Saturday, 5 July 2014

No.11129, Saturday 05 Jul 14, Neyartha

Typical Neyartha style themed puzzle with intricate wordplays. Liked TULLE, TO-DOS, TREASURE ISLAND, METRO and ASH.

The undefined clues are all works of Robert Louis Stevenson whose Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is probably more famous.

Note: Kidnapped author's help may be required for four clues in this puzzle which carry no direct definition

1 Greek mathematician sends back field weed to the East German bird with letter attached (12) ERATOSTHENES [TARE<= + OST + HEN + ES]

8 Make-believe effect, unreal? (7) PLACEBO [E]
9 It is more important for the aft sail's joint to be replaced by the bishop (6) BIGGER [JIGGER with B for J]
11 Demanding reversal of gains picked up by chaotic sit-in (9) INSISTENT [NETS<= inside SIT-IN]
12 Device reportedly used to make a thin fabric (5) TULLE [~TOOL]
14 German chief dismissed by careless dowager puts fish outside with furniture material (9) CEDARWOOD [COD outside DOWAgER*]
16 Ethanoates smuggled in an Indonesian animal (4) ANOA [T]
18 Headless rodent in the English river (4) OUSE [mOUSE]
19 Dance music from bassoon manufactured by Virginia (5,4) BOSSA NOVA [BASSOON* + VA]
21 Commotions resulting from a task list (2-3) TO-DOS [DD]

22 Confused chairman edges away to the vessel briefly with the learned sage (9) MAHARISHI [cHAIRMAn* + SHIp]
23 Dreamy leaders of Vietnam and Cambodia are nervously talking (6) VACANT [Acrostic]
25 Idealistic peacekeepers go around the westbound vessel to Iowa (7) UTOPIAN [UN outside POT<= + IA]
26 Nature of some oils used in the food-processing industry (12) HYDROGENATED [GK]

2 Wrote with great enthusiasm on the strange soap dish confiscated by a communist (11) RHAPSODISED [SOAP DISH* inside RED]
3, 20 Dean, surrealist, in trouble (8,6) TREASURE ISLAND [DEAN SURREALIST]*

4 Bachelor behind the crowd uprising follows the fumes of an explosive device (5,4) SMOKE BOMB [B after MOB<= follows SMOKE]
5 Force that might make people do things without thinking (5) HABIT [CD]
6 See 10 Dn.
7 Auditor's ocean picture (3) SEE [~SEA]
8 German king in pursuit of the holding tool queen misplaced (6,4) PRINCE OTTO [OTTO after PINCER with R misplaced]
10, 6 Fools around Ghana go after a modern riding horse (3,7,6) NEW ARABIAN NIGHTS [NEW + ARABIAN + NITS around GH]
13 One leaves remodelled Estonian lounge to get a Norwegian lobster (11) LANGOUSTINE [ESTONIAN LoUnGe]*
15 Saints move learner left in Barbie's residence to a cheap lodge (9) DOSSHOUSE [DOLL HOUSE with SS for L L]
17 Outlandish raincoat (8) CATRIONA [RAINCOAT]*
20 See 3 Dn.
22 Some come trooping into the urban railway system (5) METRO [T]
24 Tree's burnt remains (3) ASH [DD]
Cartoon by Bhargav


  1. CGB's cartoon reminded me of the song from Hum Dono

    Abhi na jaao chhod kar

  2. I like Me !'s style! He has now crept into the mainframe (in more than one way) after hanging around the sidelines ;-)

    1. Who is this 'Me" please?! He puzzles me!! Not his cartoons. I like them.

    2. Not 'Me", 'Me !'

      Me !, should I reveal your identity to MB and friends, or would you like to remain Incognito for now (what a horrible choice, huh? ) ?

    3. Incognito? I thought that was only for CW!!

    4. Let's have some calculated guesses about Me!

  3. 21D toon - Regular visitors seem to have sworn 'to do nothing today' .


    Shyam to Ram:
    What did he say? Oh God! He says that his furniture is made of pine wood, CEDAR WOOD and what not! His assets it seems are BIGGER and larger that MAHARISHI Mahesh’s. He bought the biggest DOSSHOUSE and renamed it BOSSHOUSE. CATRIONA! Breakfast, lunch and dinner he cannot have without pappads fried in HYDROGENATED oil along with LANGOUSTINES. He has RHAPSODISED TREASURE ISLAND renaming it as Pleasure Island. He is always INSISTENT that he should only go around in his Rolls. He has placed an order for a thousand TULLES to make his NEW ARABIAN NIGHTS dream dresses.
    Enough. SEE, can’t you be simple and say that he is a VACANT headed yapper?

  5. Tough but nice CW. Tough to find which are the *ed clues connected to RLS. Enjoyable though, thanks to the blog. Nice blogging by Bhavan, nice cartoons and CG keeps up his synopsis(?)- this time in prose order.

    1. I am a very PROSAIC person!!

    2. It could have been verse ;-)

    3. When I converse it is prose.
      When I write, some verse flows!

    4. You may say that when I write the converse is true!!

  6. nice cw as usual from Neyartha.

  7. Looks like a toughie CW - will give it a shot when it is up in the THC app.

    Here's one from my latest Crossword..

    Hand over to specialist at Erode? (7)

    You can try it HERE. I have blended an additional theme in the brand names. Would be good to see who can identify the theme and the words (there are 10 of them)

    1. Yes Colonel:) See if you can crack the theme too:)

    2. Some minor glitches. 2D & 4D continuation does not go to the proper squares. I could see some snacks & drinks, but could not get the theme as such. fault is mine since I am not familiar with brand names. Nice CW. I realise that children not being at home is a big handicap. They are a source of information!

    3. Yes Paddy - the interactive version couldn't handle the two linked clues very well. Food and drinks is not the theme - a bit more trivia oriented, I suppose..I try to keep away from obscure brands but appreciate they may not all be familiar

  8. Theme? I think we have a whole lot of Indian/Foreign companies:
    Havells/Orville, Swift/Pontiac, Cadbury/Reeses, Lipton/Tata and so on....

    1. Not that..but you have identified 8 theme words - 7 by CGB and 1 by Venkatesh

    2. Pretty close CGB, Well done:) They are all Eponymous brands - named after people ..1A Bose Amar Bose
      4A Lipton -Thomas Lipton
      8A Havells (Haveli Ram Gupta)
      13A/2D Orville Redenbacher -
      18a Wedgwood - Jasper Conran Westwood
      23a Cadbury - John Cadbury
      24a Reeses Reese
      25A TATA Tata
      5D Pontiac Indian Chief Pontiac
      14D Edwards

    3. 18A - should be read as "Josiah Wedgwood"

  9. Re : ME: Hint: Was he part of EME, in more ways than one?

    1. Nope, EME is the Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

    2. OK, Me is part of CEME. I just assumed that the other me was part of eme/ ceme. How far am I from that?

    3. The three technical elements in our army are Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Signals and Corps of Engineers

  10. ME could also mean Marine Engineer and that would point to Arden....

    1. ME generally is Mech. engineer and we know Col. is one.

    2. I don't think ME stands for Mech Engr. ME is 'Masters in Engineering'

  11. My guess:
    Me = Col.
    Me! = Arden

  12. This ! mark points to someone taking a second pseudonym.

  13. Why not Military Engineer?

  14. sigh..struggled with this one is no wonder