Friday, 11 July 2014

No.11134, Friday 11 July 2014, Arden

A walk through magical gARDENs

1 Hit back with a weapon, so to speak (8) PARLANCE (RAP< LANCE)
5 Not a little upset with the Alaskan's state (6) KANSAS (alASKANS)*
10 It's an instrument of good fortune that the fool's caged in (7) BASSOON (ASS in BOON)
11 Rent-a-party in case of bad weather (7) TORNADO (TORN A DO)
12 Billet partly accommodating other ranks (5) INGOT (T)
13 He gets one per cent interest (compounded ) (9) RECIPIENT (1 PER CENT I)*
14 I'd permit some changes in the afternoon (4,8) POST MERIDIEM (ID PERMIT SOME)*
18 Restrain group without putting strain on the boy (12) STRAITJACKET (SET outside TRAIT JACK)
21 Pity the country's lost it — that burning ambition (9) PYROMANIA (PitY ROMANIA)
23 The atmosphere inside the room (5) ETHER (T) Inside is the container indicator and a part of the fodder too ...
24 Trap made Neanderthals overlook death (7) ENSNARL (NEANDERTHALS-DEATH)*
25 It will latch on to the page number in a large novel (7) GRAPNEL (P N in LARGE*)
26 Tries some compositions (6) ESSAYS (2)
27 Secret coteries could be formed (8) ESOTERIC (COTERIES)*

1 Blood suckers mostly follow local people (6) PUBLIC (PUB LICe)
2 Singer forced to step down (6) RESIGN (SINGER)*
3 All the more a vital priority to hold the rampart (1, 8) A FORTIORI (A prIORIty holding FORT)
           Not sure why vital priority should lead only to IORI and not OR
4 It's hard to find wild growth in the urban centre (8,6) CONCRETE JUNGLE (CONCRETE JUNGLE)
6 A voyage with anchors aweigh (5) ATRIP (A TRIP)
          New word for me. But then I am not a naut-ically oriented chappie
7 Free to tease about a dish (5,3) SPARE RIB (SPARE RIB)
8 Give up after second question: when does the curtain rise? (8) SHOWTIME (EMIT< after S HOW)
9 Cattle trades in financial markets (5,9) STOCK EXCHANGES (STOCK EXCHANGES)
           That is why you have bull runs there, just like in Pamplona
15 Eglantine's kind of homely (9) INELEGANT (EGLANTINE)* kind=sort
16 Number one bribe; the Frenchman gets volatile stuff... (8) ISOPRENE (1 SOP RENE)
          I understand that one is supposed to pronounce the R in RenĂ© quite throatily like this (at 3:50) from the BBC comedy 'Allo 'Allo
17 ...they provide support to the Frenchman during stops (8) ARMRESTS (M for monsieur during ARRESTS)

19 He complains of booze, gets high... it's never ending (6) WHINER (WINE gets H, R)
20 Play and run around (6) FROLIC (2)
22 Sound surprised about taste, it's substantial (5) MEATY (MY (!) about EAT)



  1. Repeating a tip from yesterday

    For those of you who do not get the print edition and have no access to the blank CW I suggest you go to Mrs PP's Hub (link to 'The HUB' is available under 'Links' on the left hand side panel of this page) I normally post the blank clues there by 6:30 or so. You can also participate there by registering and putting in four answers

    1. Thanx sir.Did the same and could finally get to solve the puzzle

    2. Vasant,
      How come I don't see your comment there?

  2. 6 A voyage with anchors aweigh (5) ATRIP (A TRIP) - New word for me. But then I am not a naut-ically oriented chappie

    I too got tripped here.

    If not naut-cally, perhaps naughtily...

    1. nautically, naughtily...all tied up in KNOTS.

    2. A sailor certainly knows his ropes and things connected to them, for eg, voyage, anchor, GRAPNEL etc. and things that happen to them, eg ENSNARL. I know not more

  3. Just checking ...

    How many of you observed that the bartender in yesterday's toon was sub-lime?

    1. Not me, I wasn't there, even though my alibi says I was!

    2. Your attention is drawn toward the name of the pub, modeled on the lines of 'The Goose and The Gander' and the like.

  4. Just a question - how do u access the CW(except of course the hard copy) considering that the online edition doesn't carry it at all the past few days, and consequently none of the apps work ?

    1. Please see DG's hint at 8:47 am above ( 1st comment today)

  5. A little difficult today- (hard to find) a lot of synonyms.
    A doubt about 8D- Is it just GIVE to be coloured, Up being a reversal indicator? Quite a difficult but accurate colour scheme followed by Kishore.

  6. An indication of a synonym day like (*ed clues) might have probably helped.

  7. Easychair with armrests is spot on (Ref. to discussion a few days earlier)

  8. Our newest cartoonist, minus the ' !' stars in the 22d light

    1. Identity of the 'newest cartoonist' revealed during the S & B meet at Chennai. So you can be free about it.

    2. To be frank, it's not me. ;-)

      But what I meant was that Me was a part of MEaty

  9. An easy outing today! Thanks, Arden, for lowering the bar by a few notches. Thoroughly enjoyed the puzzle. :-))) Had difficulty in parsing "Straitjacket"

  10. RIP Zohra Sehgal

    Remembered her recitation of Faiz's Mujh se pehli si mohabbat na mang:

    Text and translation at:

    This poem contains lines which are oft quoted:

    Teri aankhon ke sivaa duniya mein rakkha kya hai - This even became a line of a song in the movie Chiraag

    Aur bhii dukh hain zamaane mein mohabbat ke sivaa - one is more familiar with a line where gham appears instead of dukh, so I went to a site which gives the poem in Urdu and saw that it was indeed dukh there (

    1. I had seen her in a couple of movies. She appeared in at least one of the episodes of the TV sitcom Mind Your Language. She had a delighful disposition.


  11. With regard to the comment on 3D, wouldn't it equally apply to any reference to a word's 'heart', 'centre', 'core' etc.?

    As for the type of chair referenced in the cartoon, the British had a rather colourful name for it.