Sunday, 27 July 2014

No 2801, Sunday 27 Jul 2014

1   What the grower will sell is brought out of wood, cut by Charlie (4,4) CASH CROP {C{ASH} {C}ROP} Anno not clear (Addendum - {C}{ASH} {CROP} - See comments)
5   Leader of Blackadders in court case concerning clan (6) TRIBAL {TRI{B}AL}
10 Floating voter atop passenger boat (9) VAPORETTO*
11 Letter from Greece from male in dry area (5) THETA {T{HE}T}{A}
12 Little boy bitten by Dorothy's dog in place on Lake Ontario (7) TORONTO {TO{RON}TO}
13 One taking beer, tucking into variety of feta (3,4) TEA LEAF {TE{A-LE}AF*} Cockney rhyming slang for 'Thief'
14 To hear all the soccer players on the pitch at once is a frustrating situation, fully (5-6-3) CATCH-TWENTY-TWO {CATCH}-{TWENTY-TWO} My COD
17 Guards cursed - skunk let out (14) KNUCKLEDUSTERS*
21 Shakespearean merchant showing giant onions at the centre (7) ANTONIO [T]
22 What tireless seamstresses do, we hear, for a despicable type? (2-3-2) SO-AND-SO  (~ sow and sow) (Addendum - (~ sew and sew) - See comments)
24 Willow, more healthy-looking right away (5) OSIER rOSIER
25 Huge robin perplexed one next door (9) NEIGHBOUR*
26 Commander about to complete programme (6) AGENDA {AG{END}A}
27 Access for transport (8) ENTRANCE [DD]

1   Guinea pig fed it in space (6) CAVITY {CAV{IT}Y}
2   Excellent management, but lacking foresight (5) SUPER SUPERvision
3   Very bad record the Parisian released (7) CHRONIC CHRONICle
4   Aiming to get the nobleman KO'd (3,3,3,5) OUT FOR THE COUNT [DD]
6   Take back religious education pamphlet (7) RETRACT {RE}{TRACT}
7   Yeoman, no vegetarian it would appear (9) BEEFEATER [DD]
8   Game of par golf, surprisingly, including eagle at last (8) LEAPFROG {L{eaglE}APFROG*}
9   Propose father, on the quiet, somehow engages son (3,3,8) POP THE QUESTION {POP} {THE} {QUIET+SON8}
15 A home in a somewhat historical region of France (9) AQUITAINE {A}{QUIT{A}{IN}E}
16 Fine spiritual leader describing house in a state (8) OKLAHOMA {OK}{LA{HO}MA}
18 Similar type, socialist (7) KINDRED {KIND}{RED}
19 Tutor in pain during most of period (7) TEACHER {TE{ACHE}Rm}
20 Beginning to add gravy, say (6) SOURCE (~ sauce)
23 River in NI county in flood (5) DROWN {D{R}OWN}


  1. I'm out for the day to attend a FIAT meet. Enjoy the DaVinci special at 10:30

  2. 1 What the grower will sell is brought out of wood, cut by Charlie (4,4) CASH CROP {C{ASH} {C}ROP}

    I put it as {C}{ASH} {CROP}

  3. 22A What tireless seamstresses do, we hear, for a despicable type? (2-3-2) SO-AND-SO (~ sow and sow)

    Could be an oversight in the Fiat rush.

    I guess it should be (~ sew and sew) as 'sew' is pronounced 'so'.

  4. TYPO in 22A - It should be (~Sew and Sew)

    1. Thanks for 'second'ment... -)

    2. A friend can fall asleep anytime he wants. We call him सो-ing machine.

  5. Thanks Richard & Sandhya,

    Thought I would peep in just before leaving.

  6. Cracking tough nuts (not doughnuts) for breakfast.
    Waiting for the (Da Vinci) code.

  7. aDA DA... Paddy, It will Veni, you will vidi and will WIN SEE....!!!

  8. Have a good day Deepak.

    Would say 4d is a charade, and 7d is a CD.

    15d is such a beautifully constructed clue with no connectors

  9. 15D - I think 'historical' should also be in bold.