Sunday, 13 July 2014

Special, Sunday 13 Jul 2014, CV

Three answers per commenter (with annotations as usual) till 6 PM.

Today's puzzle is the one that was circulated at the sixth meeting of THCC members that was held in Chennai on Sunday, July 6, 2014. A member entered an answer or two and passed on the crossword sheet to another, thus not marring the fellowship even as they did not give up their serious (or is it funny) business. Puzzle was set by CV.

1   Peers disturbed by Victor's service (6)
4   Setter follows southern revolutionary leader's plan (6)
9   No charge for release (4)
10 Practical judgement of an equestrian, presumably (5,5)
11 Right to leave bird stung (6)
12 Copper's assessing maintenance (8)
13 Uncomfortable feeling of the man besieged by awful spectre (3,6)
15 Thus one doesn't lie (4)
16 Two are said to bring fruit (4)
17 Begin with fish - that would be surprising! (9)
21 No moneylender will be without pursuing this hobby (8)
22 Keen about top-class English dish (6)
24 With these you have a way to get to your destination (10)
25 Set clock face back (4)
26 More sheltered company's uncommon rise (6)
27 Grasp boy by tip of collar at church (6)

1   Go away, taking red, glossy coat (7)
2   Reportedly despatched perfume (5)
3   Improve England's top channel seeing no end in deterioration (7)
5   Three of these make a 'Hurrah' (6)
6   Choose exam format relating to voters (9)
7   Understimate leaderless church's basic feature (7)
8   Fall resulting from haste (13)
14 Head of clan, subject to no relief, is unbroken (9)
16 Altered caption for old Ottawa chief (7)
18 Negation by female (American)  in Lear production (7)
19 Sustain number display the girl abandoned (7)
20 Pvt. Bailey let bee on the loose (6)
23 Material is new, only crumpled (5)

Across Lite version can be accessed at the following link CV Crossword



  1. 23 Material is new, only crumpled (5) NYLON (N+ONLY*)

  2. 20d BEETLE (Bailey) LETBEE*

  3. 6 Choose exam format relating to voters (9) ELECTORAL (ELECT+ORAL)

  4. 16AC Two are said to bring fruit (4) PEAR (~PAIR)

  5. 1D: VA(R)NISH
    2D: SCENT(~SENT)

  6. Making up for 9A; 5D: CHEERS (CD)

  7. Compensating for 6Dn

    16Dn Altered caption for old Ottawa chief (7) PONTIAC (CAPTION*) Def : Old Ottawa Chief

  8. 10A Practical judgement of an equestrian, presumably (5,5) HORSE SENSE (DD?)
    13A 13 Uncomfortable feeling of the man besieged by awful spectre (3,6) THE CREEPS (SPECTRE* around HE)
    25A Set clock face back (4) LAID<-

    1. Ignore repetition of 13 in line 2.

  9. A classic Gridman Puzzle.Simple and entertaining.

  10. 11A - BITTE(-r)N
    18D - {RE{F}{US}AL*}
    21A - INTEREST [DD]

  11. 7D:{(-I)ESSEN{CE}
    14D: {C}{EASELESS}

  12. Replies
    1. Sorry Sir,
      Begin: START ; Fish : LING ; Def : surprising

  13. 12A CU+RATING - Copper (CU) + Assessing (RATING) - Maintenance - DEF
    22A FOND+UE - Keen about (FOND)+ UE (Upper Elite - Top class English) - Dish - DEF

  14. 3D ENHANCE ( e (for england) channel - l ) * -improve: defn

  15. 15A: TRUE-- doesn't lie.

    24a : MILESTONES: direct clue that we find on roadside on the highways

    26a: COSIER CO for company and Rise anagrammed !-- more sheltered.

    Very simple yet engaging crossie by CV. Are those who attended the S& B meet particiapting in this or are they debarred?

    Very few postings? is that why?

    1. MILESTONES will give you the distance and not the way to get to your destination

  16. There seems to be a correction as indicated by Col. above.

    1. Paddy 4:29 If you are referring to 24A, it has been cracked by Muralee at 1:02.

    2. Sorry. I did not notice it.

  17. raju,
    It is not fair for us to do it again- we will be violating the spirit of 2/3 answers per person.

  18. Paddy. I dont get what you mean.I hY

  19. If you mean that I had solved the last three remaining clues , that I had solved at 1pm, after the declaration of they being pending by the Col, then where have I violated the rule? Strangely those comments of the Col are now missing in the blog in my computer at 740 pm ! Richard had then declared that the deal was completed after seeing my post !!

    1. I think Padmanabhan has got mixed up about 24A. You were right in answering the three that you have, what he means I suppose is that 24A was already solved and since it was solved about 6 mins before your comment you may not have noticed it in the time taken to type out your answer.
      Regarding my post going missing, I normally delete the 'Leftovers' comment after all the answers come in which I did in this case after your comment giving the last three answers

    2. Raju, it is not my intention make an issue over a petty matter..

      I had read the posts of both Muralee and you. I was aware that Muralee's answer at 1:02 was correct, which has been hinted at in DG's post at 1:19.

      I commented that we could be through after reading everyone's comments and not after reading yours.

      And by the way, I am nobody to 'declare' anything as official here. ;-)

      Let us leave it at that and continue blogging with the same camaraderie.

  20. I am so sorry to have created problems unknowingly.
    My comment about the spirit of solving was w.r. to those who attended the meet to do it again as if it is new. (Ref. Raju's comment at 1.08 and not reg. Raju's answer or 24A) That is why I did not enter any answer at all.
    I should take care to mark my reply against specific comment. I apologise if I have hurt anyone's feelings.