Wednesday, 27 June 2018

No 12354, Wednesday 27 Jun 2018, Incognito

WHy short of a Pangram?

1   Native of Italy is perhaps blind (8) VENETIAN [DD]
5   Small, shapely and despicable (6) SCURVY {S}{CURVY}
10 Artists and engineers appear together before the king? That's comparatively uncommon! (5) RARER {RA}{RE}{R}
11 After wedding, sailor displays flag (5,4) UNION JACK {UNION} {JACK}
12 Alumnus saw and followed directions (6) OBEYED {OB}{EYED}
13 Most frightening when player had decay followed by onset of toothache (8) SCARIEST {S}{CARIES}{To...e}
15 Red army surrounded Arizona city square (5) PLAZA {PL{AZ}A}
17 Fighting Que Sera, Sera singer on December 26 (6,3) BOXING DAY {BOXING} {DAY}
19 Having noble ancestry, Peru princess had avarice (9) PEDIGREED {PE}{DI}{GREED}
20 Talks about stem (5) STALK*
21 Way to cook eggs and run for your aircraft (8) SCRAMBLE [DD]
23 Apostle Saul went around outskirts of township (2,4) ST PAUL {S{To...iP}AUL}
27 Direction: military supplies to be placed around island (9) ORDINANCE {ORD{I}NANCE}
28 Cradles and complains (5) CRIBS [DD]
29 Self-centred person recycled stogie (6) EGOIST*
30 Autocrat who orders a stenographer to take notes (8) DICTATOR [DD]

1   Virudhunagar's top three government officers initially reveal celestial maiden (5) VIRGO {VIRu...r}{Go...t}{Of...s}
2   Female attendant to look after another female attendant (9) NURSEMAID {NURSE}{MAID}
3   Worried setter lost model brief (5) TERSE SEtTER*
4   Water colour seen after naval functionary goes away (4) AQUA AQUAmarine
6   Encounters frauds around fake establishment (9) CONFRONTS {CON{FRONT}S}
7   Plunder confused weaver who has lost a bit of wool (5) REAVE wEAVER*
 Incessant chatter, yet garbled, between two animals (6-3) YAKETY-YAK {YAK}{YET*}{YAK}
9   After last letter, Indian company team finally gets English zincite (4,5) ZINC OXIDE {Z}{IN}{CO}{XI}D{E} D from?
14 Sailor's roof, without a bit of cement, is falling in a controlled manner (9) ABSEILING {ABS}{cEILING}
15 Peon's peso is rolling! It can be seen near the rump of a roast bird (5,4) POPES NOSE*
16 Differences in functional inputs (9) ARGUMENTS [DD]
18 Playwright has small drink at first (9) DRAMATIST {DRAM}{AT}{1ST}
22 Do air waves result in use of communication device? (5) RADIO*
24 Implicit diplomacy is required around setter (5) TACIT {TAC{I}T}
25 Erol's hybrid is a non-winner (5) LOSER*
26 French cap discovered in Lake Piru (4) KEPI [T]

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 72

The songs they hummed...(And thereby hangs a tale!!)

Some hum tunes as they like it. Some others according to their moods. But what about those in our tale? :-

LINDA:  Que sera sera. 
Margarita came like a gale. But soon thereafter Linda and Clement came to a TACIT understanding that they will not cross paths. The CONFRONTS and the ARGUMENTS ceased. Linda was often seen singing: Que sera sera. Yes. She took it upon herself that "Whatever will be, will be."

NURSEMAID: Barbie girl by AQUA.
Never in her duty will she fail.She had plenty of work to do. Clean the CRIB. Take care of the baby and feed her. Make her listen to rhymes on the RADIO. Often sang a few lines from Barbie girl.

UNCLE SAM: I'm a loser.

A disappointed male.After losing sight of the Earl and the Emir thought of himself as a Loser. Last seen singing: I'm a loser, I'm a loser And I'm not what I appear to be.

Always wanting to have a whale of a time. An EGOIST. Like a DICTATOR often asked Lily to dance to the song Piya tu. Would cry; Lilllllllly Oh my darling!

HARRY the Lilliput: Ae meri ...

Always healthy and hale. Often seen tossing his KEPI and singing: Ae meri Kepi palat ke aa. (wonder who taught him that song. Must be Kayal.

ONLOOKERS:  Let it go.
It ricocheted from nearby hill and vale. The song most sung, always sung was from the onlookers. Like an ORDINANCE:
Let it go.
Can't hold it any more(!!)
Let it go!!
What happened next?

A disgruntled reader was heard singing: Onnume puriyale ulagathile. ennamo nadakkudhu marmamai irukkudhu
( Nothing is understood in this world / Something is happening (and) it is a mystery...)


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    1. Would like to hear on this from Incognito himself

    2. 9 After last letter, Indian company team finally gets English zincite (4,5) ZINC OXIDE {Z}{IN}{CO}{XI}D{E} D from?

      My mistake. I had changed 'gets' to 'manufactured' but sent the wrong version. Sorry.

      sree_sree has an explanation, but I had not intended it.

    3. Prasad has an out of the box solution for everything 😁

    4. I would like to play in oval

  2. Thank you Incognito. Enjoyed solving.

  3. CGB,
    Nice collection of songs- your contribution is expanding day by day. Keep it up.

  4. Nice one as usual from Incognito. Lot of material for the tale piece replete with wonderful melodies of yore.
    Thanks Incognito.

    1. +1

      Although he is Incognito, his stamp is visible.

    2. Then why remain INCOGNITO? or Benaami?

    3. Yaara hi yaara
      Sabse Nirala
      Main benaam ho gaya.

    4. Sung by Chanchal from the film Benaam starring Amitabh & Moushmi.

  5. Pope's nose was new to me. Thanks, Incognito!

  6. There's a Comment section under the IA ver. of THC. But we see any quite rarely. Today's has:
    "Today's THC is comparatively easier. I could solve 100% correctly. In my observation, Incognito's crosswords are easiest while those of Arden are hardest to solve. Thank you, The Hindu, for providing us with nice crosswords of high standard."

    1. Wonder if the Doctor has encountered xChequer.

    2. I am unable to view the comments on IA version in my cell phone.Shall try in my lap top later

  7. Thanks a ton Col. for providing the links. ( BTW I am a loser is a BEATLES number...)

  8. For friends MB and KKR in particular.
    Que sera sera sung by Bhanumathi garu.

    1. I am aware of this 45-50 year old Bhanumati song.

    2. This song is from a Tamil remake in Telugu. Tamil Name is KARPAGAM

  9. And for friends Paddy and Vasant in particular. Music director G. Ramanathan had used the tune in the film AARAVALLI.

    1. Thanks Sir for the link. Today is music feast.

  10. Yesterday was all about flowers and today it is the turn of music- in different languages. we seem to be getting more creative!

  11. CGB: Did you have the Col in mind when you drew SaM? and how come there's no What happens next ? Que sera sera ?

  12. Piya tu..
    Some 15 years back Voltas had arranged a new product launch for all southern states dealers in Vizag. They had arranged a female crooner to sing a few songs. She sang this song and stopped at the appropriate place and looked around. Since no one was coming forward I cried out "Monica Oh my darling". Claps and a most unforgettable experience for me!

    1. Wow!That is a great crooning e xperience!!-)

    2. I think you would have sung in the R D Burmanesque baritone!

    3. I sing. During programmes organised by various groups in the company, I sing. Mostly it is K8shore Kumar.

    4. Wow!
      Kishore kumar's songs are very much enjoyable. I will make it a point to ask you to sing when we meet next.

  13. Those songs have as special stamp- as much as Kishore's CW!