Saturday, 23 June 2018

No 12351, Saturday 23 Jun 2018, Arden


1. Thin girl has food outside, it fills out her hips (11) FARTHINGALE {FAR{THIN}{GAL{E}

7. Starts with shaddock and pineapple juice (3) SAP (Acrostic)
9. Declaimed what the soldiers quoted (5) CITED  {RE}+{CITED}=Recited=Declaimed
10. Cook is not going into canteen, it's damp (9) MOISTNESS {M{IS+NOT*}ESS}
11. Respect order, in case it's ordered (9) OBEISANCE {OBE}{IN CASE*}
12. One left in the dark (5) UNLIT {UN{L}IT}
13. Centaur's otherwise open (7) UNCRATE {CENTAUR*}
15. Hold back in Sparta (4) TRAP (T<=)
18. Starts harassing old woman longing to cry (4) HOWL (Acrostic)
20. Glass of beer — doctor's pick essentially (7) ALEMBIC {ALE}{MB}{pICk}
23. In the heart of the city, die, they say (5) HENNA {cHENNAi} Die they say=Dye
24. Thugs might support workers (9) MUSCLEMEN {MUSCLE}{MEN}
26. Normal to come in alone, once in a while (9) SPARINGLY {S{PAR}INGLY}
27. Child burdened with books, not OK with a Nobel laureate (5) BOSCH {BOokS}{CH}
28. Animal going back and forth (3) EWE (<=>)
29. "No way will you be told to wear bleeding Madras", he warned (11)  NOSTRADAMUS {NO}{ST}+{MADRAS*} around {~YOU(U)}


1. Set up creature comforts with sorcerer and retainer (8) FACTOTUM Anno not clear (Addendum - {CREATURE+COMFORTS}*-{SORCERER} = FACTOTUM [CA] - See comments)
2. Fire on shelter (8)  RETRENCH {RE}{TRENCH}
3. Hell, it's one colour from top to bottom! (5)  HADES {(-s)HADE(+S)}
4. Partly seen, I'm only putting up his name (7) NOMINEE (T<=) My anno is correct?
5. Complaint — one fifty rejected food (7) ALIMENT {A(IL<=)MENT}
6. Take time out for college, support followers (9) ENTOURAGE {EN(-c+T)OURAGE} Clue seems to asking for Time to be taken out for college instead of college being taken out for time
7. Poet drops a note – how a seashore may be (6) SHELLY {SHELLeY}
8. It was hard previously with old language (6) PASHTO {PAS{H}T}{O} Previously=In the past, It's instead of 'It was' would have worked
14. Love a party with food (9) ADORATION {ADO}{RATION}
16. Obama solved the problem of where to find rennet... (8) ABOMASUM {OBAMA*]{SUM}

17.'s cooler therefore under a plant (8) ACANTHUS {A}{CAN}[THUS}

19. Go miles travelling to French city (7) LIMOGES {GO+MILES*} Thanks to Google
20. He checks quality, like for example beer at regular intervals (7) ASSAYER {AS}{SAY}{bEeR}
21. Some people have hearts that are pure (6) CHASTE {C{H}ASTE}
22. Some while climbing get annihilated — it's natural (6) INNATE (T<=)
25. Starts late, one becomes essentially dog eared (5) LOBED (Acrostic)

Reference List
Soldiers=RE, Order=OBE, One=Unit, Left=L, Doctor=MB, Child=Ch, Way=St
On=Re, One=I, Fifty=L, Time=T, College=C, Note=E, Hard=H, Old=O, Cooler=Can, Like=As, For Example=Say, Hearts=H

Colour/Font Scheme

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Bhargav's Talepiece

The bouncer and the dancer - Part 70.

Linda and her ENTOURAGE (encouraged with SOPS) were busy  in getting prepared for the Anniversary celebrations which was just onE WEek away.  Linda said: "Remember that the decoration should have the ADORATION of one and all."The newly recruited dancer SHELLY LONG was seen rehearsing her CAN-CAN (The long and short of it being she may not get a chance to perform on the day.)

MUSCLEMEN were given the carte blanche to UNCRATE the boxes that had arrived. Francis the FACTORUM was busy attending to minor repairs and often repaired to the bar for his drams which came free as the expenses were factored in the budget! Linda did not RETRENCH any expenditure nor did she permit any retrenchment in the staff. The cooks wanted to know what food is to be prepared. "Elementary! It should be smooth in the ALIMENTARY canal!"

Linda had her hair dyed with HENNA to look great. While doing so she remembered and cried out: "Did you buy channa for the dhal?",  Dresses of sober SHADES were washed in the BOSCH WASHer. The FARTHINGALE however was new. Somebody had  used it SPARINGLY  and it came just for a few farthings and some ale.  In the din Linda was seen coughing and was given a bottle of ALEMBIC Glycodin.

A guy who spoke PASHTO promised to bring in his friend Keshto who was a comedian. Linda was firm in telling him that he should perform last. Her conscience constantly reminded her that paying OBESCIENCE to the dignitaries from the church was of paramount importance. The celebrations should begin with her being sighted in front of the mike CITING  from the Bible. The dancers should remain CHASTE without any haste or waste in their actions and gestures.

Among so many the Marshal who once came to their rescue was the NOMINEE to be the Chief Guest lest he should feel left out.
​What happened next?​


  1. 1D is a composite anagram
    CREATURECOMFORTS* = SORCERER + FACTOTUM, "set up" as anagrind

    1. Got the answer through crossings and reverse engineered :)

    2. Thanks for explaining this. Don't you think the clue would've been better if it said "set up creature comforts WITHOUT sorcerer..."? "WITH sorcerer" is misleading.

    3. Amita:while annotating CA, it would be written as indicated but the instruction to anagram sorcerer and factotum would require WITH.

    4. Composites anagram, I think works this way: what must be added(factotum) to a word(Sorcerer) and anagrammed to give the fodder(creature comforts).

    5. Wow Ramki ji. Couldn't get this answer and anno.

    6. Amita:yes, it would have been lot straight if it was without sorcerer. with sorcerer and retainer was the aha moment.

  2. 6D) Take time out for college - can also be read as "take time" (+T) "out for college" (-C)

  3. Replies
    1. When Arden's anno is unclear, it is unwritten rule for me to play "add/delete" to arrive at the solution. Ha ha!

  4. 4D- You are right Ramesh. 'Up' is the reversal indicator for the T.

  5. Madras (29A) & Chennai (23A)- both are in today.
    Loved Acanthus & 29A. Aliment was a nice play of letters.

  6. Quite a long piece CGB. Again, most of the words have been used and EWE has been hemmed in nicely.

  7. Nice episode and seeing Keshto Mukherjee in this is lovely. Any trivia about him?

    1. One trivia is that though he portrayed a sot innumerable times, in reality he was a teetotaler.

    2. That's very nice to know. Real trivia, Vasant!

    3. +1 Yes. And for that he was much sought after!!

  8. The sketch for 'Abomasum' was very instructive. Thank you,Ramesh.

  9. Question for Ramesh: Your comment on 8.dn "It's instead of 'It was' would have worked". You can't say "It's hard previously", can you? Could you elaborate please?

    1. clash between surface reading & cryptic reading. Surface requires 'it was'.

    2. Paddy, I'm not talking about surface reading and cryptic reading, whatever that means. I'm talking about the grammatical correctness of saying "It's hard previously"

    3. Was wondering if the clue would be ok as" Hard previously with old language(6)

    4. Apologies for the late response. Yes as ranger pointed out it's does not work in the grammatical sense. So no easy fix. Perhaps it needs a modification like what Vasant has suggested

  10. This was quite tough..solvable because of some easy clues(acroatic & telescopic) in between..while a few were biffed..others required guesses..
    The right puzzle for week end. Thanks Arden.

  11. +1.
    Def. tougher than yesterday.

  12. 14 A DO RATION
    17 AC AN THUS

    1. Is not 17D-
      A (CAN=cooler) thus (so)?

    2. Yes . agree. AC is not exactly a cooler

  13. ARDEN is a juggler with words ! FARTHINGALE has nothing to do with a man looking to slake his thirst with ALE which is a FAR THING to reach ! No one can imagine that this is a Victorian flared Gown- a maxi or a a flared Patiala Ghaghra !

    NOSTRADAMUS was a seer/prophet who saw farinto the future. So WARNED is not quite appropriate !

    OBEISANCE & ABOMASUM sound phonetically attuned which a rhymster will find useful in his work. Maybe, BHARGHAVji can create a small ditty with these words ? He can thus find a way to use ACANTHUS !!

    I found today's ARDEN not so hard but a symphony of unusual words. Well done !

    1. JUST FOR FUN(based on Tamil slang)
      Heard in a Washermenpet tea shop:
      Abomasum pottu oru gaana paattu podu.
      Adhu enna abomasum?
      Summa podu man.
      Meaningu venumille?
      Summa podunnu sollraenille
      A can thus do maams
      Sollu machi
      "Sambo Siva Sambo
      Mambosa poi Samosa thunnu
      Thunnuttu adha Abomasumla vudu
      Rum bum rum bum
      Tra la la/la la la/ lalalalalaa"
      Supera keedhu. Enna oru poetry.
      Idhu poetry illa. OB SCIENCEU DA!!

    2. Thanks, BHARRGAVji, for the response. One can dance for the lilt in this doggerel ! Is this Madras language? Then why not Kamala araina- araina kamala , araina kamala kamal araina sung by that woman in Burma Bazzar or was it Moore market when I visited Madras as a child? and then that typical Riksha wala language where he picks up a quarrel with a customer for haggling on the fare by retorting: chummapanatha wiaya- illapna waayle vethlapakku pottuduven !meaning I'll remove all your batheesee ! These are my memories of Madras !

  14. For Quiz buffs. Commencing from #12348 in each illustration a LOGO is depicted. You may like to spot. Wonder if anyone has observed...

    1. Yes, I saw the logos, starting with Eveready, Apple today. Didn't remember the other two.

    2. AUDI logo is also there. The other one in 12349, I couldnt decipher.

    3. The one in 12349, is it Domino pizza?

    4. Great going CGB Sir. I never attached importance to them. You have very good drawing abilities.

    5. Wow! A tale, a picture, trivia and logo! Great creativity!

    6. ...with a machi song added. He is becoming a lyricist as well! Anyway, today's film songs are almost similar.

  15. I thought everything pointed to 'Gimme Red'.

  16. 6 DN Time Out - TO -to be taken as replacement for c - college . is this anno . ok ?

  17. As given in the original post, T in stead of C in 'Ecourage'.

  18. 'Out' for removing/ replacing.