Saturday, 20 February 2016

No 11630, Saturday 20 Feb 2016, Arden


1 Junior gets a vital break, Mary forms an NGO (9,4) SALVATION ARMY {SON} around {A VITAL}* {MARY*} 10 Antelope part of impalas or elands? (5) SOREL (T) 11 Freeze, stop halfway in dance from east county (9) LEICESTER {LE{ICE}{STop}ER<=} 12 Process to start photosynthesis — will stop within a leaf (9) APPENDAGE {A}{P{Phot..s}{END}AGE} 13 Short and sweetultimately it's the language (5) TERSE {sweeT}{ERSE} 14 Chinaman smart — making menu (7) LISTING {LI}{STING} 16 Medallion for lapel? (7) ROUNDEL {ROUND}{EL}
18 John's still young — making a mess (7) CANTEEN {CAN}{TEEN} 20 Cartier design keeps changing (7) ERRATIC {CARTIER}* 22 Cross riding group (5) UPSET {UP}{SET} 24 Fresh dal in each dish (9) ENCHILADA {DAL IN EACH}*
26 Tailor asking her extra material to allow for this (9) SHRINKAGE {ASKING HER}* 27 Finally stripped totally (2,3) IN ALL {fIN ALLy} 28 Family's fate — receiving central help secretly (13) CLANDESTINELY {CLAN}{DESTIN{hELp}Y}


2 Concerning the short proposal made (7) APROPOS {PROPOSAl}* 3 Love — it's futile to hold fast, sweetheart (9) VALENTINE {VA{LENT}IN}{swEet} 4 American city's got time left in America (5) TULSA {T}{U{L}SA} 5 Perhaps Twist around cat's tail — points to some growth (5,4) OLIVE TREE {OLIVE {caT}R}{E}{E}
6 Stop way before road junction (5) AVERT {AVE}{R}{T} 7 Old old city, joined together in the suburbs (7) MATURED {MAT{UR}ED} 8 Sound like a sailor — swear about old military training (7,6) ASSAULT COURSE {~ A SALT} {C{O}URSE} 9 Single mistake over position accomplished — cannot be changed (13) IRREPLACEABLE {I}{RRE<=}{PLACE}{ABLE} 15 Drink large rum — the ultimate drink (6,3) GINGER ALE {GIN}{GER AL*}{thE} 17 Iranian works under British subject in Kiev (9) UKRAINIAN {UK}{IRANIAN*} 19 Shortlisting — may be losing sight of air passage (7) NOSTRIL {shORtLiSTINg}* 21 Labour brave at heart to board train (7) TRAVAIL {T{bRAVe}AIL} 23 Joint effort, finally nobody's promoted (5) TENON {efforT}{ENON<=} 25 Hundred others joined summit (5) CREST {C}{REST}

Reference list

Junior=Son, John=Can, Riding=Up
Time=T, Left=L, America=USA, Point=E, Way=Ave, Road=R, Junction=T, Old city=Ur, Old=O, Single=I(One), Drink=Gin, British=UK, Hundred=C 

Color/Font Scheme

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  1. Back home after a four day holiday from Bangalore to Mahabalipuram to Coimbatore to Bangalore covering over 1200 km by road. the only minus was spending almost three out of the four days on the road, I'm not complaining though as I love driving

  2. 1200 Kms by road! Thank God that at least the highways are enjoyable to drive unlike the cities. It has to be called a driving holiday with hardly any time to stay.
    Lots of work for Ramesh today.

  3. wow Colonel, u sure have lots of energy :). spent the nights on the road i guess.. quite fun :) Cool puzzle from Arden today...thanks for the samosas..

  4. Happy birthday Aakash..wish you lots of fun and success !

  5. Loved the puzzle...took a long long time...especially assault course...Listing..Tulsa & last in was Leicester...thought this was a classic puzzle where the cryptic reading was perfect

  6. Happy Birthday & many happy returns of the day Akash. May Exa continue his good work for along long time.