Monday, 29 August 2016

No 11789, Monday 29 Aug 2016, Buzzer

6   Old chap overcome by desire for female (8) WOMANISH {W{O}{MAN}ISH}
9   Measure of rectangular area reduced in breadth (6) LENGTH [LxB]
10 Letter I objectively second (4) MEMO {ME}{MO}
11 Dancing ballet etc. involves hospital risk (4,3,3) BELL THE CAT {BALLET+ETC+H}*
12 Standard newspaper headline (6) BANNER [DD]
14 Leaked video essentially copied from DVD (7) DRIPPED {viDeo}{RIPPED}
15 Women need beauty for a change in confidence? (7,3,3,2) BETWEEN YOU AND ME*
18 Of stretching decades on French island (7) TENSILE {TENS}{ILE}
20 Bleeding heart lacking confidence to provide protection (6) INSURE INSecURE  Thanks to Ramesh for the Anno
22 Scotch is why talk slurs after minutes (4,6) MALT WHISKY {M}{IS+WHY+TALK}*
23 Relaxed end of week chore? (4) TASK {SAT<=}{weeK} Relaxed = Sat back
24 Cry about being taken in by a deception (6) SCREAM {SC{RE}AM}
25 Range of hills rising ruggedly, protecting India at large (8) NILGIRIS {I}{L} in {RISING}*

1   Fine to lower head from a boxing blow (4) KAYO (-o)KAY(+o)O
2   Pay out exactly for bus rides (8) DISBURSE*
3   Excess that is around muscles (6) GLUTEI {GLUT}{IE<=}
4   Hankers less for inner clothing (10) UNDERPANTS {UNDER-PANTS}
5   Arbitrarily cut short mandatory ruling (2,6) AT RANDOM {MANDATORy}*
7   Home game ringing the end of a series (5) OMEGA [T]
8   Oh going about working daily, main issue in the period between Thanksgiving and New Year (7,6) HOLIDAY SEASON {OH<=}{DAILY*} {SEA}{SON}
13 Sometimes negative article gets stick at first? Naturally (3,3,4) NOW AND THEN {NO}{W AND} {THE}{Na...y}
16 Access to transport (8) ENTRANCE [DD]
17 Relative having cool and singular sort of vehicle (8) UNICYCLE {UN{ICY}CLE}
19 Without a name, cruel to place in a tomb (6) INHUME INHUManE
21 Regular brain schtik makes one sage (5) RISHI {bRaIn ScHtIk}
23 Follow narration of story (4) TAIL (~ tale)



  1. Failed to annotate 20AC. Good crack by Ramesh.
    4-lettered clues - 10AC and 1DN - took looooong time!
    Thanks Ramesh and Buzzer.

  2. Very nice puzzle again. Not sure how anagram works in 2D. Explain please?

  3. Excellent timely puzzle. Most enjoyable 30 minutes

  4. An outstanding puzzle once again by Buzzer..pithy cluing, credible surfaces, gorgeous wp..
    Thanks for an instructive blog

  5. Yes, 10 and 23 are outstanding. Precisely andimpeccabaly written.

  6. Q: What is the end-of-week chore that you do relaxedly?

  7. I untie the tangle in my poonool.

    1. Vasi Sir, do you do on all weekends? Or on avani avittam, if it falls on weekends?

    2. Solve Sunday special by KKR and others.
      Vasant & I would like to add TOI CW too.

  8. Weekend chore - Drink beer and sleep :-)

  9. Deepak - Nothing can be more relaxing than that!

  10. Replies
    1. And those who were retired on age and "enough is enough" grounds!

  11. This one was rather nice ... particularly enjoyed 11a.. is it coincidence or are there several creeping cats around? have been coming across this clue several times now :)