Thursday, 25 August 2016

No 11786, Thursday 25 Aug 2016, Neyartha

Citric delight from Neyartha

1   Get serious about a depressed joint? (7,4) KNUCKLE DOWN {KNUCKLE} {DOWN}
9   Look inside the animal for a medicinal powder (7) CALOMEL {CA{LO}MEL}
10 Plant product gets eccentric trio imprisoned by China (6) CITRON {C{TRIO*}N}
11 Urge to claim pellet gun's contents (5) IMPEL [T]
12 Note about informal expressions yields clues (7) SIGNALS {SI}{SLANG<=}
15 Bill of fare — something seen on a computer screen? (4) MENU [DD]
16 No time to draft annotations about the American city (3,7) SAN ANTONIO ANNOtATIONS*
18 Get up! Friar's running around for a plant product (10) GRAPEFRUIT {GET+UP+FRIAR}*
20 Fool's daughter going right to the end of an article reflecting personal views (2-2) OP-ED (-d)OP-E(+d)D
23 Kind of symmetry in the folds around a box for the titanium article (7) SPATIAL {TI}{A} in {LAPS<=}
24 Old sweetheart caught with a plant product (5) LEMON [DD?] (Addendum - (~ leman) - See comments)
26 The first German to be evicted from a farmhouse by Oscar gets a plant product (6) ORANGE (-g+o)ORANGE
27 Fabulously designed fob goes missing routinely (7) USUALLY fAbULoUSLY*
28 Dark spruce damaged by copper and a gibbon (11) CREPUSCULAR {SPRUCE*}{CU}{LAR} Reverse engineered guesswork!

2   Quick male enters overturned container before the French (6) NIMBLE {NI{M}B<=}{LE}
3   Ring to get an old head covering for the auditor (4) CALL (~ caul)
4   Calm surroundings for operation in-charge rendered powerless by a sour milk component (6,4) LACTIC ACID {ACT}{IC} in {pLACID}
5   Set off? (8) DETONATE [E]
6   Owl Noel disturbed with bulky cloth (7) WOOLLEN*
7   American football practice leading to a noisy riotous fight (9) SCRIMMAGE [DD]
8   Lubricants containing phosphorus returned with new type of footwear (4-2) SLIP-ON {SLI{P}O<=}{N}
13 Woman's daughter's off with the audience (not trendy) to find some clerical assistants (3,7) LAY READERS {LAdY} {READERShip}
14 Excellent view of the swift diving duck (6-3) GOLDEN-EYE {GOLDEN}-{EYE}
17 Battered peanut cooked after a follower meets the Asian (6-2) BEATEN-UP {B}{E}{PEANUT*}
19 Drug, fashionable, replaced with hesitation by one with high hopes (7) ASPIRER ASPIR(-in+er)ER
21 The plant product was rudely lampooned and left out (6) POMELO LaMPOOnEd*
22 Part of the sample uranium taken out to get a lung membrane (6) PLEURA [T]
25 Balu finally gets to support the leaders of the young Uzbek zookeepers with a plant product (4) YUZU {Yo..g}{Uz..k}{Zo...s}{balU}



  1. Excellent one from Neyartha ! Themed wonderfully.. On 24a i am not sure if it is Lemon or Leman (archaic word for lover) is not a DD but some form of addition/deletion .. crepescular a totally new word for me.. thank god for google :)

    1. You are right Srividya. Leman hp indicator (caught with = heard)

    2. oh i see.. the caught is the hp indicator.. not an addition/deletion then.. thanks KKR

  2. Neyartha's trademark and fine one.
    13DN I think it still works without "Not trendy"

  3. A fruitful session!
    I was thinking that 'Grapefruit' is regular grapes until I saw the Col's picture and read up.
    I was lampooned by the deletion of 'and' for a long time.

  4. Neyartha returns with a superb citric puzzle!
    Being a holiday..did the puzzle at a leisurely pace..

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    1. Thanks Ramesh for the link. Btw did anyone notice that the links to Terms of service and Privacy Policy lead to a 404 link :) I tried registering with my Singapore number - is that not possible? Coz i have not yet received sms with login details.. :(

    2. Hi Ramesh,
      I tried to log in. But my password seemed to be unrecognized. Sent a mail seeking new password.
      Incidentally, IXL2016 seems unbelievable. There is already a link with IXL2016 in the website, which leads us to the leaderboard statistics in which we all participated last.
      Do you feel the same?

    3. KKR,
      Did you make sure you put in your mobile no? They send a new password by sms. I got it that way only.

    4. I logged in with my mobile no. only. When I askrequested for password, it asked me to give my mail id. Then refused saying invalid email. I tried with all my mail ids. No chance

    5. KKR,
      It seems you you chose "Already registered? Login to play" option to get your password. Choose the option "Register to participate" and fill-in the columns and am sure you will get the password immediately.

    6. Thanks Padmanabhan and MB,
      In fact, I got a mail two days ago that the IXL2016 will be opening today.
      Since I was already registered with them, I thought the website will allow me to log-in with the credentials available. I registered afresh just now and got sms on my mobile with the new password. I am logged in now.

  6. As usual, the registration takes us in cirlcles, but done now .

    Looking forward to solving it on 11th Sept, 2016, en-route to New York that very same day !