Monday, 19 October 2015

No 11529, Monday 19 Oct 2015, Vulcan

Growing old :-(

1   Is hesitant to work with opposition (10) ANTITHESIS*
9   I yell loudly and confront (7) EYEBALL ( ~ I bawl)
10 Princess ain't going gaga over lover (7) INFANTA {AINT}* over {FAN}
11 Porosity potentially is same in all directions (8) ISOTROPY*
12 Peculiar bowl, extremely old first of all (6) ODDISH {OlD}{DISH}
13 Poor English editor in New York (5) NEEDY {N{E}{ED}Y}
14 Let social structures change (9) OSCILLATE*
17 Cop associates with small-time thieves - no shame (9) DISHONOUR {DI}{S}{HO{NO}UR}
20 Agree to join a rival (5) MATCH [DD]
22 Outstanding guy impresses in audition (6) P??T? (Addendum - PRINTS (~prince) - See comments)
23 Approval to punish (8) SANCTION [DD]
25 Undermine State's reorganisation (5-2) SHAKE-UP {SHAKE}-{UP}
26 Bad time to buy new dress (7) BANDAGE {BA{N}D}{AGE}
27 Prophet starting to spread a theory so ludicrous (10) SOOTHSAYER {Sp...d}{A+THEORY+SO}*

1   Strange name given to a plant (7) ANEMONE {NAME*}{ONE}
2   Yes, for the most part, a tart prepared may be served from this (3,4) TEA TRAY {YEs+A+TART}*
3   Lens fixed to the pole (9) TELEPHOTO*
4   The villian's inherent feature (4) EVIL [T] &lit
5   Atheist from popular field disturbed (7) INFIDEL {IN}{FIELD*}
6   Fashion designer stepped down (8) RESIGNED*
7   Girl consumes a drink, develops sore throat (6) ANGINA {AN{GIN}A}
8   Run a little (4) DASH [DD]
15 Palms burn - a scar, cut and a boil (9) CARANUBAS {Correction - CARNAUBAS - See comments){BURN+A+SCAr+A}*
16 Trained, and hence, improved (8) ENHANCED*
18 Rise in IRA special recruits (6) S???A? (Addendum - SPIRAL {SP{IRA}L} - See comments)
19 He got no break, ever busy (2,3,2) ON THE GO*
20 Make fun of a desire to show up with an accent (7) MOCKERY Anno pending (Addendum - MOCKNEY {MOCK}{NEY<=} - See comments)
21 Fine song in which one could get lost (4,3) THIN AIR {THIN} {AIR}
22 Dish almost done (4) PAST PASTa
24 Small vase with a stain (4) SPOT {S}{POT}



  1. 20 Make fun of a desire to show up with an accent (7) MOCKERY Anno pending

    MOCK NEY<- From thefreedic: 3. (Languages) an affected cockney accent

  2. 22 Outstanding guy impresses in audition (6) ???T? PRINTS?

    18 Rise in IRA special recruits (6) S???A? SP(IRA)L? SPL: Special?

    1. It should be Impresses outstranding guy in audition perhaps

    2. During audition outstanding guy impresses?

    3. SP is special and L is recruit

    4. I don't think so. Recruits is the indicator for IRA to go into SPL

    5. I concede your point there. I had seen iRA special as equal to Special IRA loosely speaking.

  3. Does PRINCE sound PRINTS? If so then HP ind is wrongly placed

  4. I knew and experienced 'angina' as heart pain.
    Didn't know 'sore throat' mentioned in clue.
    On looking up, I feel it would be more correct to say it is pain during a severe attack of sore throat, not 'sore throat' per se.

    1. I filled that ans last as I knew only one meaning of Angina. Thefreedic gives it also as: 2. A condition, such as severe sore throat,

    2. The only condition called Angina that I know and come across in the throat or thereabouts is a condition called "lLudwig's Angina,which is an infection of the floor of mouth,usually following tooth infectionLeft untreated,It Can spread backwards and produce life threatening blockage of the upper respiratory tract

  5. Plenty of anagrams thrown in some very nice clue. Liked 1 and 27A.

  6. 15D caranubas doesn't sit with sanction of 23A.
    Also, what gives Di in 17A? I guessed the answer and parsed it to be small = s, time = hour, and no. Couldn't get the reference for Di. Stuck at 18D and 22A as well.

    1. 15D has a typo. Carnaubas should be the answer. 17A Cop=DI ( Detective Inspector)

  7. Had a peculiarly hectic day at work...could solve in only in late evening...most of the clues were except for 4 for which I had to struggle...missed out two..mockney & carnaubas...enjoyed reading the blog & the comments thereafter...

    1. Read most of the Clues were easy