Saturday, 16 June 2018

No 12345, Saturday 16 June 2018, Spinner

CW #12345 today. 


1. One who stands guard for metal (6) COPPER (DD)
4. Messes up press broadcast about competition (8) SCUPPERS  {PRESS*} around {CUP}
10. Each rupee returned certainly on cancellation (7) ERASURE {{A}{RE}<=}{SURE}
11. Hundreds getting burnt when exposed to stimulants (4-3) TURN-ONS {T{bURNt}-ONS}
12. Foolish to have left in wife’s absence without making any noise (8) SILENTLY {SIL{wENT}LY}
13. Offensive basically goes up a notch in honour of resistance (6) OHMAGE {(+O)H(-o)MAGE}
15. Entrepreneur bids initially, bottles, loses heart and retreats (4) EBBS {Entrepreneur}{Bids}{BottleS}
17. Not the praying kind, that man is locked up in loft (9)  ATHEISTIC  {AT{HE}{IS}TIC}
20. Some monstrous bug in weird collection of animals (9) MENAGERIE {Monstrous}{E{NAG}ERIE}
21. Run deftly (4) WELL (DD)
24. With clothes removed, aunt caught boy naked (6) UNCLAD {aUNt}{C}{LAD}
25. Cameras all over the place capturing extremely heinous slaughter (8) MASSACRE {CAMERAS*} around {heinouS}
28. One breaking old law perhaps went into hiding (4,3) LAID LOW {I} in {OLD LAW*}
29. Quality/tone, for a change, forgotten in drunken celebration (7) CALIBRE {CELeBRAtIon}*
30. Go with a lady in swimsuit, take the heat off! (3,5) TAG ALONG {Th{A}{G AL}ONG}
31. Compensation for each man’s death comes at the end (6) AMENDS {A}{M}{END}{comeS}


1. Extraordinary scheme to capture second knight with pawns, say (8) CHESSMEN {SCHEME*} arounD {S}+{N}
2. Ring inset with red gem (5) PEARL {PEA{R}L}
3. Horse’s trimmed, adorned with jewels (6) EQUINE {sEQUINEd}
5. Temperature in terribly icy town (4) CITY {T} in {ICY*}
6. Buy bag to keep tea (8) PURCHASE {PUR{CHA}SE}
7. Expressive lady’s mostly outspoken about it! (9) EVOCATIVE {E{VOCAl}{IT<=}VE}
8. Belts for model not available in stores (6) SASHES {StASHES}
9. Old man, upset by affair, leaving mother and embarrassed landlord? (3,6) RED LETTER  {ELDER<=}{maTTER}
14. Spinner breaks stand after that man’s indecision (9) HESITANCE {HE}{S{I}TANCE}
16. Live plagued by cancer, ultimately experiencing pain that’s crossing the threshold (9) BREACHING {B{canceR}E}{ACHING}
18. Spring up to contain unending protest march by rival (8) PARALLEL {LEAP<=} around {RALLy}
19. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (8) CLUELESS (CD)
22. Missile that kills uprising lamenting lives primarily taken by hazard (6) BULLET {Uprising}{Lamenting}{Lives} in {BET}
23. Rowdy finally hides in a ghetto for safety (6) ASYLUM {A}{S{rowdY}LUM}
26. Compartment is capable of accommodating grown-up excluding baggage, essentially (5) CABIN {CA{BIg}N}
27. Bird bites back, loses head (4) SWAN {gNAWS<=}

Reference List
Each=A, Rupee=Re, Wife=W, Caught=C, One=I, Heat=H, For each=A, Man=M
Second=S, Knight=N, Red=R, Temperature=T, Tea=Chs, Lady=Eve, Model=T, Live=Be, That man=He

Colour/Font Scheme

DefinitionSolutionComponent lettersEmbedded links, Anagram IndicatorC/C indicatorReversal IndicatorHidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicatorDeletion IndicatorHomophone IndicatorMovement IndicatorPositional IndicatorSubstitution, IndicatorLink/Connector, Extraneous

Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 64


The day (rather the night) which is unlikely to have a PARALLEL had not come to an end.

WELL it was a day of disappointments.

CLUELESS Uncle Sam realizing what had happened ran out and fired a few BULLETS at the speeding jeep which by now had gone out of range. Pathetic for a  man of his CALIBRE. How is he going to make AMENDS?

One person who had TAGGED ALONG with a regular to see an UNCLAD Kayal is disappointed.

A robber who  LAID LOW had taken away Rita's PEARL necklace. She is disappointed and crying in her CABIN.

Another guy found BREACHING the 'Lakshman Rekha" is almost MASSACRED by Geronimo and is found lying, drunk, near the SCUPPERS. Unconscious  and unaware of his disappointment.

Only the dawn, it breaks SILENTLY....


  1. 9DN Seemed to me like an MD, without definition!

    1. +1. Does red letter have any meaning?

    2. Chambers says:
      redˈ-letter adjective

      Marked with red letters, as holidays or saints' days in the old calendars
      Deserving to be so marked, special

    3. I see only red-letter day with the same meaning (in online version).very specific usage as a noun.

    4. As in the phrase red letter day

    5. That's correctly parsed by Vasant .Red-letter is also an adjective used in phrases as the one above.

  2. 27s is there a bodmas rule in cryptics also. Remove head first and then back?

    1. Would you prefer loses tail,in stead?

    2. I read it as gnaws back, swang loses head sang.
      The intended is gnaws loses head and backs.
      The only non-deciphered is ,. Does it mean like bodmas the operation after comma need to be done first.

  3. 4A) May be the anno could also be {UP+PRESS+C}*

    1. What's def and anagram indicator, then?

    2. remain the same; anind = broadcast; defn: messes

    3. But the C for competition is not a standard abbreviation

    4. C for competition (i take it from about) or is competition extraneous?

    5. Karthikeyan,
      Please remember SCUPPER is mess up and NOT mess. UP is not part of def.
      This interpretation is unintended.

    6. Thanks Sree and KRK;
      I understand; stand corrected
      But the confusion I had is that the Competition is not CUP either in the thesarus or in the dictionary; but CUP also means competition

    7. That's a debate not settled. I have settled for cup meaning competition. Not where competition means cup but cup doesn't mean competition.

    8. Yes, cup is debatable.
      Incidentally, apologies for typo. UP is part of def. Not as stated earlier.

    9. Cup can be a competition- as in Davis Cup.

    10. Yes. That's the intended parsing.

  4. Lovely puzzle. Spinner bowls a delectable spell. The doosra of clueless was an old chestnut that was gettable from the final 4 ?e?s.
    Thanks Spinner.

    1. Thanks a lot :) Glad you liked it :)

    2. 19D - Has another dimension to it, if you're looking for it. Just an added layer to the cluelessness.

    3. 7 blanks and enu clue (sign) less.

    4. Very well interpreted Prasad,
      Yes, the underscores are only seven. One is missing.

    5. Great interpretation Prasad..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    6. Never thought of counting the blanks!

    7. Wow even I didn't think of that one! I just intended '____' to mean baknk and hence clueless as an added layer. Original intent was only to have no clue to mean clue-less.

  5. Nicely spun. A CW to remember & savour, esp. 12345.
    I could not parse a few until I was the blog.As Raju says many solutions could be put down straightway before looking to parse.

  6. Always love it a little more when RameshJ blogs :D And I always look for that purple background highlighting for extraneous words - And feel a little good when there are non highlighted on a given day. Time pressures always lead to some of these purple patches usually, but this probably the only place I would feel glad to get out of a purple patch :D

    1. You mean 'Purple patch'less day is a 'Red Letter Day'?

    2. Well said SrivathsanπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  7. CGB's Tailpiece(Headpiece?) contains as many as 16 solution words! Like someone said - made to order?!

    1. Quite AmazingπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    2. Why "What happened next?" is missing?

  8. Miss
    Oh! Goof!!

  9. SSanthanam aka SPINNER: 9down: Old man, upset by affair, leaving mother and embarrassed landlord? (3,6) leads to RED LETTER

    Embarrassed= RED +landlord=LETTER - please clarify the first part of wordplay: Old man , upset by affair, leaving mother. I see the paring in the blog but where does this clue fall in terms of classification?

    1. Raju:Definition is embarrased landlord. The rest is wp.

    2. Old man, upset by affair, leaving mother . ELDER + (-ma)TTER.
      I get it, but I am asking for classification of this type of clues . some from one part and another from second word + a reversal too !

    3. Charade with reversal and deletion.

    4. Charade with reversal and deletion, with cryptic definition, probably?

    5. ...and with an interesting surface to boot.

    6. I agree that the defintion is missing. A Red Letter is not a Cryptic Defintion for an Embarassed Landowner. The Clue is a Charade with reversal and definition and another Charade, but no definition

    7. Thanks Col and Vasant and SS. You have clarified correctly. Charade with reversal and definition and another Charade, but no definition

      RED LETTER= embarrassed landowner. Could this be termed as a riddle game clue? Srivatsan S: The cluing is wonderful yet it turns me red ! Normally, RED LETTER DAY is used for an important occasion and hence you have worded this clue cleverly.

  10. 12345
    Ek do teen /
    Char panch che / saath aat nau /
    Dus Gyara / Bara thera.

    1. Tera karu din gin gin ke intezaar
      Aaja sanam aayi bahar

  11. Re: What happened next?

    As much as ye all might be curious to know what happened next, even I am so.
    I can neither say what SHOULD happen nor IMAGINE what could happen! The events have to unfold from the grids.

    Having said that all of us DO Know what WILL happen next which might go unrecorded:

    (1) One guy will be admitted in the hospital.
    (2) A theft will be reported in the nearest Police Station.
    (3) Uncle Sam will leave no stone unturned to figure out the outcome of the incident.
    (4) Another gent will have the urge to try his luck at the other joint.

    Rita might receive gift of a costly pearl necklace from Clement making Linda jealous!

  12. You seem to have different lines of action and I presume you will choose one according to words available- good show. You are doing a good job of it with lots of imagination.