Sunday, 6 July 2014

No 2798, Sunday 06 Jul 2014

1   Look towards daughter wearing right cosmetic (4,6) FACE POWDER {FACE} {POW{D}ER}
6   Not working, one on dole lacking nothing! (4) IDLE {1}|{DoLE}
10 Search for fugitive knight hiding in shed on isle (7) MANHUNT {MAN}{HU{N}T}
11 Exaggerate about something done (7) OVERACT {OVER}{ACT}
12 Such as dates that can't be kept? (9,5) FORBIDDEN FRUIT [CD]
14 Snag affected church (5) HITCH {HIT}{CH}
15 Girl fronting group wanting ribbon for hair . . . (5,4) ALICE BAND {ALICE} {BAND}
17 . . . left group to get one during commercial (9) ABANDONED {A{BAND}{ONE}D}
19 I'm driven through illuminated border (5) LIMIT {L{I'M}IT}
21 Excited, gents in chopper leaving mall (8,6) SHOPPING CENTRE*
24 Ill at ease, a graduate approaching cast (7) ABASHED {A}{BA}{SHED}
25 Restrict charges to be made for weaving a carpet (4-3) RATE-CAP*
26 Archer's painful back (4) EROS <=
27 Bluff new blue following piece of publicity (10) PROMONTORY {PROMO}{N}{TORY}

1   Celebrity in Cardiff, American (4) FAME [T]
2   Dupe kind companion (7) CONSORT {CON}{SORT}
3   Experience the worst extremes, as worker in sewer might? (5,3,6) PLUMB THE DEPTHS [C&DD]
4   Comedian, tired after second of shows, is taken out (9) WITHDRAWN {WIT}{sHows}{DRAWN}
5   Girl writer deserted to run off with another? (5) ELOPE penELOPE
7   Eccentric over at university, the French count (7) DRACULA {DRAC<=}{U}{LA}
8   Car or inheritance tax? (6,4) ESTATE DUTY {ESTATE} {DUTY}
9   Meat dish given duke following complaint (4,10) BEEF WELLINGTON {BEEF} {WELLINGTON}
13 Miserly person embarrassed current collector (10) CHEAPSKATE {CHEAP}{SKATE}
16 In Christmas period, old eccentric may show bad taste (9) INDECORUM {IN}{DEC}{O}{RUM}
18 A mostly forthright party delivering fruit (7) AVOCADO {A}{VOCAl}{DO}
20 Leather supplied by second Italian boy (7) MOROCCO {MO}{ROCCO}
22 Lowest point in ruptured drain (5) NADIR*
23 Alert agent catching leader of ring (4) SPRY {SP{Ring}Y}


  1. I must admit that the term 'Alice band' is new to me but not the article itself.

    Some days ago in the cartoon that I scribbled for a girl curled up in bed with a book, you might have seen it thrown carelessly on the floor with a couple of hair clips and also a string of dried-up flowers.

    I wonder if anyone noted it!

    1. Frankly, I did not. I also did not know its name

  2. You were able to do it and post it from the train? Great!

    1. I too wondered where he was posting from.

  3. 6 Not working, one on dole lacking nothing! (4) IDLE {1}|{DoLE}
    10 Search for fugitive knight hiding in shed on isle (7) MANHUNT {MAN}{HU{N}T}

    Contrasting use of 'on'. In 6, one on D(o)LE could have been: D(o)LE + I. In 10 it follows convention for an across clue. 6 would have worked better in a Down clue.

  4. Hope you all at the S & B meet have a great time!

  5. Special at 10:30 by Doppelganger

  6. It's DG all over today!
    BTW, TH confirmed sending reporter & photographer. So,it works though not in publishing daily CW on time!

  7. All the best to the S&B meet in Chennai. Really sad that I could not make it. Have fun, folks!

    A record turnout of 20-plus. Great!

    Eager to see the pictures. It will be nice to see some new faces so that identification when we eventually meet sometime will be easier.

    Good job, Paddy, about the coverage by the TH organized by you. The TH in fact should be thankful to DG and this blog for it may have made the paper more popular.

    1. We will have to thank CV for the coverage. I t was only because of his personal contacts and follow up. I only sent a mail and gave my cell no. and so I got a msg.Nothing more.

  8. All the best Gals and Guys.

  9. We all will miss Kishore, Richrd,Shuchi :(

  10. Have a great time at the S & B meet. All the best. Look forward to the pictures.

  11. Hope the S& B meet was good! will try to attend the next time. Where can I see the photos?