Tuesday, 1 December 2015

No 11563, Tuesday 01 Dec 2015, Afterdark

9   Security seen in hot, love scene (7) HOSTAGE {H}{O}{STAGE}
10 Ignorant of a clash between UN and England (7) UNAWARE {UN}{A}{WAR}{E}
11 Grain supplied by the Spanish soldiers taken by stranger (7) ELEMENT {E{LE}{MEN}T} (Addendum - {EL}{E{MEN}T} - See comments)
12 Father makes cake; girl on entry gets a box (7) PACKAGE {PA}{CKA{G}E*}
13 Reports from east's wrong, media vets infrequently (9) EXPRESSES {E}{X}{PRESS}{vEtS}
15 Forsake General concealing a victory (5) LEAVE {LE{A}{V}E}
16 Instruments like die I dispatched as a substitute for spade (7) DEVICES {DiE}{VICE}{S}
19 Stay if son organized meet (7) SATISFY*
20 Right inside, auditor seen with wife's pupil; Creep (5) CRAWL {C{R}A}{W}{L}
21 Be dormant in cold period. I ne'er bath anyway (9) HIBERNATE*
25 In new demo, nut is fixed and assembled for use (7) MOUNTED*
26 OK, get down and head right inside (7) ALRIGHT {AL{Ri..t}IGHT}
28 Old city in South African province is chemical-free (7) NATURAL {NAT{UR}AL}
29 Somehow accede position and get security (7) DEPOSIT [T]

1   Dairy product from Switzerland, Central Greece used without dressing (6) CHEESE {CH}{grEEce}{uSEd}
2   Being inactive? Please reform (6) ASLEEP*
3   About to win air conditioner in contest (4) RACE {R{AC}E}
4   Check-up incomplete; repeated for an organ (6) TESTES {TESt}{TESt}
5   Engineer uses prop for plans (8) PURPOSES*
6   Alto car crashes around lake; in it Copper finds an electronic device (10) CALCULATOR {L}{CU} in {ALTO+CAR}*
7   Groups of travellers seen in vehicles carrying a vanadium article (8) CARAVANS {CAR{A}{V}{AN}S}
8   Unsympathetically terminate/end love with heartless lady (8) SEVERELY {SEVER}{lovE}{LadY}
14 Lifts cost a real bomb at Sweden (10) ESCALATORS {COST+A+REAL}*{S}
16 Diamond and forecast of copper inside — Archaeologist's final certificate (8) DOCUMENT {D}{O{CU}MEN}{a...sT}
17 Visa reissued, includes passage to bridges (8) VIADUCTS {VIA{DUCT}S*}
18 On return, avoids including Switzerland itinerary (8) SCHEDULE {S{CH}EDULE<=}
22 Confronts king decked in jewels (6) BEARDS {BEA{R}DS}
23 Gold rush is awe-inspiring (6) AUGUST {AU}{GUST}
24 Eats stew at Lawrence's manor (6) ESTATE {EATS*}{TE}
27 Dismissed first player, point secured in tie (4) ROPE {RO}{Pl...r}{E} Dismissed = Runout = RO


  1. Simply entertaining...trademark AD puzzle..smooth surfaces

  2. Simple and elegant 12A on offer! Thoroughly enjoyed the fare. Thank you Afterdark.

  3. 11 Grain supplied by the Spanish soldiers taken by stranger (7) ELEMENT {E{LE}{MEN}T}
    I had it as {EL}{E{MEN}T}

  4. 29 Somehow accede position and get security (7) DEPOSIT [T]

    Somehow - typo for somewhat?

    1. I don't think so. "Somehow' is intended teles. ind.
      In such signals, is 'what' or 'how' redundant?

  5. AD's CW is the silver lining in the dark cloud at chennai! Thoroughly enjoyed. No paper delivered. Solved thanks to the link to grid here. Thank you Col.

  6. Dismissed first player, point secured in tie (4)
    Very good clue.
    Tie is noun in surface and verb in WP of SI (subsidiary ind).
    'first point' to indicate P is not accepted by judges of even CWCs, leave alone newspaper CWD eds.
    When we say 'first night' (he,he,he) to indicae first of long, interminable, sometimes boring nights, I don't understand why 'first player' and similar constructions should be frowned upon.
    What is your take?

    1. No problem at all with first player, first night,(tongue-in-cheek)

  7. Nice one from AD today...simple, smooth one.. Rope couldnt parse though..

  8. Suresh @11.19: I wish there were "Like" buttons as in FB for the comments here too.

  9. Over a period, like a bad habit the deletion/anagram type clues were predominant when I was setting. Made a conscious attempt to avoid it totally in these 2 puzzles of this cycle. That made anagrams predominant yday. Getting tougher to make a puzzle in one stretch to keep a note on such things :(