Friday, 12 August 2016

No 11776, Friday 12 Aug 2016, The Phantom

8   Cut from knife's edge after fight (6) SCRAPE {SCRAP}{k..fE}
9   Tired from a weekend at sea (8) WEAKENED*
10 Very confusing article running from top to bottom (8) VERTICAL {V}{ARTICLE}*
11 By sacrificing rook board has black leading (6) BESIDE {B}{rESIDE}
12 Mules stomping all around caught displaying brawn (6) MUSCLE {MUS{C}LE*}
13 Vessel carried by officer that's finally opened is full (8) OCCUPIED {OC}{CUP}{IE}{o...eD}
15 Minimal profit seen in bank's returns (7) REPLIES {Pr...s} in {RELIES}
17 Journalist's revolution blocks return of autocrats (7) DESPOTS {ED<=}{STOPS<=}
20 Policing busted a drug ring, pusher finally escapes (8) GUARDING {A+DRUG+rING}*
22 Guess boys have no yen for greens (6) SALADS {SAy}{LADS}
23 Silver lining? Pure and simple it's not much (6) MEAGRE {ME{AG}RE}
25 Port during winter lacked way leading inside (8) INTERIOR {wINTER}IOR Anno pending (Addendum - {wINTE{RIO}R} - See comments)
26 Reveals hidden secret about female's first love (8) REFLECTS {SECRET}* about {F}{Love}
27 Anxiety after hiding heroin (6) LATHER {LAT{H}ER}

1   List of clues he'd rearranged (8) SCHEDULE*
2   Fussy individual (10) PARTICULAR [DD]
3   Secure criminal got free (6) RESCUE*
4   Bird's sickly lacking weight (7) SWALLOW {S{W}ALLOW}
5   Grill perhaps to stop worker going outside club often (8) BARBECUE {BAR}{BE{ClUb}E}
6   Man's escorted an indefinite number of women (4) HENS {HE{aN}'S} (Addendum - {HE{N}'S} - See comments)
7   Put your two cents for medal during conversation (6) MEDDLE (~medal)
14 Royal pupit somehow gets adulation (10) POPULARITY*
16 Leap over fence, doffing hat to witness (8) EVIDENCE {DIVE<=}{fENCE}
18 Dale opts to go around for some amphibian larvae (8) TADPOLES*
19 Touching thanks expressed over securing wins (7) AGAINST {TA<=} over {GAINS}
21 Entertainment not started yet? That's not fair (6) UNEVEN {fUN}{EVEN}
22 People put out notice about dry lake (6) SETTLE {SE{TT}{L}E}
24 Upcoming promotion for 4? (4) GULP <=



  1. 25 Port during winter lacked way leading inside (8) (-w)INTE{RIO}R
    Port = Rio

  2. Many Easy Anagrams - Somewhat easier offering today. Thanks Phantom

    1. +1.
      15AC is not appreciated. Bank's = relies?

  3. To bank on something is to rely on it.
    Easier than usual, but had a small problem with against and SW corner.

  4. 6D Man's escorted an indefinite number of women (4){HE{N}'S}

    N = an indefinite number

  5. Indication for Rio to become IOR? Also, Rio is a shortened name.

    1. Apologies. Did not notice the proper location of Rio.

  6. Nice picture of Col. doing a barbecue.

  7. 6D Man's escorted an indefinite number of women (4){HE{N}'S}

    N = an indefinite number

  8. Woke up late..did the puzzle on line(for the first time) from office..
    An easier offering from Mr. Walker..quite enjoyable

  9. Took longer than expected on this one. And had Hens as Hers :( Lol..thanks for sharing the barbecue pic colonel :)