Monday, 22 February 2016

No 11631, Monday 22 Feb 2016, Arden

1   Wise to have a relationship when posted outside (7) SAPIENT {S{A}{PI}ENT}
5   A ticket — not only for team leader to take action (3,4) ACT UPON {A}{C(-o+t}T UPON}
9   Returned without Ted — made to repeat (5) RERUN REtURNed*
10 Overlapping signs at repositories (9) LIBRARIES {LIBR/A\RIES}
11 Meanness of making minors pay (9) PARSIMONY*
12 Echo of songs about unknown land (5) SYRIA {AIRS<=} about {Y}
13 What's done to reject cheese? (4) EDAM <=
15 Tampered with work — ripped through data storage (8) DOCTORED {DO}{C{TORE}D}
18 Keeping the Spanish wine over the sideboard (8) CELLARET {CLARET} over {EL}
19 Instrument to force out another (4) LUTE fLUTE
22 Take a month off — the dead will be relieved (5) EASED decEASED
24 Calender I'm unable to follow by month end (9) MENDICANT {M}{END}{I}{CAN'T}
26 After dusk the Queen has one, perhaps (9) SUNDOWNER {SUNDOWN}{ER} Semi&lit
27 Final admission of setter is correct (5) EMEND {ME} in {END}
28 Partners go through characteristic passage (7) TRANSIT {NS} in {TRAIT}
29 Not a setback as one writes scores (7) NOTATES {NOT}{A}{SET<=}

1   Shares storylines written within no time (6) SCRIPS SCRIPtS
2   Some game — not black bird (9) PARTRIDGE {PART}{bRIDGE}
3   You hear nine fighting boredom (5) ENNUI (~you){U+NINE}*
4   For God in later avatar, it's a formidable task (4,5) TALL ORDER {LORD} in {LATER}*
5   Can't escape from a river crossing Britain (2,3) AT BAY {A}{T {B}AY}
6   To a degree hauls up poisonous stuff (9) TOADSTOOL {TO}{A}{D}{STOOL<=}
7   A man of god in the past (5) PRIOR [DD]
8   Naval attack — officer away in Bahamas (6) NASSAU {N}{ASSAUlt}
14 Arden byline — unpalatable or sweet? (9) MELODIOUS {ME}{L}{ODIOUS}
16 Split commission, added extra (3,3,3) CUT AND RUN {CUT} {AND} {RUN}
17 Outgoing text perhaps describes party animal (9) EXTRAVERT {EXT{RAVER}T*}
20 Cheap accommodation — the thing's underneath the garden (6) BEDSIT {BEDS}{IT}
21 Adds to confusion when conflicting (2,4) AT ODDS*
23 Girl's climbing plant (5) SENNA <=
24 Painter’s picture after a day (5) MONET {MON}{ET}
25 Record breaking bid not well chosen (5) INEPT {EP} in {1 NT}



  1. Fifth time in 2016 we're seeing ennui (though all by different setters).

    1. Suffering from ennui

    2. Niece is another oft repeated word.

  2. Unusually took ages to complete Arden's puzzle - cellarat was a new word and needed help with that though I did have the el and claret !. and the calendar mendicant connection again needed google help (as i had extravert as extrovert first) .. at bay too took time esp since i had act upon as not open first !! btw thanks for the parsing on act upon .. didnt guess that one :) didnt help that i was half asleep while tackling this too :)

  3. Meeting of Libra & Aries was nicely done and enjoyable.

  4. Superb one!could do the puzzle late in the night...after a long the stillness of night...imaginative wordplay..superb cluing..just kept me glued to the puzzle..(this addiction doesnt let u sleep)
    Another hectic day...may be another night solve