Wednesday, 14 October 2015

No 11525, Wednesday 14 Oct 2015, Scintillator

1   Power lies with leader of lathe workers in factories (6) PLANTS {P}{Lathe}{ANTS}
4   An offer for lasting company? (8) PROPOSAL [CD]
9   Involving a boss, it's a foul disgrace (6) STIGMA {GM} in {ITS+A}*
10 Be lenient with attempt that's simple and working (2,4,2) GO EASY ON {GO} {EASY} {ON}
12 Having a mask before director was important (8) MATTERED {MATT}{ERE}{D} Mask should be MATTE
13 Somewhat vague types (6) GENERA GENERAl
15 Reputation put in writing (4) NOTE [DD]
16 In a receiver, replace T-screws over ends of tape disc (10) RECEPTACLE {REPLACE+T}* over {tapE+disC}
19 Parliamentary summit beside home and office of a nation's leader (10) PRESIDENCY {Pa...y}{RESIDENCY}
20 Arrest holy woman and man (4) STEM {ST}{'EM} (Addendum - {STE}{M} - See comments)
23 Remove from power where world body’s behind (6) UNSEAT {UN}{SEAT}
25 Senior officer: “Rise up or be sacked!” (8) SUPERIOR*
27 Gets the crux of contracts (8) SQUEEZES [DD]
28 Grumble, “Heck! TV is irritating” (6) KVETCH*
29 A priest's small desire (8) APPETITE {A}{P}{PETITE}
30 Digressions about getting on and off? (6) ASIDES {A}{SIDES}

1   Person of letters? (7) POSTMAN [CD]
2   Philosopher's bashing to realist (9) ARISTOTLE*
3   Calm or anger (6) TEMPER [DD]
5   Firmly established rule toppled as well (4) ROOT {R}{OOT<=}
6   Church inside mill's a nourishing location (8) PLACENTA {PLA{CE}NT}{A}
7   Elegance of a slender part of a flower (5) STYLE  [DD]
8   Ancestry's profession has to get on (7) LINEAGE {LINE}{AGE}
11 Embellish (with engineering degree) a highly valued person (7) BEJEWEL {BE}{JEWEL}
14 Repeat, and repeat after incurring overcharge (7) KETCHUP Is the only thing that fits here REOCCUR {RE{OC}CUR} - See comments)
17 Tom and Edward admit humour's small-minded (3-6) CAT-WITTED {CAT}-{WIT}{TED}
18 Padding intended say, to be a thin object (8) FILAMENT (~ filler meant)
19 Old kingdom that's capital of poor country (7) PRUSSIA {Poor}{RUSSIA}
21 Protests putting red in 'Red Planet' (7) MARCHES {MAR{CHE}S}
22 Pages those report one's absence? (6) LEAVES [DD]
24 Defeat remains (5) STUMP [DD]
26 Following cross in place of a cow (4) NEXT NE(-a+x)XT



  1. Thought 12 A was Having a mass: matter+ ED Ececutive Director
    I put 14 d as REOCCUR

  2. A scintillating puzzle!Lovely clues all around..even the CDs were not tough to get

  3. 27/32 - Yet happy to solve.

  4. Nice one from scintillator today. Thanks. Leaving aside 12a and how to parse it. Presume it is a typo as above. Couldnt parse 20a... thanks for the em significance... was wondering if woman meant e. 25a very nice surface. 6d surface too smooth. 18d was fun. Kvetch a nee word and with a relevant surface too :)

  5. There seems to be theme...
    Plants, stigma, receptacle, stem, root, style, filament, leaves, stump

  6. Replies
    1. One day I was left....
      ...behind in a running race...

    2. I was reminded of a person who came second in a 2 man race!

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  8. I was just going to write about these big online sales (newspapers are jacketfuls of ads lwhen I see that a Spam message has got through here. It invites us to take part in Diwali sale. No thank you, Mona Kumari. We are not interested in shape wear and body shavers.

  9. Off topic
    Some of these TV ads I find silly.
    When we have sensitive teeth and if we experience pain on eating/drinking something hot or cold (sorry, I don't have a placard to show as I might to LKG children pictures of these things), what would we say "Ouch' or 'Ayyo". The woman in the ad says 'Sensitivity!'
    OTOH, take the ad for some sunflower oil (I see the Kannada version in a Bangalore-based channel).. The woman says 'for this little oil you can fry this much stuff' with appropriate signals from fingers/arms.
    Later a child runs in and does the 'small amount' gesture. The woman does the 'large amount' signal and the child runs into her arms. So beautiful! Going away from the mundane to something heart-warming, yet planting the idea firmly in the viewers' minds..

    1. Go to a doc with throat pain and he becmes an English-Latin/Greek translation machine and tells you you've got laryngitis

  10. Try to pronounce it and your ache will be gone!

    1. I tried and now I have a pronounced lisp

  11. When you pronounce "it" nothing happens and how ache will be gone Paddy? ;)

  12. That's it! Or if you want to be more precise that's the trick.

  13. Thoroughly enjoyed thanks to scintillating clues from scintillator. 5d - deep- rooted.1d -good punch.24d- Really stumped delving into the depth of the word/clue.Good entertainer from Scintillator. Thank you,sir.