Wednesday, 9 July 2014

No 11132, Wednesday 09 Jul 2014, Buzzer

Another crisp and concise offering from Buzzer.

1   Lady Gaga getting new song writer (5) DYLAN {LADY*}{N}
4   Mum mostly had name that is old-fashioned (4-5) MOTH-EATEN {MOTHer}-{EATEN} {MOTH-Er}{ATE}{N}
9   Varied: antonym for few (3,4) NOT MANY*
10 Island of great importance next to California (7) MAJORCA {MAJOR}{CA}
11 Skill shown by a department head (9) ADEPTNESS {A}{DEPT}{NESS}
12 Gossipmonger's desire to acquire leads (5) YENTA {YEN}{T}{A}
13 Periodically OK'd exemption to confine indoors (4,2) KEEP IN {oK'd}{ExEmPt IoN}
15 Past year unlocked revolutionary method of meditation (4,4) RAJA YOGA {RAJA} {Y}{OGA}<=
18 Reasonable object to aim at in hoopla perhaps (4,4) FAIR GAME {FAIR} {GAME}
19 Swallow and finish off a cocktail (6) MARTIN MARTINi
22 Band is seated in orchestra pit (5) STRAP [T]
24 Part of a camera rim had gap for adjustment (9) DIAPHRAGM*
26 Huge alfresco essentially sized for depth (7) OUTSIZE OUTSI(-d+z)ZE
Cartoon by Rishi

27 Awfully valiant Lett (7) LATVIAN*
28 Lend our dance leaders extra stamina (9) ENDURANCE {lEND}{oUR}{dANCE}
29 Shoot broadcast for a channel (5) CHUTE (~shoot)

1   Retreat/spot in a country (7) DENMARK {DEN}{MARK}
2   Capacity to gobble Bengali treats? On the contrary (5) LITRE [T]
3   Close call finding opener out (4,5) NEAR THING uNEARTHING
4   Chaos that man engaged in month after month (6) MAYHEM {MAY}{HE}{M}
5   Duration of sleep's say on the up (4,4) TIME SPAN {TIME} {SPAN}<=
6   Relish guided journey out of old city (5) ENJOY JOurNEY*
7   Wearing it raised sound loudly (6,3) TIRING OUT {TI<=}{RING OUT}
8   Building in Agra on the far bank of Yamuna river (7) NIAGARA {IN+AGRA}*{yamunA}
14 Monthly payment government assessed and resettled (9) EMIGRATED {EMI}{G}{RATED}
16 Indifferent quote written up under a trail (9) APATHETIC {A}{PATH}{ETCI<=} {A}{PATH}{ETIC<=}
17 Trace amount left around in goldmines (8) SMIDGEON GOlDMINES*
18 Cunning trick from female with a gem (4,3) FAST ONE {F}{A}{ST ONE}
20 Refusal to pit against eastern candidate (7) NOMINEE {NO}{MINE}{E}
21 Past cricketer, he received raw deal (6) HADLEE {H{DEAL*}E}
23 Former head of a religious order (5) PRIOR [DD]
25 Poster that is uniform and so long (5) ADIEU {AD}{IE}{U}



  1. 4 Mum mostly / had / name // that is old-fashioned (4-5) MOTH-EATEN {MOTHer}-{EATEN}
    MOTHE[-r] ATE N

  2. 21 Past cricketer, he received raw deal (6) HADLEE {H{DEAL*}E}

    NZ bowler had OZ bowler --- HAD LEE

    1. If had=ate (as in 4a), then both the bowlers are in trouble!

  3. 9 Varied: antonym for few (3,4) NOT MANY*

    NOT MANY itself maybe an antonym for varied!

  4. +1 for the opening comment.

    Could 1 d have been worded slightly differently for better surface.

  5. Gaga misled me in 1A. I tried to fit in 'Gaga' or just G.
    How is 'Raja' got in 15A? Yoga part is fine.

    1. 15 A Annotation:
      Past AGO
      year Y
      unlocked AJAR
      revolutionary <= (Rev Indicator)
      Definition: method of meditation { (RAJA) (Y)(OGA) }<=

    2. Thank you Venkatesh. I was trying in vain to connect Raja and revolutiomary!

  6. What a cricketer! Hadlee indeed was said to have received a raw deal.

    1. That would make the clue an &lit!

  7. Phew! Narrowly missed the bus!! My score being 99.5% today!!! Missed out on 15 Ac. Could get/guess the latter half YOGA but not the first half RAJA.
    A delightful and well crafted brain teasing puzzle from Buzzer. Thank you, Bee. :-))

  8. The problem with 15Ac was, I was trying to unlock 'past year' for the answer (Enumeration being 4,4). Later had to abandon it as the crossings were not helping me either.

    My first take on 18Ac was FAIR GOAL for 'Reasonable Object', as a result, had to spend some time to get 17Dn SMIDGEON

  9. 17 Trace amount left around in goldmines (8) SMIDGEON GOlDMINES*

    Is 'around' a deletion indicator for 'left' pl? Anno {GO(-L)DMINES}*

    1. or is it 'amount' meaning 'L' for Pound? (to be left in 'goldmines'?

  10. Trace amount is the def. giving smidgeon. (goldmines)*- l is the anno.
    Than is L on double duty- both for L & leaving out?

  11. I like(d) Lady Gaga.....clueing by Buzzer!

  12. 4 Across Clue : Mum's request : She wants her old-fashioned 'name' not to be highlighted please!

  13. Smidgeon + L for left = Goldmines. Around is anagrind.

    1. Thanks, Raghu. But what type of clue is this pl? Note power-outage here from 8:30AM to 10:30AM and 2:30PM to 4:30PM. Thanks in advance!

    2. (Smidgen+l)* = goldmines*
      Composite anagram

  14. 2D Capacity to gobble Bengali treats? On the contrary (5) LITRE

    Def: Capacity, Gobble is the telescopic indicator. Then what "On the contrary" doing in the clue?

    16D Indifferent quote written up under a trail (9) APATHETIC {A}{PATH}{ETCI<=}
    What is ICTE?

    1. 2d: capacity to eat b.. s... means, b... s... inside capacity. Reverse the meaning to get the and.
      16d. Pl check the blog's anno.

    2. Read 'answer' for 'and' in the expln for 2d.

    3. Sorry, you're right. It should be CITE reversed

    4. Thanks Raghunath. But, I still don't get the Anno of 2D. It's a simple clue which gives the answer 'LITRE'. Then what is the need for the reversal indicator.

    5. Hi Laxman,
      2 Capacity to gobble Bengali treats? On the contrary (5) LITRE [T]
      Here Bengali treats contain answer ( litre) not capacity. so On the contrary

    6. This clue from THC 11083 may help Laxman understand better:

      6 Imagination found in wise men? On the contrary (4) MAGI [T]

      Wise men possess imagination, but in the clue it's the reverse in that imagination possesses MAGI.

    7. And Laxman you don't get the answer straight. How do you say that 'gobble' is the [T] indicator. It means that Litre eats up Bengali treats, but to get the answer you have think BengaLI TREats eats Litre and so it does.

  15. Enjoyed solving this one as well. Really like the way Buzzer constructs clues like 28A.

  16. So Buzzer pulled a FAST ONE,
    Taking us to Lady Gaga for DYLAN,
    Perhaps NOT MANY,
    Had him as NOMINEE,
    However a few did within the TIME SPAN.

  17. Raghunath,

    @08:47 AM: Naturally. The answer should be equivalent to the definition. And Buzzer's surfaces make sense. ;)

    @08:54: Ned retreated on the spot in a coutry (7)

    1. Although the 'the' might be considered extraneous.

    2. Navneeth,

      2d def is 'few' = 'not many' as the answer. Varied is the anagrind, which by coincidence or design could possibly be treated as an antonym for not many.

    3. I just realised I goofed up at 4:56... trouble with double- and triple-posting from Firefox. I apologise to any and all setter who may have felt offended. :)

      I meant to type that some of his surfaces make sense in more ways than one. That is to say, you can spot a few clue+answer pairs that are in some ways self-referential, but not quite &-lit nor a fraction thereof; sort of a crossie (craussie?) humour. So, to reply to your 6:45, I'd guess it was by design.

    4. Navneeth, I for one wasn't offended at all. When a setter's work is out in the public, it is meant to be analysed and should stand up to the scrutiny of any solver.

      As for this specific clue, in order to make the surface seem plausible I had to search for an anagram indicator that would fit being an antonym of few. 'Varied' and 'different' were two options I thought of and felt the first was more convincing.