Saturday, 6 August 2016

No 11771, Saturday 06 Aug 2016, Sunnet

Sunnet rooting for a Hockey gold for India at the Olympics

1   Warning: Stumped trees (6) FOREST {FORE}{ST}
4   Spotted hash around student editor (8) BLOTCHED {B{L}OTCH}{ED}
10 A trust for developing artificial grass (9) ASTROTURF*
11 Like small house's tie (5) ASCOT {AS}{COT}
12 Accurate demand (5) EXACT [DD]
13 Animation of a hot-head (9) ALIVENESS {A}{LIVE}{NESS}
14 Fine writer has alternative yarn initially (7) PENALTY {PEN}{ALT}{Yarn}
16 State-side destination (4) GOAL {GOA}{L}
19 Garden measure (4) YARD [DD]
21 Route to room (7) FORWARD Anno pending (Addendum - {FOR}{WARD} - See comments)
24 Ms. Lots (9) THOUSANDS [DD]
25 Thus actuarian's capital (5) SOFIA {SO}{FIA}
26 Tropical plant to preserve sodium (5) CANNA {CAN}{NA}
27 One can whistle for relaxing (9) UNLOOSING {UN}{LOO}{SING}
28 Spectacular hitting (8) STRIKING [DD]
29 Disturbs state bands (6) UPSETS {UP}{SETS}

1   Eruptions following indecent perusal (5-3) FLARE-UPS {F}{PERUSAL}*
2   Teaches new skill concerning locomotives (8) RETRAINS {RE}{TRAINS}
3   Quick throws without moving (5) SHORT THROwS*
5   Pinching a fish holding one newspaper (7) LIFTING {1}{FT} in {LING}
6   Job's honest sales event (5,4) TRADE FAIR {TRADE} {FAIR}
7   Unlimited wine before main game (6) HOCKEY {HOCk}{KEY}
8   Have an aversion to tested bananas (6) DETEST*
9   Offensive in Quebec with a couple of unknowns (6) QUEAZY {QUE}{A}{Z}{Y}
15 Say, only a predator can become a moneylender (4,5) LOAN SHARK (~lone){LOAN} {SHARK}
17 Break me? (4-4) HALF-TIME tiME
18 He perhaps, joins setter, to distribute perfectly behaving substance (5,3) IDEAL GAS {I}{DEAL} {GAS} Anno pending See comments
20 Scholar's month with a wolf (3,4) DON JUAN {DON} {JU{A}N}
21 Easily melted fuel is extracted (6) FUSILE*
22 Fixes twigs (6) STICKS [DD]
23 Trap heartless medical examiner (6) CORNER CORoNER
25 Shovel using small cage (5) SCOOP {S}{COOP}



  1. +1 for the opening comment
    Hope India wins the gold.

  2. 21A:Thought it was FOR+WARD

  3. 21A. To = for and ward = room? That's how I parsed it.
    24A. Very clever clue
    7D. Should the clue be limited wine ....?

    1. 7D- 'Unlimited' is the indication for reading without the last letter or limit as indicated in the parsing.

  4. 18 He perhaps, joins setter, to distribute perfectly behaving substance (5,3) IDEAL GAS {I}{DEAL} GAS Anno pending

    GAS: Helium

    1. I need clarification - Is inert gas the same as ideal gas?

    2. Raghunath
      There is no prob about the def He.
      Helium is an ideal gas.
      The charade is I DEAL gas
      I think the clue-writer has inadvertently given another def at the end instead of an SI for 'gas'.
      If so, such mistakes can be detected and amended only if the puzzles are solved and analysed by a crossword editor.

    3. CV, Helium is not an ideal gas. I don't find any error in the clue. The Def is "perfectly behaving substance"

    4. KKR. Inert gas does not generally react with most substances and Ideal gas is a hypothetical gas

    5. Thanks. I checked but most lazily - without due dilgence.
      Apols to the setter.So the anno is GAS after I DEAL, the last few words being the def.

  5. Good one from Sunnet. My COD was 21Ac UNLOOSING.

  6. I liked THOUSANDS and UNLOOSING. Thanks Sunnet.

    1. I agree, both are good clues with some entertainment value.
      As a setter I know some of the clues we write can be boring. Do you think so too?

    2. I don't think they are boring. They are run-of-the-mill to me.

  7. 'Striking' may also be added to the theme.
    Thank you Sunnet for a nice enjoyable CW- I am late and one of the 'thousands' to appreciate.

    1. Striking & yard were intended to be theme words. It is a pangram too.

  8. Thanks every one for the feedback. Hope India does well in hockey at Rio

  9. An ideak gas is one which satisfies the equation, PV=nRT, as per Physics. No gas is perfectly ideal.

  10. India start off the olympic campaign with a 3-2 win against Ireland.
    Keep going guys!

  11. Unloosing kept me chuckling for ages.. Nice theme Ramesh . enjoyed this one a lot.

  12. Happy days are over it's xChequer on Mon - Tue