Programme for mature politicians (6) AGENDA {AGE}{NDA}
24 To pass an exam one has to be in right frame of mind (4) SANE [T]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 69

For Linda with the thought of TREASON always on the back of her mind, it was difficult to remain SANE.

The upcoming ANNIVERSARY of Shangri-la proved to be a welcome change for her.

She took up the ONEROUS task of arranging the DECORATION and drawing up an AGENDA. Her thought went: What bEST ON I April can I do?

She had the whole place cleaned up being fastidious in house-keeping (Like the ABBOT of Canterbury). As an ADHERENT to discipline she had white UNIFORMS stitched for the staff.

Far from being DYNAMIC, the dancers were asked to give a TRADITIONAL performance.

What happened next?


  1. 13A) Defn: continuous; police department = CID; reversal indicator = retired;
    Soln: {CI(MANY)D<=} = DYNAMIC

    19A) Defn: scientists; dumps = bins;
    Soln: OFF in BINS = BOFFINS

    3D) Defn: primrose; anind=characters; so=thus;

    13D) Defn: colours; choose = decide; talk = ORATION; choose half of them = DEC;

    15D) Defn: dress; caftan = tunic; caftan essentially = UNI; constitute = FORM;
    Sol: UNIFORM

  2. 2D: Unused boat in American city (6)
    Boat is Ark. If it is unused it is New. So Newark is unused boat.
    Nice One!
    3D: Play on characters, so is 'primrose' (10)
    Polyan: Anagram(characters) of Play On
    So is Thus
    14A: Spot check, a feature of smart phones (5,6)
    Touch Screen
    Spot is Touch
    Check is screen
    Touch screen is a feature of smartphones
    8D: It's pitched in a river, helps to remove bad blood (7)
    River in Crossword is almost always Dee
    Tent is something you pitch
    Tent inside Dee.
    Détente is a relaxing of tension, as per dictionary, between countries so it would help to remove bad blood. Nice definition!
    13A: Many in police department retired, it's ongoing (7)
    Many inside CID (Police Department); both reversed(retired)

  3. Two more for repeats:
    1D: She lands in a pit, he follows (8)
    She is Her(!) inside A Dent( A Pit)
    Adherent is someone who follows.
    12A: It's cool as they say, for girl to be with her family (7)
    G is girl
    with Her and Kin is family
    Gherkin is cool!

  4. 10ac: therapy {the[rap(=hit)]y} = treatment
    11ac: Estonia {one+is+at}* = European country ('sixes and sevens' is the anagrind)
    25ac: treason {t(Turkish leader)}{reason(=argue)} = one will be jailed for it
    21ac: realgar {real(=genuine)}{gar(=fish)} = poisonous mineral
    23ac: onerous {one}{r(=rupee)}{(-h)ous(-e)} = taxing

  5. Next week onwards Karthikeyan and Venkatesan are requested to wait for sometime (maybe till 9 AM) before posting comments as both of you are no longer Silent followers/Rookie commenters.
    I am not restricting Srinidhi even though she too is not a silent or rookie, I am doing so because she has to get to school.

  6. 4dn acme (came)
    7ac Occident (coincident -in)
    16dn Nagasaki (ask again)
    18dn kroner (nosy Parker - pays)

    1. Anagram indicator * to be shown as under

  7. 25ac treason
    T(turkish leader) reason (argue)

  8. 27A DAKAR is capital of Senegal ( DR from doctor, AKA ( also known as ) another name; aka in Dr

  9. 17DN ABBOT is a monk ( A from a , B from bishop , down = BOTtom ,half is BOT ) ; A B BOT

  10. 20D FEEBLY is weakly homophone of weekly ( FEE from payment ; L is student- Learner, BY is by ) , w

  11. 22d agenda
    Mature age
    Politicians nda

    5d. Anonym
    Anon immediately
    Setters come up my becomes ym

    17d. Abbot monk

    27a. Dakar
    Doctor. Dr
    Assumes another name a. K. A
    Also known as

  12. 26a. Flamingo
    Wretched. Flaming
    Old o

  13. 6A:PA(D)RE
    D from Department
    Pare :cut
    24D:SANE hidden in pasS AN Exam

    1. May I know who this unknown person is?

    2. I am Pritesh from Ujjain

    3. Welcome Pritesh, nice to see someone from Central India

    4. Though I logged in from my google account, I am shown as Unknown.
      I have been solving puzzles for a couple of years and have been silently following this blog. This is the first time I have posted here

    5. Thanks for the welcome Sir. Shall try to post more here.

  14. 6A. {Depar}*tment cut out for a MINISTER.
    9D. Missile caught in the way. LAN(c)E.

  15. 6D POTAGE (soup) POE is writer; TAG is name
    24D SANE (right frame of mind) Telescopic- pass an ex--
    9D LANCE (projectile) C (caught) in LANE-way

  16. 7a: occident(the west) - (coincident-in)*
    14a: touch screen(dd)
    2d: Newark - new+ark
    6d: potage - po(tag)e
    20d: feebly - fee+b(l)y

  17. Nice enjoyable start to the Arden series. Several good clues to enjoy & savour. Thank you Arden. Sixes and sevens- I was so until I found it was an anind.

    1. Agreed. Very good puzzle.

    2. +2
      Another clue in the Guardian cryptic today, on lines of 6DN
      Writer has time for another (4)

  18. Clue in the Globe and Mail cryptic today (11 across above)

    Numbers out of order (5,3,6)

    1. Sixes and Sevens..nice one too..looks like a Fraser Simpson clue

  19. TOUCH SCREEN : nice clue. Arden always puts in one new age word or phrase.May ur glossary get expanded !