Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Sunday Crossword, Sunday 07 Aug 2016

1   Carp for instance about silly oaf's heirs (6,4) COARSE FISH {C}{OAF'S +HEIRS}*
6   Sort of poker for piercing (4) STUD [DD]
9   Claim I'm accepting about great boxer's expertise (15) PROFESSIONALISM {PROFESS}{I{ON}{ALI'S}'M}
11 Free place in Devon without hesitation filled by politician (6) EXEMPT {EXE{MP}Ter}
12 More intense sort, animated by annoyance, opening out (8) STRONGER {SORT*}{aNGER}
14 Champion put off about result (8) DEFENDER {DEF{END}ER}
15 Article linked to file involved in Michael Caine film (5) ALFIE {A}{FILE*}
18 Fastening some tinsel at Christmas (5) LATCH [T]
19 Nails, say, prepared for examination (8) ANALYSIS*
21 Negative aspect in party extensive around north and south (8) DOWNSIDE {DO}{W{N}{S}IDE}
23 Fly from Spain after end of fortnight with groups (6) TSETSE {f...hT}{SETS}{E}
25 Law officer in amendment of note, nearly great (8,7) ATTORNEY GENERAL*
26 Firm and even parts of estuaries (4) SURE {eStUaRiEs}
27 Informer with opportunity wanting new wife left alone (5,5) GRASS WIDOW {GRASS} {WInDOW}

1   Metal helicopter losing height (6) COPPER ChOPPER
2   Sound fellows amid rising cheers giving satisfaction (9) ATONEMENT {TONE}{MEN} in {TA<=}
3   One in race changing place - he's in lead (13) STEEPLECHASER {PLACE+HE'S}* in {STEER}
4   Combine force and exercise (4) FUSE {F}{USE}
5   Insufficient money for biscuit (10) SHORTBREAD {SHORT}{BREAD}
7   Dilute good article (5) THING {THIN}{G}
8   Slander upset cooks in Scottish town (8) DUMFRIES {MUD<=}{FRIES}
10 Was Coppola smitten with yen to make this? (10,3) APOCALYPSE NOW {WAS+COPPOLA+YEN}* &lit
13 Editor fighting over line retained by precious poet (6,4) EDWARD LEAR {ED}{WAR}{D {L}EAR}
16 Wasted time in loud ceremony, blushing (9) FRITTERED {F}{RI{T}TE}{RED}
17 Jokes about boy ruining initially smart clothes (4,4) GLAD RAGS {G{LAD} {Ru...g}AGS}
20 Mature elm, diseased? Sad (6) MELLOW {ELM*}{LOW}
22 Liquid tar we mixed (5) WATER*
24 Leaves, not parking for a long time (4) AGES pAGES