Friday, 30 October 2015

No 11538, Friday 30 Oct 2015, Exa

1   Open with a jack, ace and king (4) AJAR {A}{J}{A}{R}
3   Armed soldiers transport beers in parts (10) CARBINEERS  {CAR}{B{IN}EERS}
10 Starting point taken with nice shot (9) INCEPTION {POINT+NICE}*
11 Short word seen in shorter sentences (5) TERSE [T]
12 Her pop knitted small jumpers (7) HOPPERS {HER+POP}*{S}
13 Drink local rum outside house (7) ALCOHOL {LOCAL}* around {HO}
14 Make rotten, bad, dud clues every now and then (5) ADDLE {bAd}{DuD}{cLuEs}
15 Pressing occasion (7) INSTANT [DD]
18 They’re planted leaving leads in plot ruses (7) LOTUSES {pLOT}{rUSES}
21 Amateur starting to stir tea bags in confusion (2,3) AT SEA {A}{T {Stir}EA}
24 Sign a picture with us at Spain (7) AUSPICE {A}{US}{PIC}{E}
26 Be cool about servant going around with husband (7) REFRESH {RE}{FRES<=}{H}
27 Stirring a fight (5) ABOUT {A}{BOUT}
28 Hateful wind, hot and barren (9) ABHORRENT {HOT+BARREN}*
29 Recording and knowing data not quite different (6,4) TAKING DOWN {KNOWING+DATa}*
30 Time to open weekend surprise (4) STUN {T} in {SUN}

1   After first left, head off straight and get down (6) ALIGHT {Af..r}{L}{rIGHT}
2   Pronunciation with apt pitching is receptive (9) ACCEPTANT {ACCENT+APT}*
4   A paper for debate (2,5) AT ISSUE {A}{T ISSUE}
5   Bangle I fashioned for Bipasha? (7) BENGALI*
6   Bills notes (7) NOTICES [DD]
7   World held by nuclear threat (5) EARTH [T]
8   Set out after hours to drink a little liquor — just like stars (8) STELLATE {SET}*{L{Li...r}ATE}
9   Attach a couple of pages on completion (6) APPEND {A}{PP}{END}
16 Mean beast exercising an act of humiliation (9) ABASEMENT*
17 Friendly countryman seen around lake (8) PLEASANT {P{L}EASANT}
19 Affected by love though condition isn't met (7) SMITTEN*
20 Set cryptic section for Guardian (7) STEWARD {SET*}{WARD}
21 Fliers raise publicity for such an occasion (3,4) AIR SHOW {AIR} {SHOW} &lit
22 A female dressed in traditional material for expedition (6) SAFARI {A}{F} in {SARI}
23 Country bar allows room for shelter (6) BHUTAN {HUT} in {BAN}
25 Numb hand injecting blow (5) SHOCK {H} in {SOCK}


  1. The Col's blog is up but here in Chennai the print edition has not been delivered to me.

  2. 5d: So we know who is in Exa's heart...

  3. Loved the simple, crisp clues Exa! :)

  4. I was told by the paperman that Th will be available only around 3 PM and was pleasantly surprised to get the CW with grid at TH on line (not e paper) Is TH taking care of CW solvers? If so, happy.

  5. 23 and 30: Do they tell us where the setter may be seen during weekends?
    Jus' kidding.
    Qn: Seriously, do a setter's clues give some glimpses into his/her personal life?
    I have added 'her' keeping in view the BL setter.

    1. CV: I do get not only glimpses but also can delve into Gridman's inner psyche' from your comments and clues !

  6. 28/32 only :( - For Exa's cwd, this is great for me. Put NOTING DOWN and hence could not get SHOCK, PLEASANT and AUSPICE :(

  7. Ditto for noting down and what follows!

  8. Is there any puzzle from Exa without beer? Just go through his recent puzzles :)

  9. No Kerala Bhavan meal without a certain food item.

  10. Simple and elegant one from Exa. A satisfactory and enjoyable solve. Thanks Exa. :-)))

  11. MB
    How many pairs of lips you have? Just wondering.

  12. I had 4Dn as AN ISSUE. After noting it is AT ISSUE in the blog, I just googled for 'an issue' and am copy posting what I found there...

    An issue is a matter of concern or of interest. Often people have different opinions about an issue and will discuss or argue about it in order to find a solution.

    Can ISSUE be treated as PAPER also ? I am not sure.

    1. I thought the word play clearly lead to AT ISSUE= A + TISSUE; Tissue=Paper

    2. I agree, Vasant. Can't have 'AN' for 'A'. :)'

  13. Regarding 20 D: Set cryptic section for Guardian (7); Exa's Sub-Conscious desire?