Friday, 12 February 2016

No 11623, Friday 12 Feb 2016, Gridman

It's one of those days, Gridman has stumped me in the SE corner today.

1   Star-shapeda Star-Trek empath flanked by son and daughter (7) ASTROID {A}{S}{TROI}{D}
5   Stormy ocean? A five hundred travelled by water (6) CANOED {OCEAN*}{D}
10 Spartan case working on nervous complaint (7) ASCETIC {CASE*}{TIC}
11 Small working boat, powerful hitter (7) SLUGGER {S}{LUGGER}
12 Sympathetic sort about to give credit to worker in textile industry (9) (Addendum - CALENDRER - {LEND} in {CARER} - See comments)
13 Depend on door device (5) HINGE [DD]
14 Acquire vessel, say (4) EARN (~ urn)
15 Avoids saying what a dog might do when a stranger attacks it (5,4) BITES BACK [C&DD]
18 Large pips? People with these are of generous nature (3,6) BIG HEARTS [C&DD]
20 Shape, the head of which gives a hint of it (4) OVAL ? [CD] See comments
24 Despatch immediately. Poles are lost. Provide funds (5) ENDOW {sEND}{nOW}
25 Card player's confession sits uncomfortably with those who are not practical (9) IDEALISTS {I}{DEAL}{SITS*}
26 One in the pool working on DPhil (7) DOLPHIN*
27 Not all said top English drug is explosive material (7) (Addendum - TOLUENE  {TOLd}{U}{EN}{E} - See comments)
28 Owner changed name to attain fame (6) RENOWN {OWNER*}{N}
29 Brief fervour over old woman in ladies' quarters (7) ZENANAS {NANA} in {ZESt}

2   A quarter of the eye omits nothing of the worldly (7) SECULAR {SE}{oCULAR}
3   Assessment of NCO sailor? (6) RATING [DD]
4   No dicta in Iran resulted in canonical enlistment (13) INCARDINATION*
6   A chum's endless practice in an emirate (3,5) ABU DHABI {A}{BU D}{HABIt}
7   Ball's racing away, that's natural (7) ORGANIC {O}{RACING*}
8   Ran around in the German sewer (6) DARNER {RAN}* in {DER}
9   Observed what the guard did (7) WATCHED [DD]
11 Drama by the way (6,7) STREET THEATRE [CD]
16 Dog — see and explain that twice (4,4) CHOW CHOW {C}{HOW} {C}{HOW}
17 Criticise big assessor (7) ( Addendum - BLISTER {B}{LISTER} - See comments)
19 Dyestuff gets our country's limited ruling (7) INDULIN {IND}{rULINg}
21 Design varies to include a Central leader's guts (7) VISCERA {Ce...l} in {VARIES}*
22 Do really move to hospital section (6) RENDER ? {REND}{ER}
23 Everyone about a Scotsman's limited speech disorder (6) ALEXIA Anno pending (Addendum - ALALIA {AL{A}L}{IAn} - See comments)


  1. 20 Shape, the head of which gives a hint of it (4) OVAL ? Yes O (head of oval) represents the shape
    27 Not all said top English drug is explosive material (7) TOL(-d) + U + EN + E

    17 Criticise big assessor (7) B + LISTER
    23 Everyone about a Scotsman's limited speech disorder (6) AL(A)L + IA(-n)

    1. Is Toluene by itself an explosive material? Trinitrotoluene or TNT is the explosive.

    2. Specifically Upper class

    3. Thank you Ramesh & CPC, but I took "Top England' for En.

  2. Could get all except 22Dn RENDER {REND}{ER}
    Am still confused with the anno! Seek help please.

  3. I too didn't get RENDER only

  4. I am not even sure it is render

  5. i would say BEND ER meaning 'do'.
    Bend meaning to really make an effort to move

    1. But does Bend for really move really work?

  6. Replies
    1. That is a good example CPC

    2. It could equally be "really move" = "move quickly" = tear = rend , which could lead to render...we will have to see

    3. Sometimes we setters forget how our mind worked when we wrote a clue. That's to say, sometimes I forget the anno of my own clue. Ha, ha, ha. CPC, you have approximated close to my thinking! I am relieved that I have not made any mistake. Only different people are looking at it differently!

    4. So, did you intend Bender or Render

    5. RENDER unto the solver the things that are the solver's.

    6. Going on a BENDER is not such a good thing anyway.

  7. Though I got alalia(thanks to the perfect wordplay & Blister missed out on zenanas & render
    Nice workout today..

  8. I was simply floored by street theatre & calendrer for which I had put secret theatre and calendric. Though I could make etymological base of calender I miscerably failed. Incidentally my birth place is near Erode where lot of calendering mills are running. With all that I enjoyed the puzzle today.Thank you ,sir.

  9. Missed a few. Learned new words. Still, an entertaining puzzle.

  10. Gridman puts the solver in a gridlock on first flush but eventually, a couple of clues cleared, and then the others fall like ninepins; therein lies the beauty when eventually the whole puzzle stands vanquished !!