Monday, 29 February 2016

No 11637, Monday 29 Feb 16, Lightning

1   Inclination to write and say Om (8) PENCHANT {PEN}{CHANT}
5   Place where fishes learn to form a group? (6) SCHOOL [DD]
9   Arrange team trip for less than the customary duration (4-4) PART-TIME*
10 War finally moved former US president to depression (6) CRATER {C(+r)RA(-r)TER}
12 Liquid assets to cover Rupee’s fall (5) CRASH {C{R}ASH}
13 Strip detective inspector’s responsibility (9) DISMANTLE {DI'S}{MANTLE}
14 Trimming selection of generic racquets (6) RICRAC [T]
16 For the most part, growing small fruits (7) RAISINS {RAISINg}{S}
19 Passed through dock last month on the way back (7) PIERCED {PIER}{CED<=}
21 Have a look at a bird (6) GANDER [DD]
23 Spend life primarily restoring our magnificence (9) SPLENDOUR {SPEND+L}*{OUR}
25 Nearly neglected yield (5) F?R?H (Addendum FORGO FORGOt - See comments)
26 Computer manufacturer at the middle of testing plug-in (6) APPLET {APPLE}{tesTing}
27 Damage platform outside a branch office (8) SABOTAGE {SA{BO}TAGE}
28 Put up with final period in office (second half only) (6) ENDURE {END}{tenURE}
29 Intrepid sales force oddly disorganised (8) FEARLESS {SALES+FoRcE}*

1   Father disheartened clergy, office of the pope (6) PAPACY {PAPA}{ClergY}
2   Arrive at noon in order to make a statement (9) NARRATIVE {ARRIVE+AT+N}*
3   Hour-long stoppage (5) HITCH {H}{ITCH}
4   Unsettled leader gets irritated with Cuba (7) NOMADIC {NO{MAD}1}{C} 
6   Air cannot set right flower (9) CARNATION*
7   Heads of opera combine to examine talent of group of eight (5) OCTET Acrostic
8   Tip of big ship, tip of airplane (8) LARGESSE {LARGE}{SS}{a...nE}
11 Despots are sheltering despot (4) TSAR [T]
15 Storyteller that mostly recounts a funny record primarily (9) RACONTEUR {RECOUNTs+A}*{Re...d}
17 Drunkard, intoxicated to begin with, mixing tea with brine (9) INEBRIATE {In...d}{TEA+BRINE}*
18 Disciple the French dismissed had become renegade (8) APOSTATE {APOSTle}{ATE}
20 Dire fate of doctor returning after work (4) DOOM {DO}{OM<=}
21 Trash rim of bus in parking structure (7) GARBAGE {GAR{Bus}AGE}
22 Drives an influential person nuts in the end (6) WHEELS {WHEEL}{nutS} (Addendum - POWERS {POWER}{S} - See comments)
24 Fat in a body part is dangerous for starters (5) LIPID {LIP}{Is}{Da...s}
25 Ceiling raised to accommodate large storey (5) FLOOR {F{L}OOR<=}



  1. I had 25a as FORGO(-T). But nothing satisfactory for 22d

    1. Powers was the best fit, that I could come up with

    2. I had FORGO as well for 25a. Went for MOVERS for 22d

    3. I had it initially as movers & then changed it to powers

    4. I also put powers and forgo. But root issues with power part of powers?

  2. I had 'Impels' for 22D. 'One important person' for 'Imp', but could not get the nuts part. Also lost for 25A.

  3. Col.
    For 27A, it has to be (ABO) for a branch office within 'Stage'. {s(abo)tage}

  4. I too had POWERS and FORGO. Are there samosas?

  5. Will 'Forth' fit in for 25A? And wheels stays for 22D.

    1. Forgo is direct synonym for yield and power is an influential person and nuts in the end is s

  6. For 'Forth' Chambers: 1 into existence or view • bring forth children.

  7. From Free Dic. for 'wheel-
    7. Slang A person with a great deal of power or influence: a wheel in state government.
    So I go for 'Wheels' & 'Forth'.
    Wait until tomorrow?

  8. Ajeesh's parsing @ 9:02 is what I had in mind

  9. Ram,
    Your samosas are fine, but mine is gone. Thank you VP for the clarification. So it is powers for 22d.

    1. Paddy, You have more frequency in getting samosas, than I.

  10. quick one.. except for 22d of course.. had it as powers with movers as a second option. If powers is a go then i can smell the samosas :) Ricrac a new word - good one Lightning

  11. powers rendered me powerless. otherwise a nice puzzle. Enjoyed the clues.5,12a & 3,4d worth special mention. Thanks Lightning.