Wednesday, 2 July 2014

No 11126, Wednesday 02 Jul 2014, Gridman

Gridman has inspired the cartoonist in himself today.

1   Finished with nothing more to do in the laundry service (3,6,2) ALL WASHED UP [DD]
                                                   Cartoon by Rishi
9   Mention again concerning nation (7) RESTATE {RE}{STATE}
10 Bear with a country in bad spot (7) SUSTAIN {S{US}TAIN}
11 A most adventurous opening (5) STOMA*
                                              Cartoon by Bhargav
12 Me-too, I am one ultimately ardent and fond of life, except a number (9) IMITATIVE {I'M}{I}{ardenT}{AcTIVE}
13 Of a subcontinent in the beginnings of dictatorship (5) INDIC {IN}{DIC}
15 One surrounding an urban jungle would be fresh (5,4) GREEN BELT [CD]
18 I learn egg is mixed with the beverage (6,3) GINGER ALE*
21 Take exam again in Benares Itihaas (5) RESIT [T]
22 Question one following mother's afterword, initially bleak and disappointing (4,5) DAMP SQUIB {DAM}{P S}{QU}{1}{B}
                              Illustration by me !
24 Confused in the main? (2,3) AT SEA [DD]
                                                     Cartoon by Rishi
26 Nationalist Irishman instigating trio (7) PATRIOT {PAT}{TRIO*}
27 List accepts one for revelry (7) ROISTER {RO{1}STER}
28 It is a unit in mass food production (7,4) FACTORY FARM [CD]

1   Taking into custody others in a circle (9) ARRESTING {A}{R{REST}ING}
                                                   Cartoon by Rishi
2   Neck line? (5) LASSO [CD]
3   Runs away from cattle farm in a valley in flood (9) AVALANCHE {A}{VAL{rANCH}E}
4   Taking notice of the man concluding without one direction (7) HEEDING {HE}{EnDING}
5   Even considering journalist's recurrent rancour (7) DESPITE {DE<=}{SPITE}
6   Father's way with a dish (5) PASTA {PA}{ST}{A}
7   Suspicion from fighting one head (8) WARINESS {WAR}{1}{NESS}
8   About church in bygone days (4) ONCE {ON}{CE}
14 Explosive restaurant patron said to have power in speech (8) DYNAMITE (~diner might)
16 My trial on course in standard condition (9) NORMALITY*
17 One of them said (for example) (9) TETRAGRAM [CD]
19 A question on a peculiarity of water (7) AQUATIC {A}{QU}{A}{TIC}
20 Measure lawyers try to ban (7) EMBARGO {EM}{BAR}{GO}
22 Dunderhead to uncover insider information (4) DOPE [DD]
23 A type of music makes the French leave boat (5) SKIFF SKIFFle
25 Puzzled star accepts university rule (5) SUTRA {S{U}TRA*}



  1. 17 One of them said (for example) (9) TETRAGRAM [CD]

    I took this as definition by example

    I had a lot of four letter words in mind, but the clue required a 9 letter word which was a 4 letter word

  2. Congrats to 'me !', our new cartoonist!

  3. Wonder what our fellow setter has done to deserve a ban in one of the clues :-)

  4. Was very happy to meet Gridman and Padmanabhan in Madras on Monday. Spent an interesting couple of hours discussing on various topics at the Woodlands restaurant. CV has a couple of snaps taken in lobby of the hotel, of the three of us.
    I'm again in Chennai on 13th and it's unfortunate that the S & B meet date this Sunday.

    1. That should read 'is this Sunday' in the last sentence.

    2. See them here

  5. Enjoyable CW. had me working hard to get all but two.
    I have a small niggle/ doubt about 3D, 'Runs away from' for removal of one R,.
    Thank you Gridman & Raghu for the nice time spent.

  6. Am I one of the trio in 26a & the photo?

    Darting words like DYNAMITE,
    Neither mantra,
    Nor SUTRA,
    Had helped in solving, though I had appetite.

  8. dear all
    could not understand 17D, how does Tetragram fit nthe clue. please shed light to this ignoramus.

  9. So was I until I read the link and Kishore's comment. Pl. follow the link which says 'Tetragram' is a 4 letter word and the 2 words in the clue are examples- them,said.

  10. The surface reading of this clues is excellent and most enjoyable after one understands.

  11. The setter ban I referred to at 8.54 is in 12 a.

  12. Cartoon for 1D -

    In the first place, the expression on the guy's face gives an impression of having been 'caged' for fooling around with the other person.

    Secondly, Rishi could have been more generous with regard to the 'arresting' look. What does her expression imply? Just curious to know.

    17D has inspired me to coin a new euphemism for a four-letter word - an uncharitable tetragram. (Or unmentionable?)

    1. Sounds like talking in code language if one mentions tetragram!

  13. If ye-all have discerning power, you will not fail to notice invariably an underlying psyche in the answers or clues. I dunno, whether it is his involuntary instinct towards such terms. I dunno whether it is his Id or subconscious mind at work. Lets see who amongst you is a Freud or a Jung ! Go guess !

    1. We - er, at least I - do not have the necessary discerning power.
      Hence we - at least I - have failed to notice.
      Don't understand what you are driving at!

  14. How Question one becomes QU 1 in 22A. How do you explain for the extra ;U'.


  15. While we in India generally use Q for question and even internationally Q is an accepted abbr. (as in Q and A session), qu. is also used.
    That is the explanation.
    Hope it satisfies you and that u aren't bothered anymore..

  16. Sorry, I won't be able to attend. Have a good time.