Saturday, 17 October 2015

No 11528, Saturday 17 Oct 2015, Lightning


8 Slow at first, with help, lets it rip to arrive just on time (5,3,7) SPLIT THE WHISTLE {Slow} {WITH HELP LETS IT}*
9 Call for help to take case to philosopher (8) SOCRATES {SO{CRATE}S}
10 Gradually develop the core of a pistol (6) EVOLVE {rEVOLVEr}
11 Greek makes a copy of popular ammunition (9) GRAPESHOT {GR}{APES}{HOT}

12 Head of army’s pretty serious (5) ACUTE {Army}{CUTE}
15 Crucial to form oval pit (7) PIVOTAL {OVAL PIT}*
17 Muscle pattern around organ (7) FOREARM {FOR{EAR}M}
19 Drug // to move fast (5) SPEED (DD)
20 Cosy meet arranged to admit southern community (9) ECOSYSTEM  {COSY MEET}*+S
23 Assimilate // summary (6) DIGEST (DD)
25 Outrage at Delhi, say providing asylum to heads of racketeering organizations (8) ATROCITY {AT}{}{Or..ons}{CITY}
26 Desiring boxes, almost completely believe fantasy (7,8) WISHFUL THINKING {WISH{FULly} {THINK}ING}


1 Loud cry follows raised racket (6) UPROAR {UP}{ROAR}
2 Very small, silly hope to capture nuclear instrument (10) MICROPHONE {MICRO}{HOPE*}+N

3 Perhaps old Hyderabad’s male politician (9) STATESMAN {STATE}{S}{MAN}
4 Strain in tenor’s second last song masked by returning interference (7) TENSION {T}{E{soNg}SION<=}
5 Primary wish list for a driving aid (5) WHEEL {W}{HEEL}
6 Go slow showing a capital (4) OSLO (T)
7 Operate a lever to lift (8) ELEVATOR {A LEVER TO}*
13 Dessert that evokes a smile can’t be had and ate at the same time (10) CHEESECAKE {CHEESE}{CAKE}
14 Prepare to follow arguments against force (9)  CONSTRAIN {CONS}{TRAIN}
16 Understood that one minute parking is allowed (8) IMPLICIT {I}{M}{P}{LICIT}
18 Ordinary insects outside court form equal sections of a circle (7) OCTANTS {O}{CT}{ANTS}
21 Former lover to wait on offer (6) EXTEND {EX}{TEND}
22 Pluck letters from last rummage (5) STRUM (T)
24 Repeat after oriental actor-politician from Chennai (4) ECHO {E}{CHO}

Reference list

Greek=Gr, Southern=S 
Nuclear=N, Tenor=T, One=I, Minute=M, Parking=P, Ordinary=O, Court=Ct, Oriental=E 

Color/Font Scheme

Definition,Solution,Component letters,Anagram Indicator,C/C indicator,Reversal Indicator,Hidden word IndicatorLetter Pick indicator,Deletion Indicator,Homophone Indicator,Movement Indicator,Positional Indicator,Substitution Indicator



  1. Nice one from Lightning. Got all and the one that I couldn't parse was 4Dn TENSION. Thank you Lightning. :-)))

  2. Crisp..tight..clues with very good surface stories...njoyed doing that...lovely blog too..nice start to weekend

  3. Nice one from lightning...lots of nice charades today

  4. 24/26 :( - Put MICROSCOPE and hence could not get ammunition! Anyway happy

    1. We seem to be doing the same mistakes!

  5. Thanks Ramesh for the colorful anno. for 4 down..

  6. Techie question
    For some work I have found a downloadable script on the Net.
    Once downloaded on my machine, how do I use it?
    Need help.

    1. Which language is the script in?

    2. Once downloaded and saved, does language matter and can we not just copy/ paste it?

    3. If it is a python script you might need python to run it etc. Scripts need to run to do something useful (or harmful if it is a malicious script)

    4. Thanks.
      Am mailing you the details.

    5. Paddy He is talking of computer script, not the languages in which we write.

    6. For CVJi @1:50. Responded to you mail.

  7. Thunderous shaft in the week-end.9,10,11A- well laid-out well orchestrated clues which could easily be parsed thanks to smooth surfaces.8A&18d - I lcould easily crack even though I was not familiar with the usages thanks to leading clues. Thank you lightning.

  8. Crisp..tight..clues with very good surface stories...njoyed doing that...lovely blog too..nice start to weekend